May Unconventional Agent- Shivam Patel
By Charlotte Top Producers |May 2, 2020
During undergrad studies at UNC Charlotte, Shivam Patel had a knack for gathering crowds. Saying things way out of the ordinary to get fellow students to gravitate to his tent and sign up for blood drives, food drives…
You name it.
“I’d crack jokes to get people to sign up,” says Shivam, a Vance High grad. “I’d say something like, ‘Open bar at the blood drive, sign up!’ and people would actually laugh and come to our table. I’d then get to know them better, and they would end up donating blood for a good cause.”
Previously working at Giving Tree Realty, Shivam left to form his own company – Patel Standard Realty. He’ll put in his extensive knowledge of the Charlotte market with his own twist on realty, a bit more unconventional rhetoric.
“When a client considers a house, I point out all the bad things,” Shivam says. “I challenge them to convince themselves they should buy, despite the flaws. I want to make sure it’s the right fit.”
Shivam passed on chances to study far from home so that he could honor his mother’s request that he stay close. Those who knew Shivam as an outgoing classmate aren’t surprised at his success — and many have become clients.
Thomas Causey and Travis Sink met Shivam during their freshman year at UNCC. Shivam quickly impressed them with his outgoing personality, and knack for networking and leadership within many college clubs and organizations.
“Shivam is willing to work at any and all times of the day for anyone, not just his friends,” Thomas says.
Shivam gravitates toward conversation, like a modern-day philosopher. “Even back then, we would talk about business, economics, real estate, and bounce entrepreneurship ideas off each other,” Travis says.
Shivam broke into commercial real estate at Wells Fargo in 2010 where he interned when he was a sophomore in college. He switched his attention to residential real estate and got his license in 2014. Today, he’s working in residential, with commercial interests on the side.
Shivam came from a supportive family — father, Arvind; mother, Vina; and sister, Hetal — and always gravitated toward people like him.
“They are all creative and funny,” Shivam says of his friends. “I try to be more of the same, but I was different and had my own spin on things. Our opposite, yet like-minded personalities blended well, and I thrived with those kinds of people around me. They kept pushing my limits, and I loved it.”
Shivam’s way is not scripted; it’s naturally genuine. It’s about making real connections and wanting to become friends with his clients while treating them as family, a different approach he attributes partly to his generation as a millennial. Shivam’s interests are varied, but all roads lead to real estate.
A self-proclaimed market junky, Shivam watches bonds, stocks, and housing markets — both locally and nationally. He’s interested in prices for wood, construction, mortgage rates, the treasury yields, and everything else in between.
“I want to know what’s going on in the world to keep up with building costs and housing market data,” Shivam says. “I’m an investor myself. I am always looking out for not only what is best for my clients today, but also for their long-term success.”
Travis and his fiancee received Shivam’s MLS alert for their home on Valentine’s Day 2017. They cancelled dinner plans, and their offer was accepted that same night.
“Shivam was very responsive and knowledgeable, especially when offering his expertise on which neighborhoods would be a good fit for us,” says Travis. “We probably called him way too much with questions about properties and the mortgage process, but he patiently answered every one.”
Now, Shivam is striking out on his own, hoping to share his approach to real estate with like-minded free thinkers.
“Maybe more than a few will think like me – outside the box that is,” Shivam says. “Those are the people I want to have working with me as agents in the years to come to my new company. If they’re looking for cookie-cutter stuff, this is not for them.
“Whoever wants to go on their own and be creative? That’s who I want to inspire,” Shivam tells us.

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