September Agency Spotlight- Keller Williams Ballentyne
By Charlotte Top Producers |Sep 5, 2018

Check out our Inside look at agencies and teams, with September being Keller Williams Ballantyne Area-Charlotte, NC!
Writer: Eli J. Pacheco

The Keller Williams Ballantyne office sets a pace with ample learning opportunities – and a growth rate that’s never too big for remembering names.

When you work for a powerhouse, it’s easy to feel a bit invisible. To shuffle through the day in awe of how colossal your company is – and how little you might feel.

It’s a company’s culture, like the one that sustains the Keller Williams Ballantyne office, that can make all the difference in
whether or not an agent feels like they fit in.

Sarah Bastian is the marketing coordinator at this bright, fresh office. She’s been on the job for more than a year, bringing an effervescent presence, a smiling face, and a human-friendly atmosphere to an agency that serves south Charlotte as well as Lancaster and York counties in South Carolina.

Sarah also handles social media and coordinates in-house training, of which there is plenty. With its friendly, “agent-centric” community, and a company belief system which emphasizes integrity, communication, teamwork, and trust, it’s
no surprise that Keller Williams Ballantyne makes such a positive first impression.

“It’s totally the people,” says Sarah. “You get to know the people you work with. They’ll remember your name. From when I first started, people would say good morning to me and call me by my name. If you do something for them, they will say, ‘Thank you so much.’ And all of the agents get along so well.”

That welcoming environment starts at the top; in this case, with Chip Walton. Droves of people showed up to wish Chip a happy birthday recently at Blackfinn Ameripub. Sarah planned the celebration, which turned into another illustration of just how close-knit the office and its friends truly are. “Even if people could stay just five minutes, they would, just to come by and say hello,” Sarah says. “It’s a warm feeling, very welcoming. I’m happy to be around people like that.”

It’s not as easy as slaps on the back and smiles around every corner, though.

Keller Williams Ballantyne bustles with activity. As with any real estate office, there are deadlines and complications, backlogs and unexpected circumstances. Sarah found that the calendar system needed help when she arrived and made it her mission to better the process.

With so many agents sold on continuing education – and more importantly, plenty of agents happy to lend their expertise – training rooms book in a flash. Those learning opportunities are geared toward human resources, as well as new and seasoned agents.

And, when there’s a need, there’s likely someone willing to help. “If I’m stressed, there’s someone to go to,” Sarah says. “You can pop your head into any office. The agents are so open, and you get to know them easily. We interact in a lot of our trainings.”

Keller Williams Ballantyne recently added a training called the “Mega Agent Series,” where the office brings in outperforming agents in the Market Center to share insight on reaching goals and finding success. “It has been an extremely popular class that agents appreciate and benefit from,” says Sarah. “We have a lot of great people who work in this office who constantly lend their help, as well as advice. If an agent is struggling with something within their business or during a transaction, there is always someone right around the corner who is willing to help.”

Realtor David Scibor felt right away he’d joined an office with that rare air of energy. Scibor spent 12 years in the hotel business before becoming a realtor. He says he was drawn to Keller Williams Ballantyne because of that culture, and the influence of its senior leadership.

“They provide a second level of training you can’t find just anywhere,” David says. “There’s always someone you can consult with who has found that higher level and they’re willing to help you reach that, too. They’ve walked that road ahead of you, and they share so much direction and guidance.”

David sees a clear path to growth, with agents in all levels of selling: $1 million, $10 million, and more, even. “It gives you something to aim for, to rank among the highest in the office,” says David.

Renowned agent Dick Dillingham visited Keller Williams Ballantyne this summer. So many in the office took advantage of the opportunity, including Sarah, to attend Dick’s “Train the Presenter” course. “I have a pretty outgoing personality, but when I have to present I completely shut down,” Sarah says. “I did NOT want to take this course whatsoever, but after completing the course I learned SO much. Although I did not come out a professional presenter, I did, however, leave the
class knowing what it takes to become a great presenter and felt much more confident in myself.” That confidence can be applied in countless ways, for both new realtors in the field and seasoned realtors adjusting to new trends in the industry.

Keller Williams Ballantyne offers perks such as an on-site gym and a social committee that not only schedules get-togethers for fellowship but coordinates the office’s charitable works as well, through its public charity, KW Cares. “Many new agents have been raving about how fun those events have been and how they’ve helped them get to know the people of this office even more,” Sarah says.

“After a new agent works here for a couple of months and has made an effort to come into the office a good bit, they’ve gotten to know a lot of people. We try to keep a warm and welcoming environment in the office, helping one another, making small talk, and doing what we can to make new agents comfortable.”

To learn more about the Keller Williams Ballantyne office,  visit their website at  http://ballantyne.,  or contact them by phone at 704-887-6600.

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