October Top Producer – Tyler Goldsmith
By Charlotte Top Producers |Oct 17, 2022

Humble, Hungry and Smart

Tyler Goldsmith of Goldsmith Realty Group Brokered by Carolina Sky Real Estate

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Top Producer Tyler Goldsmith starts every day by asking himself, “When people look at me, why do I think they need me?” That’s a simple question but most often overlooked by many, he says. He believes his Christian faith, and the psychology that spurs from being an athlete most of his life, contributed to the aggressive and fearless temperament needed to accomplish daunting goals and stress from the day-to-day grind in real estate. It also starts with being a good listener and connecting your expertise with your client’s motivation and goals with exceptional communication and matching tonality. 

My study on the valuations of homes and how they correlate with current market conditions has also set me apart from the competition. In nearly every seller interview I went on, I was 99% certain I could sell homes at a price that was 8%-10% higher than what the other competitors had quoted them. This is because I have a proven method that is indifferent to most agents’ traditional 101 pricing methods. In every home I listed higher than what the competition quoted, I was able to dissect my pricing methodology to the appraisers, further with them agreeing and the home closing. That’s pretty remarkable considering on a $300,000 home, that was a $25,000-$30,000 difference; that’s a new car, savings for their children’s education, or cash for my client’s next life chapter. There have been several instances I had sold 225K+ higher on a million-dollar property than what three to four other listing agents had quoted during their interview process with the sellers. I’ve had plenty of backlash from agents saying I was wrong and just manipulating the seller to get the listing. My certainty left me with no care to entertain them, as I knew my results would reflect.

“My ‘Big Why’ in life is to become a better person each day and be valuable to people by being purposeful and intentional to their needs,” he says. “A sense of heroic feats, if you will, bringing gratitude and feelings of accomplishment to myself and the people I help. In living in a capitalist society, offering value in any professional setting is most often associated with saving or making people money that they wouldn’t have been able to do on their own. Understanding that money is the modern-day bread that we all depend on, providing freedom for our families, ourselves, and the people in this world we choose to help, I was determined to parallel that in a career. I’ve always been self-driven and competitive and had a tremendous spirit that desires to provide value to people. It has been my experience that life without purpose is a life full of regrets.”

With a business degree and feelings of securement in following his father’s footsteps in banking, it was natural for Tyler to take his first job out of college in the finance and banking industry where he lived, including Charleston, Bluffton, Hilton Head, and Savannah, GA, areas. During his seven-year tenure as a banker, he saw first-hand that real estate can be one of the highest-paid per-hour careers.

“Most real estate professionals can’t tell you their exact value, aside from having connections and providing a more convenient option toward buying and selling real estate,” Tyler says. “I understood what would set a successful real estate agent apart, so I decided to change careers and get my real estate license. I was confident I could do well, especially by incorporating my successful background in phone sales in banking and the knowledge I acquired in my early 20s from purchasing foreclosures and selling them for profit.”

Tyler spent his first years in real estate working part-time at Keller Williams, still holding onto salary jobs that gave him security but limited him from going all in. He had a strong understanding of how to analyze real estate market conditions for the few clients he had, and knew how to maximize returns, but he was limited on time to establish the customer base he needed to make real estate a full-time career.

“During this time, I read many books on successful men and concluded they all had a common strategy,” Tyler says. “They had the guts to go all in on the business they were starting with no option for plan B. I realized I was substituting my progress for comfortability. I needed to go all in and commit to real estate full-time. I had a newly born daughter, Mila, and needed to position her closer to family, so I interviewed for several firms in Charlotte. I stumbled across one offering a small salary, and its requirement was to make 300+ calls a day. I figured the quickest way to learn was to drop my ego, from being an Assistant Vice President at a local bank to commit to a full-time job that offered little income, didn’t require a college degree, and needed a taxing 300+ cold calls per day. After three interviews, I was given the green light to start in the summer of 2017 as an Inside Sales Agent on a large team within Keller Williams.”

