August Standout REALTOR® – Robbie Tickel
By Charlotte Top Producers |Aug 2, 2021

Robbie Tickel Will Do Whatever it Takes!

Pridemore Properties Powered by Compass

Written by Heather Pluard

From the runway to the driveway, Robbie Tickel knows how to work it. After modeling and acting for nearly 20 years, he’s now a top-producing real estate agent whom clients adore for his stellar service and outstanding results. Licensed in 2019, Robbie had more than $4.3 million in sales last year and recently joined one of Charlotte’s hottest agencies, Pridemore Properties Powered by Compass.
“The sky is the limit, and I’m all in,” Robbie smiles. “I genuinely care about every person I meet, and I often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about ways I can help my clients. I’m excited to spend my days helping them navigate today’s fast-paced market. I won’t stop working until we’ve closed on their dream home, and then I’ll go over for beers and cannonball into their new pool to celebrate!”
A native of Dalzell, South Carolina, Robbie attended the University of South Carolina and Newberry College. He was a star baseball player in college until participating in a model search in Charlotte, which led to an exciting new career path. Since 2000, Robbie has booked modeling and acting jobs worldwide, living and working in New York, Miami, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Mexico, Peru, the Caribbean, Australia, South Africa, and Europe.
“I’ve worn so many hats in life that I can relate with almost anyone on some level or shared experience,” Robbie says. “I love connecting with clients and forming friendships. It’s not about selling for me; it’s about helping people make their lives better. I still act and model if I have the bandwidth, but real estate is much more rewarding. I have my clients’ backs no matter what. I inspect every house I visit. I’ll climb in attics, crawl spaces, and dig out bushes to ensure there are no surprises for my clients. I do it all.”
Robbie began his real estate career in Georgia before moving to Charlotte and working at a small, independent brokerage and developing his unique style. “When I first started, I was told that I couldn’t swear and I had to wear a suit when dealing with clients,” Robbie smiles. “That just isn’t me. I ended up sounding like a robot version of myself for a few months until I snapped out of it. If I can’t be true to who I am while I’m at work, then I don’t want the job. I also had a tough time figuring out the new digital age of real estate and all the different lead generation programs. It was overwhelming at first, but I have great mentors in place now. I would highly recommend a mentor in any career.”
Earlier this year, Robbie switched to Pridemore Properties Powered by Compass. “It’s a phenomenal group of people and a fantastic company to work for,” he says. “I feel very fortunate to work for such a supportive brokerage. It’s more difficult than ever to succeed in this career, competing with 80,000 real estate agents in North Carolina AND the i-buyer agencies like Opendoor, Offerpad, and Zillow. However, I believe I have an edge based on my work ethic and my clients’ experiences working with me. I’m passionate about supporting them through the home-buying process, and I’m passionate about bettering myself every single day.”
You can follow Robbie on Instagram: @robbietickel.

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