September Rising Star- Liza Caminiti
By Charlotte Top Producers |Sep 5, 2018

September Rising Star Liza Caminiti, Real Estate with Ivester Jackson Distinctive Properties!
Written by: Allison Parker

A single word cannot always sum up an individual, but it can set the stage for your expectations. “Exemplary” is undoubtedly the one word to begin a discussion about Liza Caminiti. It was the first word that Business Development Manager, Teri Habich Spears, used to describe Liza when I met her at the South Park office of Ivester Jackson Distinctive Properties. As a real estate agent with Ivester Jackson, an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, Liza stands out for her superior client focus and dedicated 24/7 approach to working with her clients.

A busy woman, Liza had just closed a 4-million-dollar listing in the luxurious Seven Eagles neighborhood in Charlotte on the morning of our afternoon meeting. She was quick to note: “Whether closing a 4-million-dollar home or a 200k home the superior customer focus and attention to detail is the same, as I give 150% to all of my customers.”

Right from the start, I could tell that Teri’s definition of Liza was on point and unparalleled. Managing Partner Reed Jackson is yet another zealous fan of Liza’s. It quickly became clear that Liza was a beacon of inspiration to all who encounter her in and out of the office.

Learning about Liza in our chat, I found that we share the common hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up in the area north of Pittsburgh, Liza had an interest in fashion and design, though she did not stay in Pittsburgh long after high school graduation. This ambitious young lady headed to San Diego, California to study interior design at Fashion Interior Design and Merchandising (FIDM). After graduation, the beach-loving professional headed to Miami, Florida to work in interior design.

When Liza’s sister moved to Charlotte into a 12,000 square foot home, it was no wonder that she called upon her exquisite sister to help her decorate and settle in. Loving the area and having family close by, Liza made a move to Charlotte from Miami. A loving mom to son, Julian, 11, Liza felt the family-minded atmosphere of Charlotte would be a great place to raise Julian. He currently attends Charlotte Christian School.

Liza’s entry into real estate was instinctive as interior design and staging are critical pieces to any realtor. Julian’s father was a real estate agent while in Miami, so Liza had the opportunity to learn the ropes through his business. She decided to jump in and get her license so she could move into this exciting arena. Her career began in new construction with Ryland Homes. Being active and seeking more opportunity, as well as the desire to be outside a model home environment, propelled Liza to move into residential real estate with HM properties, where she worked for two years. “I learned a lot, but it was not quite the right fit; I closed three deals in three years.” It is almost unbelievable to hear that, seeing Liza’s current success. She was then referred to try her hand at interior design again. Liza’s competitive spirit and drive led her heart to real estate and real estate only, at least for now.

Joining forces with Paracle Realty was an opportunity for more growth for Liza. Success came quickly and she began to see closings and gain momentum. She was appreciative of all the business that the Paracle owners gave her; however, she found herself a ‘one-woman show’ and needed a change to a group with more marketing support in-house. As a single mom, she was focused on doing what was best for herself and son Julian to make it a go in this challenging market.

As fate would have it, Liza met and was recruited by Teri Habich Spears at a Luxury Home Marketing Specialist course. In October of 2017, she was welcomed into the family of Ivester Jackson, and her energy and dedication produced results instantly! The synergy of finding your calling and place to shine is critical to any success. She describes the change to Ivester Jackson as a great move and loves the brand and marketing support framework within the company. When asked about her success, Liza explains, “My business is about lifelong relationships, not transactions. I’m 150% for my clients even as
a concierge for the process, always recommending babysitters, moving services, or anything needed to make the process easier for my clients.” Liza’s go-getter attitude and drive took her from starting out with three transactions to having a 17-21 million dollar pipeline. Even with her current success, she points out, “I’m down to earth. What you see is what you get.”

To new agents starting out, she offers this advice: “My phone doesn’t leave my hand. It’s about working hard, not re-inventing the wheel.” Regarding marketing, she adds: “I try to add creative, personal touches such as great wine, a harpist, etc. to make my open houses or broker lunches stand out from the rest.”

Personal contact is a big plus for Liza. “When I go to a listing appointment, I am very thorough and always provide my sellers with abundant information,” she explains. “When I book a viewing or get a viewing on my listings, I always call the agent immediately to build the relationship. The personal contact gives me a chance to team with the agent and opens the lines of communication.”

Liza’s giving heart extends into her personal life. She used to coach her son’s soccer team through CHAMPS at Calvary Church, and she is currently coaching basketball at Charlotte Christian. Her personal life seems to entwine with her work life: recently her coaching counterpart at Charlotte Christian, Matt De Boer, has joined her team at the firm. Matt compliments Liza well as he is strong in the numbers end of the business and can whip up a mean graph or two when working analytics with clients. Liza loves the team effort of meshing strengths and weaknesses to build a core foundation together.

Matt is equally energized to work with Liza and has nothing but praise for his real estate partner. “Liza is, by far, the hardest working real estate agent I have ever seen. Her determination, drive, perseverance, and tenacity are only eclipsed by her commitment and compassion for her clients. Being an annual top producer is numerical proof of her success, but her ever-growing list of clients who have become friends emphasizes the long-term impact she has on people. I had the pleasure of coaching basketball with Liza this past year for Charlotte Christian (Julian and my son Chandler are classmates/friends) and I can tell you there is not an aspect of her life that isn’t driven by passion – especially when it involves her son Julian. She is intense, competitive, and full of life. We all like to think we are good agents and then you run across someone like Liza and you realize you still have a lot to learn. I am fortunate that I am able to work with her on a daily basis and witness first-hand what it takes to be a top producing agent.”

Liza credits her boyfriend, Chip, for always giving her unconditional support through her career journey. “Chip was always telling me, ‘You have what it takes to succeed in this business,’ and he pushed me through any speed bumps. His experience as a commercial builder allows him to give great advice and encouragement.” Liza is happy that her move to Charlotte not only gave her the career of her dreams but her lifelong soul mate as well.

Exemplary. In personal and business, Liza Caminiti is indeed the epitome of the word! Her path will continue to grow and thrive in this ever-changing environment as she has the skills and natural ability to work hard and succeed in any endeavor.

Liza may be reached by phone at
704-526-6695 or 704-655-0586.
To learn more please visit…/424-a81693-me…/liza-caminiti

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