Standout Agent – Claire O’Neal
By Charlotte Top Producers |Sep 5, 2022

We serve … We don’t sell

Claire O’Neal 

Written by Heather Pluard

Photography by Erika with Julia Fay Photography

Empathy is a superpower in this industry. As a former nurse, real estate investor and homeschooling mom, REALTOR® Clarie O’Neal excels at understanding her clients’ feelings and helping them cross the finish line as smoothly and painlessly as possible. While Claire has never called herself a hero, her clients adore her, and she’s earned her Rising Star status by working hard and putting others first.

“One of my affirmations is to create happiness and positivity around me in business and life,” Claire says. “I want people to be better for having met or worked with me. So my prayer every morning is to find ways to add value to people’s lives daily. I always tell my team, ‘We serve … we don’t sell.’ That’s my vision for how I want to live as a person and a business owner.”

Before obtaining her license in 2018, Claire had been flipping homes in the Charlotte area on and off for 25 years. “I enjoyed it so much that I finally decided to get my license and help other people buy and sell homes,” she explains. “Being an agent combines my passion for helping people with my business acumen. My nursing background gave me a more empathetic perspective, and my experience flipping homes and owning rental properties allows me to understand investors’ challenges better. As a result, I can customize each client’s experience to give them what they need the most.”

Now working with EXP Realty, Claire is passionate about doing real estate alone but together. “I began working as a buyer agent at Keller Williams South Park,” she says. “In 2019, I moved to Costello Real Estate and Investments, where I found myself as a solo agent with no team and no leads. I quickly discovered that real estate is hard to do all by yourself.”

Fortunately, Claire had an excellent coach, Marissa Boyle, who encouraged her to choose two lead levers and concentrate on them for 90 days. “I decided to focus on for sale by owners, learn their needs and dive in to help them,” Claire says. “I made cold calls every morning and did one to two open houses every weekend. Most agents are afraid to make cold calls, but I learned to love it. I met some great people I wouldn’t have otherwise met, and I helped many of them make more money than they would have if I hadn’t called on them. In 90 days, I went from zero leads to six pending and ended 2019 as Rookie of the Year for the firm. I also hired my current assistant, Caroline Montgomery, who has become my right-hand person.”

In April of 2022, Claire joined EXP Realty and kept her affinity for calling on FSBO. “I find that just being helpful and doing the right thing pays off,” she says. “If they sell themselves, that’s great! Perhaps they will use my services down the road or refer me to someone. I learned so much from my FSBO clients about what was challenging for most sellers and how I could take some of that off of them. Now I can anticipate what they need and help them achieve their goals much more quickly, and many of them have turned into fabulous clients who have referred their family and friends to me. It’s always a win!”

As a value-added service, Claire stages all of her listings herself, free of charge to clients. “Whether it is a full stage or just what we call a ‘fluff up,’ we make certain each listing looks spectacular, which earns our clients the most proceeds in the end. As much as I love helping people buy, sell and invest in homes, I want to have enough passive income to have choices about when and where I work. Being with EXP Realty has exposed me to new ways of achieving that goal, and I am very excited about what the future holds.”

To help reach her dreams, Claire has started buying and holding properties using the BRRRR method. “I have a goal of owning one piece of property for every year I am in real estate,” she says. “I am using my expertise in finding very marketable properties at great prices to achieve that. I hope to teach others how to do the same, so they can build passive income to enjoy and pass along to the next generation. I am beginning to do some coaching to help other agents and share all I have learned in a short amount of time. Every Thursday morning, I have a Zoom for any agents who want to make calls ‘together.’ We learn from and support each other while moving the needle forward in our businesses. Real estate has opened so many doors for me. I feel truly blessed!”

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