June Sponsor Spotlight- Samantha Baskin with Treasure Junkies
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jun 3, 2019


Check out our lovely June Sponsor Spotlight Samantha Mack Baskin with Treasure Junkies Marketplace and Estate Sales!! If you have not seen her store, or checked out her business page… Do it! She has a lovely variety for ALL styles, and her store is affordable and PERFECT for Realtors to stock up on staging decor for a low price!

Written by: Allison Parker
Photos by: Dani Nicole Photography

If a loved one has passed on and you find yourself with a home full of beloved items left behind, the process to ready a home for sale can be daunting. What should you keep, what should you sell, and what should you donate? These are all questions that buzz through a mind already filled with emotion.

Then there are those with a lifetime of items who would like a little more space or to downsize. The first steps to cleaning up and getting started can seem momentous. For these situations and many others where there is a need to downsize, empty, or otherwise remove a plethora of items from a household, the answer lies with a lovely, talented lady who has just the solution. Samantha Baskin of Treasure Junkies Estate Sales handles her sales with a white-glove touch and personal service that goes above and beyond the average estate sale.

I had the opportunity to meet Samantha for our interview at her shop, Treasure Junkies Marketplace. Walking into her brick and mortar space on N. Polk Street in Pineville, I felt like Alice falling through the proverbial rabbit hole. It was an enchanting, wide-open boutique of colorful and delightful household décor and accent items. From shabby chic to country charm to old-world elegance, the shop has a nook for every decorator’s palate.

What struck me most was the inviting atmosphere that Samantha has created within her haven. It is an environment which showcases the personal dedication and service that aligns with her estate sales through Treasure Junkies.

I was curious about estate sales and just how Samantha found this to be her niche. “Ever since I was a young
kid, I have been going to auctions and yard sales,” she shares. “I have always loved antiques, crafts, and one-of-akind items. So naturally, I am drawn to this industry.”

She goes on to explain the emotional stories which led her here: “I took care of my dad for a long time. He was in a wheelchair and had a lot of ailments. He passed away almost three years ago. I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life after that. Well, three months later, my mother-in-law passed away. We needed to sell everything in the house, so we sat and talked about it, and I decided to do it myself. That’s when Treasure Junkies Estate Sales was born. Two years later, here I am living the dream. I wouldn’t be where I am without my husband, Mike, or my mom, Jerri, and my stepdad, Jim. They are my biggest supporters.”

What exactly is an estate sale with Treasure Junkies? In a nutshell, Samantha, along with team members David Lassiter and Tanner Blankenbeckler,’ come into someone’s home and sell and clean everything out for them. Whether they are moving or someone has passed away, they make that transition as easy as possible. Samantha’s services organically led to the opening of her vendor/second-hand store in Pineville, Treasure Junkies Marketplace. The fabulous store has been open since October 2018.

So, how does the service work? The team at Treasure Junkies Estate Sales are experts dedicated to their clients. They go through all the items, price, and tag them for the owners, then set them up in a pleasing way (which involves decluttering), and run the show for the extent of the sale.
Advertising is done through different media sources to ensure the promotion of the items reaches the desired audience. When the day is complete, the owners come home to an empty house. They even take the added step of removing the donations and/or leftover items.

What is most important in the estate sale process is Samantha’s dedication to her clients. She explains, “I feel like my sincerity and empathy towards my clients is what sets me apart. I have had customer after customer tell me they can tell how much I care about them and respect their possessions. Anyone can go into a house and price items and sell them. But it’s what you do behind the scenes that is truly important.”

Samantha’s business acumen in pricing items come from her experience as an auctioneer and her history with yard sales, auctions, and estate sales. Samantha does her homework upfront researching items on sites
such as eBay, etc. to be sure she is consistent with pricing trends and market demand. Her antique knowledge allows her to ensure that no items will be undervalued in error as she has researched her pricing.

For her realtor partners, Samantha is on board with putting customer satisfaction as her top priority. “I want realtors to know when hiring me they are in good hands; no sale is too big or too small. I am here to answer any questions they might have about my line of work. I also want realtors to know how wonderfully reasonable our home décor is in our store and our estate sales. It’s a fantastic avenue to find beautiful items for home staging.”

Samantha is always present at all of her sales to be sure everything is done to her high level of expectations. “I really love helping the people. I love making whatever transition they are going through easy and profitable. My store digs into my creative side and lets me show my design side.”

Exciting developments on the horizon for this Estate Sale Queen are the expansion into online sales through eBay and Etsy. This will allow stagers and decorators to browse from anywhere and find their needed treasures for their clients with ease.

When not busy helping folks with estate sales, this energetic lady enjoys playing pool with her husband. They have been to Las Vegas four times playing in the national championship for APA (American Pool Players Association)! They also love yard sales and flea markets as well as traveling. The ace pool player is in a tournament in May for a chance to return to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a special place for the couple as they were engaged there in August 2016.

On my way out the door of Treasure Junkies Marketplace my eyes were treated to a gorgeous wave of home décor ideas from the many booths and displays within her beautiful shop. I also left with a wealth of understanding of how important it is to choose the right person or company to handle your estate sale.

Whether in need of a sale to purge, declutter, or empty a home prior to listing, Treasure Junkies Estate Sales will meet and exceed your expectations. For stagers or decorating experts, Treasure Junkies Marketplace is full of fabulous finds to fit any style and bedazzle any room.

For more information, please contact Samantha Baskin at (704) 604-4101 or thetreasurejunkies@yahoo.com.

Visit her store at:

301 N. Polk St. Suite A (21.73 mi)
Pineville, North Carolina 28134

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