Veteran Agent Paving the Way – Kristina Delgado
By Charlotte Top Producers |Nov 6, 2021

Kristina Delgado Serves Her Country and Her Clients!

Daniels Real Estate Group

Written by Heather Plurd


A natural-born leader, Kristina Delgado has been serving the greater good for decades. First, in the United States Air force Reserves, where she is still active, and now, as an uber-successful REALTOR®.

“I’m passionate about helping my country and my community,” Kristina says. “I love making genuine connections with the people I serve and using my skills and strategies to win in this historically competitive market. My experience as a trained medic and military career strategist taught me how to handle stress and educate others to make the best decisions for their futures. Today, I excel at analyzing the situation on the ground with my real estate clients and making sure they know what to expect. They can trust me when I say we will get it done.”

In 2009, while our country was at war, Kristina worked as a civilian for the United States Air Force overseas and greatly admired the active-duty reservists she encountered. When her contract ended in 2009, Kristina decided to serve the greater good, too, and enlisted within a year of returning home. She earned the rank of technical sergeant and is currently stationed at Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, GA.

Known for her optimism, expertise, and exceptional work ethic, Kristina is on track to finish 2021 with $7 million in sales. Licensed since 2017, she credits several people with helping her find her way in real estate. “When I finished college at Campbell University, I got a job working at Aon in human resources, which brought me to Charlotte,” Kristina says. “I remember sitting behind my desk thinking, ‘This is so boring. It can’t be it in life.’ I was inspired to consider real estate by my friend, Sharelle Rosado, who now has a show on Netflix called Selling Tampa. I called her up, and she told me to go for it. Then she held my hand along the way.”

After passing the exam in December of 2017, Kristina joined a big-name brokerage. She appreciated the opportunity but realized how easy it was to get lost without a local mentor. Then, a mutual friend introduced her to Javin Daniels, a BIC who offered to assist even though Kristina didn’t yet work at his brokerage. “That spoke so well of his character,” she says. “In 2019, I transitioned to a great boutique brokerage in town, but I kept thinking about how Javin had helped me when I was struggling, and I wanted to work with him to continue developing my career.”

Last January, Kristina made the switch to Daniels Real Estate Group, and her business increased exponentially. “I felt seen and free to be who I am,” she says. “I’m a down-to-earth person who likes to keep the focus on my clients and providing value to them. I decided to stop worrying about how others perceive me more than I perceive myself. I embraced positive self-talk, changed my mindset, and told myself I am a top producer.”

Kristina also took some actionable steps to increase her sales nearly sevenfold. “I followed great advice and started thinking outside of the box in terms of marketing and lead generation,” she says. “You really have to get out there in front of people and talk to everyone. Farm the neighborhoods you sell in and introduce yourself. Let people know what you just did and how you can help them.”

That’s how Kristina runs her social media accounts, too! “I love sharing my clients’ success online, and about 80% of my business now comes from social media. People love my content, thanks to Jeffery Hendricks II, owner of Goliath Views. He’s an incredible photographer and videographer who takes my ideas and turns them into visual gold. Instagram is the new business card, so my top tip would be to invest in your feed. You can find mine at @itskristinadelgado.

In the future, Kristina plans to lead her own team and help other agents find their way to success in real estate. In the meantime, she considers success the ability to enrich her clients’ lives while having the freedom to be present in her 14-year-old daughter’s life.

“Naomi plays soccer, and I love watching her technique improve over time,” Kristina says. “We enjoy spending time together, watching movies, and doing fun things in Charlotte. We also love walking our mini sheepadoodle, Levi, around the neighborhood and taking him to the dog park. I’m thankful for a career that has given me so much freedom and success. My best advice to other agents is to trust the process. It’s a real thing. Good things will come if you stay determined, keep your eye on the prize, and think with a winning mindset.”

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