November Partner Spotlight – NC FARM BUREAU INSURANCE GROUP
By Charlotte Top Producers |Nov 21, 2022

Meet Shannon Rodden

A Strong Team with Top-of-the-Line Service

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Since 1953, NC Farm Bureau Insurance Group has served the community with its insurance needs. Historically, this grassroots organization gave farmers a voice on agricultural issues. Today, it provides insurance for auto, home and life. 

Monica Burke is the agency manager at NC Farm Bureau Insurance in Matthews. She’s a third-generation Farm Bureau manager, following her father and grandfather. Burke has been an intern, associate, assistant and agent. She became agency manager in April 2021.

“I saw how passionate my family was about the business,” says Monica, a North Carolina State alumna and Winston-Salem native. “I saw them build meaningful relationships. Being here has been wonderful. This business is in my blood, and I’m jazzed up about it. I’m happy to work every day, and I’m very blessed.”

Burke is quick to bring up her team: Tim Fincher, George Payne, Lewis Ritter and Zack Souther. Together, they provide the kind of service that automated businesses can’t. They’re the Chick-fil-A of insurance.

“You get an agent who represents you and can answer your questions,” Monica says. “You have their cell number and email. Imagine contacting a utility company and having a direct line to one person. That’s what you have with us.”

George Payne has been with the agency for more than eight years. He appreciates the enthusiasm and professionalism Monica brings to the office. He says he’s learned a lot from her “about efficiency efforts, policy enhancements and opportunities,” he says. “And also about having a positive attitude more often. Farm Bureau really cares for their employees a lot.”

Lewis Ritter says working with NC Farm Bureau is special.

“It gives me the opportunity to work with folks in our community and build a relationship with them,” he says.

Zack Souther is a new addition to the team and has had “a blast” integrating, he says.

“It is clear they care about each other and work together,” he says. “People ask about family or what they did over the weekend and are genuinely interested. There is a lot of experience in the office, and everyone is always happy to lend a helping hand.”

It’s not an easy business to work in, but the challenges of it are also its rewards. 

Monica says her phone is on every day of the year to help clients. NC Farm Bureau Insurance’s motto is “helping you is what we do best.” And Monica takes that to heart.

“I’m treating them like I’d want my family treated,” she says. “When they call me, it’s because something is going on. When you get into insurance, you must know when you’re signing up for it. We’re the people that people call on the worst days. I’m their first call. It’s a huge responsibility.”

The industry, like most of society, is always changing. Not only from COVID-19 but today, the price of cars, rebuilding homes and insurance rates are rising. It takes more money to rebuild now.

Through it all, NC Farm Bureau Insurance’s focus is on people.

“We don’t look at people as transactions,” Monica states. “We must consider each individual as a person, with a family behind them. What matters most to them? Our job is to protect them in the best way they need. We strive to make it a great experience.”

Lewis Ritter has been with NC Farm Bureau for 28 years. He started working there out of college. Why did he stay so long?

“It’s because of the great relationships I’ve enjoyed with my clients and co-workers,” he says readily. “Farm Bureau is a great company to work for that provides a valuable service to policyholders.”

The Future: Personalized Service

Change comes fast. Businesses such as NC Farm Bureau Insurance must adapt. They’ve been in business for many years, not by ignoring change … but also by not wavering from their values.

“It’s a business, but it’s also a huge family,” Monica says. “We all have each other’s back. I’ve never experienced a culture like this.”

NC Farm Bureau Insurance is delivering on promises and forming strong relationships. That’s how the agency stays essential.

“I’ve made my best friends because of my career,” Monica shares. “They’re clients, coworkers and all people that I’ve met along the way. Many times, we get calls because this horrible thing happened. I can look it up and say, “You have coverage. We’ll take care of you.”

For more information, call 704-841-8700, visit or email Monica Burke at

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