July Team Spotlight- The Mac Group
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jul 31, 2019


Check out our July Team Spotlight Greg Macaluso and his Team! The Mac Group Real Estate Advisors is NOT your typical Real Estate Team at Costello Real Estate & Investments!
Written by: Allison Parker
Photos by: Kristina Kay

Meeting with The Mac Group is definitely not the typical interview scenario. The energy and humor that permeates through the group is a plethora of positive vibes and family-like, witty remarks. Meeting with Owner/Real Estate Broker Greg Macaluso and his team on a Friday afternoon offered a glimpse into what makes this group stand out above and beyond most teams you’ll ever encounter.

The Mac Group Real Estate Advisors is powered by Costello REI. Being a part of Costello initially, Greg Macaluso always knew a team concept was in his future. “I knew starting out that I wanted to develop a team; not just any team, but one that was like a family, where everyone supported each other as well as pitched in to help and promote one another to achieve more business.”

The Mac Group is made up of nine phenomenal individuals. Founded and lead fearlessly by innovator Greg Macaluso, the team includes agents Rob ZanicchiByron Descalzi Real Estate, Katie Burton, Mike CrespoBrandy Warner- Realtor, Marc Macaluso, Ryan Turner, and Mark Hutchins. The team is supported by a talented and surprisingly quiet marketing administrative assistant, Xiomara Herrera.

One of Greg’s first team members, Rob Zanicchi, has only positive thoughts about working with Greg. “Greg is always working to do more for his team,” says Rob. “He never feels like he is doing enough.”

Greg confirms that his “wheels are always going” while explaining his lifestyle. “I’m up at 3 a.m., thinking, researching, and planning ways to make the team stronger, better, and on the cutting edge of the industry. I come into the office each morning ready to make each day count like it’s the only one.”

Nine unique personalities surrounded me at our meeting; each different in their own way with a twist on how they ended up meeting or working with Greg. Two things surely stands out amongst this bunch: they were happy and enthusiastic to be in the office on a Friday afternoon, and they absolutely loved their jobs as real estate agents at The Mac Group.

What makes this group so different? It could be the casual atmosphere where, after a long week, the crew can catch up with a beer or cocktail to exchange stories, or strengthen the basic camaraderie that exists when co-workers are more than just office mates.

The newest guy at The Mac Group is Mark Hutchins, affectionately known as “Hutch.” This talented, experienced real estate agent is also a look-alike for the owner of the team’s favorite pub, Brawley’s (Mike Brawley). Hutch’s infectious laugh and outgoing personality make this guy a friend at first sight. When asked about what makes the group a favorite to join, he was adamant: “The Mac Group has technologies and systems that surpass any other. Systems that give me more face time with my clients, which is what’s most important to me. “

Mike Crespo chimed in to add to Hutch’s statement. “We have an amazing Customer Relationship Management system that allows us to support each other as well as each other’s customers in all pieces of the transaction.”

Greg seems to organically expand his team with his engaging manner. Agent Katie Burton met Greg at a Broker-in-Charge training session. She shared, “It’s very natural, the connection I felt meeting Greg. It’s a feeling when you know the right people come along in your career path.” Katie and Greg were agents who came together from different firms in a cross-sale situation. “When things could go haywire, Greg is the guy who was professional and nice to work with.” Katie is what the team calls a “unicorn”- this means an original born-and-bred Charlottean. She grew up (and still lives) very close to the Carmel Road section of Charlotte.

Supporting Katie’s feelings, Brandy Warner echoes the same sentiments about meeting Greg. “I reached out to Greg for help with a real estate-related item; I wasn’t working with him or looking to leave my firm. He was genuinely helpful and available to me, and that left a lasting impression with me of the type of person I wanted to work with in the future.”

Greg’s brother Marc Macaluso is part of the bunch as well. He is a licensed real estate agent and certified home inspector, and manages the property management side of The Mac Group. “With so many customers jumping into investment properties, it just made sense to share our knowledge and provide this service to our clients,” says Marc.

Always on the move, agent Byron Descalzi was in and out of our meeting in a flash. With business pending, he had to make a quick “hello and go.” Byron is known for his dedication to the “three C’s”: Clients, Closings, and Contracts.

The Mac Group has mad skills, and it shows: in 2018, they were the top performing team at Costello REI. When I noticed the award placard, I asked the team why they didn’t share this tidbit. Greg explained, “We focus on our clients and doing our best each day. We are not doing it just for
recognition or rewards, but we’re grateful that they are a result of our work and dedication.”

The team is very supportive of an organization called Hinds Feet Farm. Hinds Feet is located in Huntersville and supports individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Greg’s and Marc’s brother, Mike, who suffered a brain injury at age seven, attends the day program at Hinds Feet Farm. Supporting family, as well as a wonderful cause, are what’s close to Greg’s heart. The Mac Group even utilizes the Hinds Feet beautiful and hand-crafted wall coat hangers to support the organization, as well to provide customers with a meaningful closing gift.

The Mac Group loves to entertain clients and host events. The most recent was the “Untapped Beer Festival,” which was held at Bank of America Stadium. With a tent, lots of energy, and plenty of giveaways like Air Pods and Apple Watches, The Mac Group loves to keep the crowd happy. The next big event is a client appreciation at 4001 Yancey Brewery to kick off summer. Yes, simply to kick off summer! With this group, there’s no need for a specific reason to share the love, even a change in the season will do. It’s just how they roll with their customers and life in general.

Greg’s overall mantra, no matter what he does, is to “Go All In.” There is no need for classroom motivation sessions, as just being around Greg and the team gives one an instant boost of energy. Just one glance at their Instagram feed (@macgroupclt) shows a lively mix of friends, family, festivals, and closings, plus Greg’s weekly “One Minute Market Update” videos that he puts out each Friday.

Who else would encourage his team to join him in the Charlotte Real Producers Event – a day that included a “The Murph workout”? This was a physical challenge which included a 1-mile run, 100 pull-ups (yes, pullups!), 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, and then another mile run! Exhausting, no doubt, but Greg jumped up and gave an animated retelling of the final race minutes. No dull moments in this office – EVER!

In closing, keep your eye on this team. It has a unique energy and is most certainly something special. Pop over and chat with the spectacular agents at The Mac Group, and see for yourself what the buzz is all about.

For more information, please contact Greg Macaluso at (980) 938-2322 or visit www. MacGroupClt.com.

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