May Rising Star – Zach Scarboro
By Charlotte Top Producers |May 7, 2022

Making an Impact in Charlotte’s Real Estate

Zach Scarboro of Costello REI

Written by Allison Parker

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

When I first spoke with Zach Scarboro, it was evident that he is doing what he loves – helping and serving others to make a change in their lives through real estate.
Zach is no stranger to helping people transform themselves and their lives. With a drive and passion for physical fitness, Zach has been instrumental in shaping the health of others through his personal training and coaching. We all know getting someone off the couch and working out can be quite the feat. With Zach‘s charisma and influence to get folks physically healthy, it’s no wonder that he was able to transition his inner talents organically to help folks be financially fit as well through real estate investments.
Zach explains, “After seeing parallels between personal training and real estate, I decided to pivot into an industry that I believed I could make a bigger impact on people’s lives. Real estate investing can change the course of someone’s life, family status, etc.”
A native of Charlotte, Zach was born and raised in Matthews, NC. Zach attended UNC Charlotte where he graduated with an exercise science major. While working in the fitness industry at Southend’s Orangetheory, Zach met A LOT of people whose lives were changed by their interactions.
He enjoyed the positive vibe of group coaching and classes.
“It’s the energy you get from a group setting, the relationships you build without specific intention. There are few things I can compare to it.”
Synergizing with others comes naturally to Zach. He took in great input from others as they worked out together. When COVID hit, Zach was not one to sit idle. With a good friend who shared a desire to keep active, Zach started an outdoor boot camp utilizing bodyweight workouts. He wanted to be part of a community in a time when many people were isolated behind masks and the 6-feet-apart designations. The open fresh air allowed for a safe community spirit.
Through his interactions, he reached out to a former mentor and friend, Casey Sherman. With his coaching finesse and entrepreneurial spirit, Zach and his friend Nicole worked with Casey to find a suitable space and start Fuel Bootcamp located off of South Mint Street. In his downtime, Zach enjoys coaching a few classes a week there with fellow clients and friends. That’s how Zach rolls – things organically flow together as they were meant to be. He also enjoys meeting friends out at coffee shops and enjoying a crisp microbrew at one of the local pubs.
Licensed in December of 2019, Zach entered the real estate industry right before COVID hit. Not missing a beat, Zach had customers through his sphere of coaching clients, peers from UNC Charlotte, as well as fellow SAE fraternity brothers. Folks will always need a place to live and a knowledgeable friend to help them through the process. Initially, Zach worked with Yancey Realty and then transitioned over to Costello REI. Zach’s first closing was a home through new construction – a seamless experience for both the buyer and Zach. Zach especially loves to work with first-time homebuyers. His confidence within the real estate market and his ability to communicate with his clients make him stand out. Simplifying the sometimes-overwhelming homebuying process is an asset to his customers. Zach’s customers know he is there for them each step of the way.
Being in real estate full time for two and a half years, Zach has grown his business each year. With a 2021 volume of 11.3 million, it’s no wonder that he was recognized as Costello REI’s Rising Star in 2021.
What’s the key to Zach’s success? He explains his mojo. “Connecting with as many people as possible through business and life outside the business. Along with helping buyers win big in multiple offer situations, and helping sellers realize the equity they’ve got in their home and how they can use it to make a change or improve their quality of life. I aim to give clients as much education as possible to ensure that all expectations are set, in order to maximize the likelihood of a successful transaction.”

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