Partner Profile – Preston Sandlin with Home Inspection Carolina
Partner Profile Preston Sandlin
Partner Profile – Preston Sandlin with Home Inspection Carolina
By Charlotte Top Producers |Aug 8, 2020

Written by: Nicole Langley

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Your Inspection is Worry-Free with HIC!

In 2006, Preston Sandlin established Home Inspection Carolina (HIC), operating under the principle: “Your inspection is worry-free with HIC.” As a company, HIC works hard to fulfill that principle. With currently 28 highly-qualified inspectors and 87 certifications combined, the team performs home inspections, termite inspections, radon testing, mold testing, and well testing. Educational fact: There is no law that says you HAVE to get a home inspection. “I would definitely advise having one conducted,” says Preston.

No stranger to the real estate industry, Preston and the team at HIC understand that a REALTOR’S® time is valuable and that the agent wants to take care of their client and treat them like family. “Time is money, and I don’t want to waste time that is valuable to others,” he says. It helps that HIC utilizes the newest technology—drones, infrared cameras, and an app that lets you schedule and choose an inspector. “We streamline and take care of our customers,” Preston tells us. “It’s a drama-free negotiation. We want to provide the absolute best experience, be a part of the customer’s dream, and make that come true.”

Preston and the HIC team pride themselves on providing REALTORS® and their buyers a stress-free home inspection process. “Our job is to protect the buyer,” Preston says. “A home is the biggest investment in most peoples’ lives; we don’t want clients to be hit with some huge unforeseen costs right after they move in. We make sure there aren’t any extra surprises, and in turn, extra expenses.” HIC Inspectors seek to find out what issues are present ahead of time. “This gives the client options,” Preston says, “they can have any noted issues fixed, or have the price negotiated. Or, the client can buy the home as-is, but they know what to expect.”

Putting themselves in clients’ shoes, the team at HIC aims to and look at things from their perspective. As President/Owner of HIC, Preston, himself, acknowledges each customer’s experience. He studies client responses to see if there is anything that the company, as a whole, could have done to make that experience even better. “We stay in constant communication with our customers,” Preston tells us. “Customers have other companies to choose from, and we want to make them glad that they chose us.”

Preston has two daughters, Sarah Margaret and Meredith. Meg, his wife, was originally a schoolteacher, and eventually became the admin for HIC. He explains that Meg is the “brains” of the business, while he handles marketing. Together, they love to travel and take a trip down to the beach every year. Meg is also a living donor for her mother, who previously had liver problems.

When he isn’t working, Preston loves painting and building/making things. His father was a mortician and carpenter; his mother is an artist. Preston plans on putting his creative skills to use after retirement.

Abiding by the old adage, Preston believes: “Leave things better than you found it. God gave us this time to leave something or some mark that is better than it was before. Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

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