October Agency Profile – Christina Chubachuk
By Charlotte Top Producers |Oct 17, 2022

Helping Clients Create The Lives They Want Through Real Estate

Christina Chubachuk of Akin Realty LLC

Written by Heather Pluard

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

It’s not easy to build a recession-proof business. However, Akin Realty LLC won’t let a shifting market stand in the way of success. Since launching the brokerage in 2019, owner/broker Christina Chubachuk has built a team of 11 top-notch agents intent on helping clients create the lives they want through real estate. With solid fundamentals, incredible diversity, and a zeal for excellence, Akin Realty LLC plans to double its business next year, regardless of a potential market downturn.

“We are not afraid of a recession,” Christina says. “People are still buying and selling homes, and our reputation precedes us. We are known for working harder and getting it done, and that’s helped us build a 100% referral-based business. We’ve never paid for any leads because clients know our team is passionate about helping them. We love seeing clients build generational wealth.”  

With an unstoppable mindset, Christina found tremendous success at a young age. After attending UNCC Business School for a year, she left college to become a REALTOR® when she was 18. “I realized I could learn more from YouTube than school,” she says. “And experience is the greatest teacher of all. So I’m thankful my dad planted the seed in my mind about becoming a real estate agent. He is a wise man. Instead of asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up, he used to ask me what lifestyle I wanted to have. My dad showed me the sky’s the limit, and I realized a career in real estate would allow me to create any lifestyle I wanted.”

After obtaining her license in 2017, Christina started her career at Keller Williams, where she learned the fundamentals of real estate. “I didn’t have a lot of family or friends that wanted to invest in real estate when I started, so I had to get good at asking questions, solving problems, teaching myself and building my network,” she explains. “My best advice for agents is to help one another, especially if you want to grow in this industry. Quality relationships with each other benefit our clients because they have smoother transactions, and we can achieve the goal of helping them buy low and sell high.”

In 2018, Century 21 recruited Christina to be the head of their commercial and land department. When the broker sold the franchise a year later, Christina decided to launch Akin Realty LLC. “I knew I could make it on my own, and that was always the plan,” she says. “Without a goal, you don’t know where you are going, and I had to make real estate work out for me because there was no backup plan. I love setting goals that intimidate me, and I know I can achieve them with accountability. For example, I would like to sell $1 billion worth of real estate and be nominated by Forbes for the 30 Under 30 award. Why not? I’ve already been nominated for 30 Under 30 in Charlotte. I started with nothing, but I am where I am today because I wasn’t afraid to dream big, work hard, and ask questions. Anyone can do this. My ‘why’ is showing people if I can do it, you can, too.”

Christina sold close to $15 million last year, but she takes more pride in her ability to impact and inspire her team to fulfill their potential. “We have a very diverse group,” she says. “We have agents who were born in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Jamaica and Haiti. In addition, almost all of my agents speak at least two languages. We love meeting new people, building friendships, and helping others have the freedom to create their own dreams and fulfill them through real estate.”

They also enjoy giving back to the community. “I volunteer as a board member for the Slavic business Association,” Christina says. “It’s an organization that provides resources to Slavic leaders in the Charlotte community to enable them to obtain success through ongoing development opportunities and relationship building with educational workshops and conferences connecting the Slavic People in Charlotte.”

Successful by any measure, Christina says real wealth is being able to create a lifestyle you want, focus on the people who matter most, and not have to be chasing a dollar constantly. “I have found a way to go from living part time, working full time to living full time and working part time,” she says. “Having financial freedom and being debt-free is important, but it’s not just about money. Relationships are the foundation of meaningful success, both professional and personal. I love how real estate allows us to control our schedules, and there’s no one I enjoy spending time with more than my husband. He encourages me, always wants what’s best for me, and pushes me to fulfill my potential. He is not intimidated by my success. Instead, he matches it and strives to help us both become the people we are capable of being. I’m blessed with a bullet-proof marriage and a recession-proof business!”

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