Standout Agent – Sheri Tucker 
By Charlotte Top Producers |Apr 4, 2022

Authenticity, Integrity, and Confidence

Sheri Tucker of True Legacy Realty

Written by Heather Pluard

Forget average. REALTOR® Sheri Tucker is all about excellence! Since obtaining her license three years ago, Sheri has stood out from the crowd and sold more than $2 million in real estate. Her authenticity, integrity, and confidence are like magnates for discerning clients.

“Clients are attracted to relatability and personality, and building trust with them is organic when they can see the real you,” Sheri explains. “Having the courage to be myself, along with the knowledge to educate others about real estate, has afforded me the ability to ease doubt and fear in today’s challenging market and help clients accomplish their dream of homeownership.”

After going through a difficult divorce, followed by therapy and a lot of self-care, Sheri was in search of a career that would bring her joy. Real estate was the perfect fit. “I have always loved real estate,” she says. “The structure of houses and buildings, construction, and décor has always been interesting to me. And I was attracted to the lucrative income and endless opportunities that real estate provides. But what I really wanted was a fulfilling career where I could help people accomplish their dreams, and that’s why I chose to become a REALTOR® in December of 2019.”

Sheri launched her career as a single agent at True Legacy Realty and has been with the boutique firm ever since. “At first, I was concerned I would struggle without the support and systems of a larger firm, but it has worked out great! Starting in the smaller agency world allowed me to build processes and systems that work best for me as an independent contractor. It also pushed me to invest in myself and my business to increase volume and sales. I love highlighting my originality in marketing and accurately showcasing my personality. Plus, I’ve built an amazing network of industry professionals.”

As a real estate leader and influencer, Sheri is passionate about eliminating the fear of homeownership through exceptional service and education. “I enjoy building relationships and educating as many people as possible on the buying and selling process so that the homeownership journey is less fearful and more rewarding,” she says. “I especially enjoy teaching youth about real estate to increase their chances of becoming homeowners at a young age.”

With a unique vision and mindset, Sheri is blazing her way to the top of the market. “I don’t succumb to the opinions of others,” she says. “Many will try and discourage you from being yourself because of their fear of the unknown or the image it may create. I overcame that by committing to authenticity and staying focused on my vision. When I set out to become a REALTOR®, I knew that I couldn’t be the average agent. I wanted to succeed in an aggressive market, and I understood it would take me doing things differently and using a higher-standard scale.”

Today, Sheri is ready to share her vision with like-minded agents and plans to start a team later this year. Her focus will remain on education, personal integrity, and increasing homeownership for clients of all backgrounds. Outside of work, Sheri loves spending time with family and traveling.

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