June Unconventional Agent- Lauren Greene
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jun 7, 2020

Lauren Greene, Spanish Bilingual NC/ SC Realtor Broker, Wilkinson ERA is Creating A Culture for Growth!

Written by: Eli J. Pacheco

A mom of four and champion of the Latin community, Lauren Greene finds beauty in balancing life.

You sense right away that Lauren Greene speaks your language.

It’s a relationship-building approach she’s adopted successfully in real estate. But it’s another linguistic twist, perhaps unexpectedly from the blonde-haired, blue-eyed REALTOR® helping you find your dream home—she speaks fluent Spanish!

Lauren, an agent with Wilkinson ERA Real Estate who is licensed in two states and fluent in two languages, serves in the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals and helps people discover El Sueno Americano in the Carolinas.

“A home is the largest investment you’ll make, but it’s also your home,” Lauren says. “I know the challenges (of the Hispanic community), and what homeownership can mean for them.”

Lauren also knows the area as a Rock Hill native who earned a degree in International Relations and Economics from the University of South Carolina. Lauren lived with a Peruvian family in Florida for five years (two years and then with students from Spain at USC for three years), an ideal environment for Spanish fluency.

Before becoming a REALTOR®, Lauren was a stay-at-home mom for 11 years to her three kids.

“It’s the perfect training ground for real estate,” she jokingly says. “You work 24/7, handling irrational requests and temper tantrums.”

When she and her ex-husband decided to separate, though, Lauren was left with a thin resume and what seemed like limited options. “What can I do that will allow me to make a decent living, quickly?” she asked.

“I like a lot of things about her,” says Juan Carlos Beltran, Lauren’s mentor and fellow NAHREP member. “She knows the ethics of real estate, and to never assume, always ask. She’s a communicative agent, and a lot of agents aren’t.”

John Fitzgerald is Lauren’s Broker-in-Charge at Wilkinson. Her professionalism and loyalty impressed him immediately.

“Lauren seeks to understand your circumstances, and the emotional connection to those circumstances,” John says. “Once she earns your trust, she conveys what you need to hear—as opposed to what you might think you want to hear.”

Lauren saw showhome doors close with the rest of the field as COVID-19 restrictions rocked reality. To an entrepreneur also stepping in to homeschool her kids, the challenge was real.

“When you say ‘I’m going to sell houses,’ you don’t conceptualize what it takes,” Lauren says. “You should have a Masters in marketing and the mind of a bookkeeper and CPA.”

That’s been Lauren’s continuing education. She sees opportunities for growth.

“It’s creating a relationship,” Lauren says. “I don’t care if a client isn’t interested until a year from now. Whenever they are, I’ll be ready.”

Soccer is life for Lauren, with hikes and trips to see her father on the coast mixed in. She’s got a great relationship with her children’s father—and is also his REALTOR®.

Camble, 13, is the leader of the pack, and “has a lot of his mom in him,” Lauren says. Magnolia, 11, is the little mama of the roost and wants to be just like her mom.

Landon, 9, is named after U.S. soccer star Landon Donovan (“he’s kind of cute”), Lauren remembers, and that kid who scores! Finley is 8, and he is the fearless, imaginative monkey of the bunch.

They live in a home Lauren recently bought in a community they love. She’s prepping for a post-COVID market by offering video previews of homes, virtual Open Houses, and considering ways to make buyers’ and sellers’ lives easier.

“When I started, I wondered how I would survive,” Lauren says. “I had no money, no career. I decided to show my kids it doesn’t matter what challenges you face or what your background is, no one can get you down if you put your head down and work hard.”

As parents who’ve been cooped up with kids know, it’s not easy. Lauren’s kids went from having a stay-at-home mom to someone who works a ton. But they find balance, together.

“I know in the long run,” she says, “they’ll understand I had to do this, and I wanted to do this, and our lives are better for it.”

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