Partner Profile – Matt Benton with Measure America
Partner Profile – Matt Benton with Measure America
By Charlotte Top Producers |Oct 8, 2020

Matt Benton is Charlottes’ Go-To for Precise Real Estate Measurements

Written by Nicole Langley
Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

After noticing that agents needed measuring done for houses, Matt Benton knew he stepped through a door of opportunity. At the time, no one really did measurements; agents were required to measure houses, and they usually did it themselves. After starting his business, Measure America, Matt worked hard to build his reputation in the Charlotte Market, and Measure America took off.

Measure America provides house measurements and floor plans for REALTORS®, as well as some photography. “We strive to provide professional and precise measurements of any real estate dwelling,” Matt notes. “Using both tape and laser measuring devices, we can ensure the utmost confidence in our results. We also use top of the line software to produce an attractive, easy to understand sketch of the property. We only hire people who are licensed, are appraisers, or both—so that we can offer credibility.”

Measure America offers two different types of sketches to REALTORS®. The standard type is more of a basic sketch but has all the information that is needed. With a premium type, there is a full-detailed floor plan; it allows a buyer to see where they would place the furniture.

Demand for house measurements has grown exponentially since Matt first opened Measure America in 2016. “When I first started, I thought it was a good week when we would measure six houses,” Matt says. “Now, we’re doing around 30 a day. We did over 5,000 houses last year, and are projected to reach a similar number this year. The growth has been crazy to see. It’s the same process, but there’s more competition and need for the business.”

One of the most fulfilling aspects of Matt’s job is having the opportunity to help a large majority of agents in the market while also owning a business. “It has always been my dream to own my own company,” he tells us. “Seeing my name in recommendations is really humbling and awesome to see. It means that we do good work and provide excellent service.”

Matt and his wife, Stefanie (who also does bookkeeping for Measure America), have two daughters—Harper (6) and Daelyn (4). As a family, they enjoy going to the beach, hanging out with their two Goldendoodles, Porter and Penny, and the kids like to dance and do gymnastics. Matt also loves to partake in Jiu Jitsu.

Matt believes that success is overall happiness and having a healthy work-life balance: “I get to provide for my family and help my employees provide for themselves and their families. What’s more rewarding than that?”

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