August Team Spotlight- Lodestone
By Charlotte Top Producers |Aug 15, 2019

August Team Spotlight Lodestone at Costello Real Estate & Investments with Alison Alston and Marissa Boyle!
Written by: Allison Parker
Photography: Julia Fay Photography
Publisher: Tom Bramhall

My first thought after meeting with Alison Alston and Marissa Boyle was “Wow! I want to go house shopping with them!” No kidding, these ladies really make you feel at home and like you’re visiting with your sisters or best friends. Not to mention that their new office at Costello Real Estate & Investments on Tryon Street is hip, inviting, and impeccably decorated as well. These two ladies have created a fantastic package of real estate professionals within Lodestone, and they simply rock with experience and warmth.

Greatness all starts with a simple premise. What does it take to be part of Lodestone? Alison explains, “First and foremost, you have to be a ‘good person,’ as people and especially clients can sense the energy coming from individuals. Truly caring individuals allow the trust to build naturally. Second, an aspiring team member must have the desire to ‘level up’ and take their career to the next level.”

I was lucky to catch Alison and Marissa early, before their weekly sales meeting and the business of the daily vibe. I wanted to hear all about Lodestone’s move and how it all came to be. With a history of proven success over the past ten years, Marissa is a great person to take advice from in the field. One year she topped over 35 million in sales alone – by herself!

With team production topping 45 million last year, and solo production of 18 million, Marissa desired to move into a more significant coaching role. She also wanted to be able to manage her work and personal life balance. Looking to move into a new environment with flexibility to manage her venture a little more autonomously, Marissa made the
decision to sell Lodestone to Alison Alston. Together, they made the decision to move the team to Costello REI.

To sum it up, the sale involved the marketing and branding of the existing team and some other fine-tuned details such as trademark, client data, and materials. It also revolved around the goodwill and marketing associated with the successful team Marissa had built up over the years.

Lodestone has a fabulous team structure. Led by Alison, and coached and mentored by Marissa, the team includes real estate agents Ashley Hannah Charlotte RealtorMel RobertsJane Mekik, and Lori Randolph. Rounding out the team is Staci Parkins Boyle, ‘Closing Ninja’ and transaction coordinator, Jessica Orsette, Executive Assistant, and Lezette Markham, Concierge.

The Concierge role is particularly intriguing as Lezette handles all the ‘getting to know the area’ questions that come up from clients. She is available to assist in finding childcare facilities, restaurants, and entertainment options. Her role is like the icing on the cake, as she provides information and resources for clients on a one-to-one basis, in addition to the support from their team real estate agent. She is also a valued resource in pitching to human resources and relocation departments within the Charlotte area.

Lodestone even has its own signature relocation greenish-blue box. Like the Tiffany jewelry box which holds the best surprises, this box, although larger, contains a bevy of valuable information, resources, and items for new clients.

As much as Lodestone values its clients and their lifestyle and time, they also value their employees’ quality of life and use of time. “We like to leverage our resources, such as technology and training, to allow our agents to make more money by using their time efficiently,” Marissa notes.

Training and coaching with Lodestone is an ongoing process for new and existing agents. Agents new to the team can look forward to a 30-day introduction training. Existing agents can use the training as a reset to focus on working through weeding out any bad habits and establishing new ways to cultivate production quickly. “I’ve been able to coach over 25 agents with little or no experience in 18 months or less to a production level of over 3.5 million,” Marissa adds. Flexible training lasting 90 days is available as well. “Humor and respect are always part of the process.”

New agents also take time to saturate themselves in learning one neighborhood at a time. It’s not possible to be an expert all at once on everything, so they learn in small bites. It all benefits the client; if one agent is not the expert, surely another one will have covered this ground and can jump in to help!

An attitude of growth and gratitude exists within Lodestone. Connecting and reaching clients for life is a key goal of the team. “Clients are not just clients, but new friends,” Alison notes. It’s all back to that “being a good person” theme
mentioned earlier. This talented group of ladies is not going to do or say anything with which they themselves would not be comfortable.

Growth plans for the team include national rebranding in the area of training and sales coaching under Marissa’s direction, continuing to expand on the VIP service level ensuring all home buying and selling processes run smoothly, and developing their concierge service program for new clients.

Core values which include great people to work with and a strong desire to create and share solutions, along with the most spectacular training and coaching within the market today, make Lodestone a phenomenal place to work. These “Honeys making moneys” indeed make up a dynamic and unique team of talented real estate professionals.

To reach Marissa Boyle, email To reach Alison Alston, email
You can also call (704) 281-0047

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