October Rising Star – Krista Webster
By Charlotte Top Producers |Oct 6, 2021

Home Sweet Home with Krista Webster!

Written by Allison Parker

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Safe. Secure. Comfortable. Words that resonate big-time with homeowners everywhere. These are the feelings that envelope Krista Webster’s clients when she works on their home buying or selling process.
Krista reflects on her experience with clients over the past four years as a real estate agent: “All of my clients become my friends. They keep me up to date on things because I’m not a REALTOR® that is done taking care of you after we close. I’m here if you need a contractor or a recommendation on things. I’m there for the good, bad, ugly, and glorious.”
Krista is a true entrepreneur as well as a protective, people person. It’s a trait her clients can see well beyond the home purchase or sale. Krista’s previous life included a career in law enforcement as a Charlotte Mecklenburg Police officer. (We thank you, Krista, for your amazing service!) After an early retirement, she started her own business in the cleaning arena. Getting to know clients through taking care of their prized possession gave Krista the start-up funds to jump into real estate.
With her influential personality and caring nature, Krista grew a sphere of potential clients even before completing her real estate license. She had let friends know her plans of working in the industry, so she had a couple of clients lined up to work with her when the time was right. The very day her real estate license was active, Krista was out showing her first house.
Webster laughs, “I had to call someone to tell me how to work the lockbox!” Two months after obtaining her license, Krista had her first closing, and business has been rocking and rolling ever since. 2020 was a booming year with a volume of $9.989 million, and this year will be just over 7 million in September (two-thirds of her last year’s total).
Working with ExP Realty gives Krista the base to expand and grow her business. She sees the majority of her business from referrals. Not to mention this busy lady is working North Carolina from the coast of Holden Beach to the Piedmont here in Charlotte. Krista seized the opportunity to move to her childhood vacation spot when her husband, Chad, retired from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Force. It was something they always planned to do, and the timing just worked out. Chad is now able to concentrate on his work as a children’s author with Ingram Elliott. His two books in series include Mystery Muffin and Soda Pop Sleuth – Legend of Mr. Creepy and Ghost of Crippler’s Creek.
Both Krista and Chad love to spend time at the beach with their four children, Kate (15), twins Kason and Claire (12), and Kayla (11). The family loves to swim and kayak at the beach. They also have the honor of being the only bus stop family on the Holden Beach Island, which makes them pretty special and very lucky to live there year-round. The family loves their two amazing pets, Puddin and Ghost. Puddin is an adorable French Bulldog, and Ghost is an older, cantankerous Malta Poo.
When asked about advice to new folks joining ranks as a REALTOR®, Krista reflects on her own path to success. She recalls a time when she had been working with a woman for over a few months diligently, only to find that when the time came to list their home, BOOM – the ball bounced out of the court. The woman’s husband wanted to use another person he knew. Instead of fretting about the situation, Krista kept positive and kept in touch. Through Facebook, she later saw the woman’s parents were selling furniture in preparation for a move. Not shy about asking for the business, she called the woman and asked if her parents had a REALTOR®. It turns out they didn’t, and Krista had a new client. It’s like one door closes and another opens if you keep everything in proper perspective. Krista reflects, “The best advice is to keep it all positive and let the negatives go – don’t dwell on it.”
With a shining track record, Krista’s advice is worth heeding. Her dedication to helping others with her genuine spirit will light the way to an even brighter future.
“I am truly thankful to help my people through all their transitions in life: first home, upsizing, downsizing, vacation home, investing, or retirement home. It brings me such joy when I get a picture of how they decorated, or it is a first for a family in their new home. I’m truly honored to be able to help these people in their real estate journeys.”

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