December Team Spotlight- Pat Deely & Lana Laws
December Team Spotlight- Pat Deely & Lana Laws
By Charlotte Top Producers |Dec 8, 2019

There’s no such thing as a perfect partnership. But as duos go, Pat Deely and Lana Laws might have stumbled upon a team dynamic that comes close! Savvy + Co. Real Estate is lucky to have these two!

Written by: Eli J. Pacheco

They disagree sometimes. They don’t always agree on a pricing strategy – or the right backsplash to recommend for a townhome development. In a marketing or business development meeting, they sound like an old married couple.

But this is crystal clear: Pat and Lana are brokers and REALTORS® with Savvy & Company and make up a Deely & Laws partnership that’s guided by data, driven by a desire to help build communities, and enhanced by a high-powered knowledge of the Charlotte market.

Between the two – and the fascinating conversation that emerges when you get them in the same space – you get a sense for real estate you just can’t find anywhere else.

“I have a different perspective than Pat,” says Lana, from a sleek conference room in their Church Street office. “I’m not always thinking about development. He is. People in my age group, people 35 to 45, are getting to a place where they have a couple of kids; they no longer feel like they have to be able to stumble here and there in the evening.”

Patrick, though, still has some of those needs when it comes to a perfect place to live.

“Another of my requirements, if I’m being perfectly candid, is I have to be within stumbling distance of a bar,” he says with a laugh.

Their distinct personalities and perspectives might be just what makes them effective (and well-suited) for the real estate industry. As is the case when they began – and is now – one thing leads to another. That’s how Pat and Lana arrive on any project, really

Pat, before real estate, was in the bar and restaurant business. But he’d pull flyers from boxes because real estate always grabbed his interest.

“When I dragged him into real estate,” Lana says, “it was already in his blood.”

In his brain, at least, Pat says. Something, in theory, he was moving toward. “Certainly, there was a foot in the butt that helped get me off that fence,” says Pat, who has not lived more than 3 miles from the center of Uptown since he moved here in 1991.

To this day, Pat and Lana thrive with a robust business that plays on the intricacies of Charlotte’s unique footprint, one that developed on the perimeter first – then drifted inward to meet a growing downtown district.

At first, Pat and Lana did what most new REALTORS® do –
they traversed the city as newbies will. Wherever the client wanted to go.

“In the beginning, when you need a check, you’ll drive to wherever you need to,” Pat says. “Once you get a full head of steam, you realize if you’re good at this, the more you focus, the more you fit.”

“And the more you can do for your clients,” Lana adds.

Such as pushing the chance to be an Airbnb host into multi-family developments with intention. The details must be worked into the homeowners’ document, but it gives clients the ability to make money on their investment while they’re still in it.

Deely & Laws appeal to developers looking to do new construction, and/ or multi-family development. Their patient-yet-confident approach generates opportunity for big projects – while also leaving room for buyers, resale, and individual sellers.

The real estate market is ever-changing. To stay afloat requires a working knowledge of macro and micro-current and historic market forces and trends.

Successful new construction development further demands the ability to project future market needs and trends (and value) for homes to be built and sold – sometimes 24-plus months out.

It’s just another detail that comes on the tail of another detail.

“That’s how much of what we do happens – organically,” Lana says. “Accidentally. We’d be lying if we said we had a master plan. He thinks big, I think small. Usually, we throw it against the wall and see what happens.”

If you would like to get into contact with Pat and Lana, you can reach them by phone 980.263.9006 or visit them online

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