October Agency Spotlight- Sellstate Premier
By Charlotte Top Producers |Oct 25, 2019

What can happen in a converted laundromat? How about a whole new level of your career?

This particular laundromat is the second office for Sellstate Premier, a business that supports real estate agents with the professional coaching that allows them to thrive.

Angelia Hope Black and Sheryl Haigh spin success there. Learn more about their agency and team.

Written by: Eli J. Pacheco
Photography by: Kristina Kay

This is a story about two women – in an old laundromat.

It’s not just two women, though. And it’s no longer a laundromat: the building has since been transformed into a
fresh, open workspace. It’s the perfect setting for growth and collaboration, which is what these two women happen to be pretty awesome at doing.

Meet Angelia Black and Sheryl Haigh. Angelia brings vision and coaching. Sheryl, the implementation. Together, they’re working on office No. 2 for Sellstate Premier, creating a business in which agents get the support and coaching they need to thrive.

With motivating words on the wall and no closed-off spaces, Sellstate Premier’s newest office gives that collaborative vibe, a nod to what’s possible when you set your mind to constantly grow and challenge yourself.

It’s not your typical office, and the narrow, deep floor plan retains only one bastion of its former life as a laundromat.

“We still have a drain in the middle of the room to signify that,” Angelia says. Maybe that’s where the stress and uncertainty of venturing into real estate spill away when you join this firm. Angelia and Sheryl foster a team of 50-plus agents here, leading by example and helping them to self-discover their individual paths to success.

“This business is not hard, but it can be difficult if you don’t align everything,” Sheryl says. “We are lucky to utilize the systems that Angelia spent developing and implementing in her successful coaching business.”

The two met through Angelia’s business, The Real Estate Coach. Guidance and continuing education are hallmarks for this unique business model. Sellstate Premier agents can drop in and set up shop at a desk, or move to a conference room – with glass walls – and collaborate.

For Angelia, it’s a return to roots. A Gaston County native, she wanted to give back to her community. She had lunch one day with Sheryl, and the match couldn’t have been more clearly defined: she’d found her partner in business, a perfect complement to her style.

“I’m picky,” Angelia admits. “There were a lot of individuals who, when they found out what I was doing, wanted to come along. Sheryl, hands down, was the one I went after. I told her, let’s do this together, and it’s a good fit. Her reputation and integrity are stellar, and she cares about the agents.”

Jason Morton is an agent and broker with Sellstate Premier. He is also an important part of the leadership team as a coach. He appreciates the perks of the brokerage – technology and resources to run an efficient business.

A high commission split is also a draw, as well as the revenue share model: For each agent he introduces to an office, he’ll earn 5% of every commission from a transaction that joining agent closes, as long as they’re are with Sellstate. There’s no cap on that income potential.

“Angelia and Sheryl are forward thinkers, and they know and understand how to run a successful business,” Jason says. “I can see that we all share a lot in common when it
comes to our drive and work ethic. They believe in their agents, and they will continuously pour into you so that you can become the best version of yourself.”

What does that look like to an agent? It’s quite hands-on.

“Aligning that with the experience I have and Sheryl has – if an agent wants to be successful and own their own destiny, and they want to put in the effort, they’ll be successful,” Angelia says. “But they’ll have to follow the structure.”

That morning, Angelia sent a text to an agent congratulating them on a new listing. Then the quick followup: Have you sent it to your database?

That care in the process means a lot to agents like Jason.

“In an industry where turnover can be very high, it is extremely important for agents to align themselves with a firm that has great communication and access to its staff, as well as staff that will be able to motivate and guide them to a path of success,” he says.

The mission is to manage an industry that is naturally stressful in a stress-reduced way. Growth in agents has boomed for the office, which opened in June. The Huntersville office launched in January, and don’t be surprised if a new location emerges in 2020.

“We want to grow and be successful, but we don’t want to be in that place where we don’t know every agent’s name,” Sheryl says. “Where I don’t know every deal they’re working on, where I don’t know where they struggle a little bit so that I can help them.”

A new agent at Sellstate got busy in a good way – selling homes. Paperwork bogged her down. Angelia and Sheryl
know paperwork can be time-consuming but also, that it doesn’t have to be. Sheryl recommended hiring someone to handle that for a small fee.

“The conversation was quick: Would you rather pay her less than $300 and go out and get another listing for which you’re going to get another $6,000-$7,000 in commission?” Sheryl says. “Is $300 worth it to make another $6,000? The lightbulb went off for her.”

That self-discovery element is key to an agent’s development. The idea will stick if it clicks for the agent, and coaching is a big way to put that on the table. The word’s getting out.

Agents are calling and wanting to join. Angelia finds it both exciting and humbling. They’re developing a great project, she says, and she loves to build things. Her eye for detail ensures the process will stay efficient.

“The fact that people want to come along and do it with me is exciting and fun,” Angelia says.

“I’m happy with our performance so far, being a startup company. Once we got in this space, I thought, okay, what’s next? That’s how I am. Sheryl is the one who says, ‘Come back! Let’s work on getting this location successful first.’”

Reach Sellstate Premier at 704-829-3518 or sellstatepremier.com.

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