March Top Producer: Pam Temple – Living Out Her Mission
By Charlotte Top Producers |Mar 1, 2019

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Pamela Temple with The Temple Team and Keller Williams Realty became the broker/Realtor she is today because of a patio. Or rather, because the new home she bought with her husband in 1996 lacked a large patio area where their two boys could enjoy the outdoors.

“We were attracted to the property because of its sizable backyard; it had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it also had a slanted driveway,” explains Temple. “I kept staring at that driveway thinking the boys are going to kill themselves on it. To me, the solution was simple: convert the home’s small deck into a huge patio that would serve as a play area. But my husband told me we couldn’t afford it. I’ve always hated being told ‘no,’ so I thought about what else I could do – and then the thought hit me: real estate.”

Temple immediately contacted her father’s longtime friend/real estate agent and asked her what it took to be a successful Realtor in the Carolinas. Says Temple, “She laughed and said, ‘Pamela, I know you, and this profession will run your life. I can see it now, you’ll become addicted to helping people.’”

Over time, that prediction came true. Temple earned her real estate license in a month and completed her first sale, a $500,000 lakefront property, within the first 30 days of entering the industry. Closing that sale and seeing the look of joy on her buyers’ faces was all it took for Temple to realize that if you help people get what they want, you will always have more than enough. (Including a new patio!)

Temple went on to earn the 1999 Rookie of the Year Award and since that time has found great success in the industry, opening and managing six Keller Williams offices around the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas with her husband Kent, and fostering a family environment within the workplace that enables her Temple Team to thrive.

Temple feels that a key to her team’s success is the longevity of many of its principal associates, including 19-year team veteran Jenny Johnson, and agents Connie Hughes, Cheryl Mendenhall, and Kelly Smith, who collectively have more than 25 years with the team.

“Our team is the most important thing to us,” adds Temple. “Without them, we couldn’t succeed. We love them like family and are always checking in with them to make sure they have everything they need to reach their personal goals.”

Ensuring the success of the people around her — whether they are a team member or peer — is important to Temple. That may be why the majority of her time nowadays is spent educating, inspiring, and coaching others, along with Kent, as a master faculty member for Keller Williams International. In this role, she and Kent teach agents the four key models that will help them succeed in real estate at the highest level — economic, lead generation, budget, and organizational.

The classes are held at workshops and retreats across the country and show agents how to create exceptional customer experiences that make clients the focus of each transaction.

“Agents who understand that clients are the most important factor to any sale or purchase will go far,” says Temple. “Real estate is about creating relationships, which can only be accomplished through engagement and ensuring you’re providing clients with
the information they need to make the right decision for themselves and their families.”

For Temple, relationship building and interacting with people is her
favorite part of the job. As a result, she regularly hosts networking events throughout the Lake Norman area. These gatherings not only help her meet with local residents and business owners but also help her hear the community’s needs and how she can make the most impact.

“The greatest thing we can do as Realtors is to be significant to our clients whether that means helping a buyer purchase their dream home or facilitating the sale of a property for someone who is ready for the next chapter in their life,” she says. “Success as a Realtor should be measured by the degree to which we serve and inspire others, and help them achieve their real estate goals.”

However, continuously coming from a place of contribution extends beyond Temple’s business interactions. Each year the Temple family, including daughter Ashley and her husband Brian and daughter Carden, as well as sons KT, Hunter, and Freddy, listen to their local community and make a charitable donation to an organization or non-profit. Temple is currently working on establishing her own charity – The Giving Key – that will allow her and her family to help even more people in need.

“The Giving Key will serve as an outlet for our family to shine a light on the importance of charity and giving back to the community,” explains Temple. “While The Giving Key currently only exists as a philanthropic channel for our family to make a difference in the lives of others, we hope to make it an official 501 (c)(3) in 2019 which is exciting news to share.”

When not serving others as a Realtor, trainer, philanthropist, or mom, Temple has two passions: attending Carolina Panthers games or traveling with “The Great 8” — a special group of friends that come together multiple times a year to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or just to visit another part of the world.

Kicking back and relaxing during one of these vacations is a significant departure from the busy lifestyle Temple leads on a daily basis. Last year, The Temple Team sold 155 homes and closed more than $57 million in volume. As a result of the team’s success, Temple has added agents to Keller Williams’ offices in SouthPark, Asheville, Kernersville, and Charleston, S.C.; and she’s not stopping there. This year, she plans to add agents in additional markets.

“Our team gets it; real estate is hard work. It requires you to focus your mind on the activities you need to complete in order to meet your goals,” says Temple. “My husband and I always tell our team that they must be able to find joy from advancement – not necessarily from scoring a ‘win’ each and every day. If they can enjoy the journey of success that real estate provides, then they’ll find fulfillment – just like I did more than 20 years ago.”

To reach Pamela Temple with The Temple Team and Keller Williams Realty, please call 704.400.6701 or email

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