April Rising Star- Mason Cossette
By Charlotte Top Producers |Apr 8, 2020

Faith Driven Mason Cossette with Keller Williams brings his ‘A’ Game to Real Estate!

Written by: Allison Michaels Parker
Photography by: Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Mike Lange, a famous sports broadcaster, had a unique voice. ‘He shoots and scores!’ boomed over the PA anytime the Penguins made a goal and pops into memories anytime talking about hockey. The phrase resonated with me when I was hearing Mason’s ascent into real estate.

Originally born and raised in Austin, Texas, Mason had a love for playing ice hockey. Mason played in Junior hockey as well as Minor Pro leagues in the United States and Canada. He’s lived in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Montreal, Manitoba, and Ontario, Canada; in addition to Battle Creek, Michigan, Chicago, Knoxville, Alexandria Bay, and Raleigh before making the Queen City of Charlotte his home sweet home.

Hockey to real estate – you may wonder how…and why? After leaving hockey, Mason started work in the private sector in contracting, as he had always had a love for homes and construction.

Cossette recalls, “I actually took the Real Estate class for the first time back in 2013 when I was living in Raleigh, but I did not pass the class test. I met somebody in my class who offered me a job as a project supervisor for his residential contracting company. The job moved me to Charlotte, and I just fell in love with the city. I think working as a contractor for 6 years really helped me with my switch to Real Estate as I was in and around houses every day and learned how to educate buyers and sellers on the proper ways to maintain their homes.“

Mason reflects, “About 4 years ago, I really started to put God first in everything I did and focused on learning who Jesus Christ really was. I felt the Lord urge me towards Real Estate and I kind of rejected the idea of starting a new career. I was also afraid of failing the class again. In January of 2018, I finally made the decision to go get my license. God showed me a lot of favor through the whole process and was there through every step of the way. I passed all my tests and got my license in May of 2018.”

Mason is truly a model of the saying, ‘if at first, you don’t succeed, try again!’. With two years in the business at a volume of over $7 million in sales, Mason can attest to the fact that sticking to it pays off. Last year, he brought in $5.4 million in sales as a solo agent.

When chatting about how he jumped in at Keller Williams South Park, Mason is proud to call KW home. His efforts reaped success. Mason was nominated for the 2019 Rookie of the Year by The Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association.

He credits his training at Keller Williams, “My real estate coach was Tara Ganesh. Honestly, she has helped me more than anybody. I had a lot of questions and she was just patient and supported me through the whole way.”

A strong faith in God helped Mason through the initial struggles that all new agents face in the industry.

“In March of 2019, I had 3 transactions terminate in 2 weeks,” he tells us. I had bills piling up and taxes due, and I was really frustrated. This was the closest I came to quitting but I kept faith. Coach Tara told me to keep pushing and this was normal and happens to every good agent. I went on to sell 17 more houses after that experience to finish with a total of twenty for 2019.”

Mason loves to be in front of potential customers. He thrived on doing open houses (90!) in 2019, as well as old-fashioned person to person introductions. Mason went uptown at lunch and passed out his business cards (over 9,300 his first year) with a quick intro to people. His earnest tactics proved fruitful as he secured one of his first closings in this manner!

Mason’s faith inspires him to give back through his success to fellow humans.

Mason shares, “This past year I have really made it a priority to give back as much as I can financially. Not giving what’s left over after I pay all my bills, but giving him the first of everything I make. I think the most rewarding part is knowing that I am managing His money correctly and knowing that He will continue to bless me as long as I put Him first.”

Mason’s heart for philanthropy extends to support Rice N Beans. Rice N Beans is an organization that feeds the homeless Uptown on Tuesday and Wednesday nights (www.ricenbeans.org/what-we-do). As well, he joined this group to travel to Honduras to help build a kitchen for a school in need.

One of Mason’s favorite ministries is Faith Comes by Hearing. It’s a ministry that has an app called Bible.is – they have the Bible translated in over 1,300 languages in an audio version. “As you listen, it sounds like you are listening to a movie! I am an audio learner and I use this app when I read my Bible and it helps me stay focused and on track,” he says.

In his free time, Mason loves to spend time with his family and friends. His parents, Paul and Margaret, along with friend, Kalon, went to Israel in September. Mason and Kalon are planning another trip back to Israel, as well to further explore the Holy Land. Mason enjoys being ‘Uncle Mason’ to four nephews and one niece. His favorite activities include (go figure!) playing hockey a few times and week and unplugging from social media with a quick game of chess. Mason is also an avid member of Central Church of God.

Mason is not one to shy away from his fears. Whether it be a test or an activity, he goes for it at full speed. He reflects, “I am terrified of heights and I actually went skydiving once. It turned out the thing I was scared of the most became the most peaceful thing I have ever done.”

Whether hitting goals on the ice, placing customers in the home of their dreams or sharing his strong faith to help others, Mason is right on target following his love of Jesus in life’s journey.

To reach Mason Cossette, please contact him at (704)380-1345 or MasonCossette@kw.com

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