December Sponsor Spotlight- Stage of Designs
By Charlotte Top Producers |Dec 20, 2019

With Stage of Designs, Nilou Henderson and Trinity Hoang elevate charlotte’s interior design scene! In this issue we call them the queens of POP!

Written by: Eli J. Pacheco
Photography: Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Interior Design has always been Nilou’s Passion.

It’s everything, from fixtures to the overall decor. The colors, space. Barely a year into its existence, Stage of Designs, owned by Nilou Henderson and Trinity Hoang, has thrived in a new business concept: Bringing that full service interior design touch to the world of real estate staging. Bringing that ‘wow’ factor to living spaces with affordable, luxury staging; especially for sports and entertainment.

“It’s the convenience of having a one-stop-shop,” says Nilou, who owns Henderson Ventures with husband, Gerald, a former NBA player. “We’re a full-service interior design firm, and staging is just one of the things we do.”

Nilou spent plenty of time traveling with Gerald during his playing and broadcasting career. Seeing so much unique design gave her inspiration for creating new pieces. The Charlotte market lacked a higher-end staging option, and Nilou found her niche.

“We manufacture our own furniture,” Trinity says. “We can customize pieces for any space. Our pieces have a modern feel, with pops of color, an airy, clean style. But we also want to meet with clients to understand what they want—and add our expertise.”

Charlotte has plenty of staging companies that help agents prep a home for the market. They come with a set inventory, though. “At every listing, you’ll see the same staging furniture,” Nilou says. Stage of Designs provides a stress-free alternative to enhancing that opportunity to shine.

“A client brings us in to bring a unique feel to their home,” Nilou says. “We can customize all the way down to dimensions. We have a rare collection, one-of-a-kind pieces.”

That eye for the previously unseen brought her to meet her business partner, Trinity. Take one step into a Charlotte location of Cachet Nail Boutique and you get the picture.
That space is bright and bold, strikingly modern with contemporary and classic touches.

Nilou’s knack for creating a breathtaking, natural-yet-luxurious feel to a room has her business branching out for residential and commercial work, as well as boutique hotels.

“Charlotte is an amazing place to have this business,” Nilou says. “The market speaks for itself. There’s new construction every single day. Look around. The demand is high for this. People want to showcase new construction, showcase a unique look.”

Growth and demand present the biggest challenges to Stage of Designs.

Employees must share the vision of the company’s founders, and hold the brand to the highest level. “We can’t
be everywhere at once,” Nilou says, “but we want that attention to detail. We want every project to have our touch.”

Stage of Designs covers all aspects of interior design, from paint to fixtures, but also landscaping. The thought: A home purchase or launching a business is stressful. Stage of Designs wants to alleviate the hassle of design by running with their vision and the company’s strengths.

“It’s about sitting with the client, seeing vision for space,” Nilou says. “We want to be able to bring that vision out and create the full picture for clients. We like adding our opinions, to bring different wow factors, with different colors and patterns.

If you would like to get in touch with Stage of Designs, give them a call at 704.492.3426, or visit them online

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