January Partner Profile- Lisa Shapiro with Fairway Mortgage
January Partner Profile- Lisa Shapiro with Fairway Mortgage
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jan 18, 2020


“Having a business in which you are admired and trusted, having family you love, and having a work-life balance, all of those define success for me” – Meet Lisa Marie Shapiro with the The Shapiro Team – Fairway of the Carolinas this month! She helps families find homes and financial freedom!

Written by: Eli J. Pacheco
Photography by: Kelly Klemmensen Photography

While working in sales and marketing at a local Sports Talk radio station, Lisa Marie Shapiro collaborated on an ad campaign that would change her game for good. “I’m a numbers girl. The calculating, and piecing parts together spoke to me,” Lisa Marie says. “I had also heard of nightmare mortgage stories and thought there had to be a better way.”

She’s now Senior Mortgage Planner for Fairway Independent Mortgage. They’re a national direct-mortgage lender with local roots – and offer mortgage planning and guidance for purchases and refinances for conventional, jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA and renovation loans. “Rates and programs really are as unique as your bloodwork, and everyone’s analysis is different,” Lisa Marie says. “I want each client to know that I will be here for them and will follow up with them for their mortgage needs as long as they need them.”

Lisa Marie brings 14 years of experience; 6 at Fairway. In 2019, she served more than 120 families and finished with more than $31 million in loan volume. Always a student of the industry, Lisa Marie believes business coaching has enhanced her professional and personal development.

Fairway hopes to help 180 families in 2020 find that first home or financial freedom through refinancing—especially veterans. Lisa Marie personally donates a portion of her income for every loan she does to Fairway’s own American Warrior initiative, which gives 100% of its funds to assist wounded veterans in many capacities. “VA loans are one of my specialties!” Lisa Marie says.

So, too, is taking as much stress out of the home-buying process as possible. Lisa Marie says she still sees hurdles such as high fees not initially disclosed, delayed closings, and lenders that don’t come through in the end. Fairway has been able to serve such clients. “Providing accurate information and communicating with all parties involved throughout the experience makes it much easier on everyone,” Lisa Marie says. “Knowing that I made things easier, faster, less expensive, and more joyful is my goal for every loan I do.”

Lisa Marie is skilled in renovation loans. “They can be used to upgrade or expand existing mortgages,” she says. “Not just FHA versions, but conventional renovation and VA renovation loans, too, to upgrade flooring, appliances, add a garage or roof, update an HVAC and more.”

Lisa gives the example of a $300,00 home you like, but which needs $100,000 of work to make it a home you’d love. You can put as little as 5% down on the total amount to get started. “It is much easier than you think!” Lisa says. “People are scared of what they don’t know about. I hope to change the perception of this. Especially with the demand in our area, this is a huge, untapped revenue stream that could help more buyers, and faster.”

Lisa Marie’s husband, Jonathan, is a REALTOR® with an extensive background in music. They met at a bar on St. Patrick’s Day, but someone forgot to return someone’s call. “Oops!” Lisa Marie says. Years later, they met again when Jonathan joined the same radio station group. “He called me out for never calling him back!” Lisa Marie says. Their daughter, Ava, will turn 8 in January. The family loves playing games (Jonathan and Ava have become backgammon and blackjack masters!) and are huge Marvel Comics movie fans. “Turns out Ava is good with numbers, too,” Lisa says. Just like mama.

Family life is important to Lisa and integral to what defines success to her. “Money is nice and satisfies a lot, but it is not everything,” Lisa says. “Having a business in which you are admired and trusted, having family you love, and having a work-life balance, all of those define success for me.”

NMLS #49612 If you would like to get in touch with Lisa Marie, you can reach her at (704) 458-9898, or via email lshapiro@fairwaymc.com

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