November Rockstar Agent – Tiffany Moton
By Charlotte Top Producers |Nov 21, 2022

Talented, Passionate, Driven

Tiffany Moton

Written by Eli Pacheco

Photos by Ariel Perry

Tiffany Moton has all the tools to become a standout agent, and her approach is a bit revolutionary.

An agent with the Allen Tate Charlotte-Center City office since 2018, Tiffany is not alone among top producers in her concern for fostering relationships. It’s when she speaks of goals. … She doesn’t use words like “volume” or “money.” For Tiffany, it’s not about awards, it’s about what she can do for people.

“My goal is to help as many people as I can,” says Tiffany. “I would love to double the number of people I assist next year. I would like to help develop programs that provide resources to those less fortunate to assist them with homeownership.”

That will take the form of a foundation Tiffany hopes to start soon.

Tiffany leads Moton Real Estate at Allen Tate. Her career of five-plus years sprung from her appreciation of architecture, along with the influence of her mentor, Glen French. Glen saw, in Tiffany, all the characteristics a successful real estate agent needs.

Tiffany was recently recognized as one of Allen Tate’s top 150 agents in closed volume. She attributes her success to becoming a trusted advisor too. She cites tools in place that afford her the time and energy to assist her clients.

“My client’s real estate needs are my No. 1 priority,” says Tiffany, who began her career in Kernersville. “I am not only an agent, I am their resource for all things Charlotte and the surrounding area.”

Alison Smith is Tiffany’s broker in charge at Allen Tate. She calls Tiffany “amazing.”

“She is extremely thorough and is always working hard for her clients,” Alison says.

Tiffany is a wife and friend and is active in her community.

“I am a food enthusiast,” she says. “I enjoy the arts, fitness and traveling. These other parts of me transcend and allow me to connect with people on many different levels. If you focus on the relationship as opposed to the transaction, you build trust and a connection.”

Not Afraid of Failure

Tiffany Moton does not like to lose. She’s quite Type A and likes to be in control of her processes. Working with Tiffany, you understand she’s transparent and expectations are clear.

“The biggest difference for me is that I am not afraid of failure,” Tiffany says. “In fact, I thrive in adversity. Each hardship allows me to learn and become a more rounded and improved advocate for my clients.”

Setbacks motivate her, she says. “I’ve never been the conforming type. I like being different.”

Tiffany faced adversity from the start. She came to Charlotte and joined the fray without a local network. As a newbie, Tiffany feared people wouldn’t choose her because of a perceived lack of knowledge of the area. So she dove into the networks and numbers. She sharpened her communication skills, even with the most challenging clients.

“I provide information that helps them grasp the reality of our market,” Tiffany says. “Once we are on the same page, we can achieve their goal in a cohesive way.”

That Tiffany could sharpen her skills so quickly has impressed Alison Smith.

“The fact that she’s grown to become a top producer in just a few years after she entered a market where she didn’t know anyone shows the dedication she has to our profession and her career,” Alison says.

In the toughest situations, Tiffany feels authentic and free. That competitive drive kicks in — “almost like a superpower,” she says with a smile.

Alison sees a bright future for Tiffany in real estate.

“Tiffany is driven and will accomplish anything she puts her mind to,” Alison says. “She truly wants the best for people and to help them however she can, even if it’s not real estate related.  She loves being the “go-to” for her clients, from restaurant recommendations to fun things to do in the community. They trust her because she takes the time to really care for all of their needs.”

Previously, Tiffany worked as a program coordinator and business administrator for private schools. She taught a freshman experience course at the university level.

“I’ve always been passionate about helping people and making a difference in people’s lives,” she says. “It’s rewarding to assist people with homeownership and building generational wealth. For most people, that is the American dream.”

We know Tiffany has big plans on the horizon. She’ll approach those with a passion for success and for helping others.

“I will never give up on my passions or on anything I devote my time to,” she says. “I will continue as a businesswoman, trusted advisor and local real estate expert.”

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