Tyler went from selling intangible assets as a banker to tangible assets in real estate. He calls this his ‘years of free education’ because he was getting paid to learn how to get business and better himself. “I changed my perspective and saw the daily beatings in cold calls as an opportunity to grow,” Tyler says. “Our instant-gratification society brings too much of a short-sighted perspective, and I saw many colleagues come and go during my time there. I often knew people would quit before they knew they were. Their shortsightedness in not making enough money and the job being super stressful distracted them from gaining the resilience and tools needed to become a knowledgeable agent. The man that controls his thinking is the man that ultimately grows and accomplishes the goals set forth. I stayed locked in with a diamond tip focus on setting two to three appointments daily, five to six days a week, for a year and a half. I was learning to communicate value and harness the tools I acquired. My daughter, Christian faith, and competitive nature kept me consistent and disciplined to endure this gut-punching growth phase.”

Each day, Tyler visualized his goal of being a successful individual agent. “This taught me who, what, and how to target people with needs,” he says. “It also gave me an idea on how to measure the activity to get the results I needed. I was placing bets on myself and relying on God to protect me.”

After spending a year and a half as an ISA, Tyler attended BOLD, a high-level sales and leadership class. He connected with agents ready to level up in life and perform their careers at a higher level. “The course reaffirmed the power of visualization and setting far-fetched goals,” he says. “We created vision boards and set measurable monthly, weekly and daily goals to get there. I had met several agents with smaller teams and had the opportunity to work full time for another team as a full-service agent helping both buyers and sellers. There wasn’t much support during the transactions, and I constantly disagreed with the low listing values the team’s owner wanted to list homes for as they lacked pricing knowledge based on bull and bear markets. It disrupted the value I could provide my clients. I kept a positive attitude but knew my comfortability of staying within a team was harming my potential to be out on my own.”

On Dec. 31, 2018, Tyler made a vision board and wrote all of the personal, spiritual and financial goals he wanted to accomplish that upcoming year. “At the top, I quoted ‘What You Focus on Expands,’ along with exact pictures of what I wanted in life, which would provide a visual during my day-to-day grind,” he explains. “I left the Keller Williams team, established an LLC, and went out on my own, switching brokerage firms to Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate in January 2019. In the first year of Goldsmith Realty Group (2019-2020), I personally hit $13 million in sales volume with $0 lead spending and 390k Gross Commission Income, and 100% of my clients were happy with my work. The second year (2020-2021), during COVID-19, I hit $18 million in sales volume with $0 company lead spending, 50+ transactions, and 500k+ in Gross Commission Income. This 2021-2022 year, I’m on track to hit $20 million. The harder I worked, the luckier I got. The years of preparation and choice to have an aggressive and fearless temperament lead to exponential growth. Year after year, I have been able to hit seemingly impossible goals that I had written on my vision boards and expanded my value to people in and around the community. Although I have been dealt many unfair cards in life that could have easily set me off course, I became a stronger and better man with this pursuit. The years of suffering and growth constantly remind me to stay humble, hungry and smart.”

Today, Tyler is with a new, up-and-coming brokerage, Carolina Sky Real Estate, where he owns a territory and plans on growing that to 20+ agents. “The future of my career will focus on building the residential real estate arm and further expanding into commercial real estate,” he says. “I have a lofty goal of hitting $50 million in commercial real estate, with much of that in the pipeline for 2022-2023. My end goal is really just to be an example of how impactful a man with an active Christian faith can be to others in this world, and it can be paralleled to any career. I want to be an example for my daughter, my family and anyone I encounter directly or indirectly. I also want to be able to travel the world and be a missionary, providing resources to underprivileged communities in this world. Love is the most powerful source all lives depend on!”

Charity Spotlight:

I have enrolled in a Navy Seal Hell Week for civilians called “Kokoro” in lieu of raising funds for a charity my good friend Tom Bramhall and I have created with the Homeowners Impact Fund. The charity is called “The Rise of Clanton.” The Rise of Clanton is building and restoring of an old hotel in center city Charlotte to an 88-unit apartment complex aimed for providing shelter for homeless families. In September 2022, we are headed to San Diego to accompany Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine in a hell week with three full days of no sleep filled with excruciating exercise mimicking the BUDS training Navy Seals endure during hell week.

To donate and learn more, visit: homeownersimpactfund.org.

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