June Rising Star – Roman Voronin 
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jun 10, 2022

A Real Estate Shark with a Charitable Heart

Roman Voronin of Keller Williams Ballantyne Area

Written by Allison Parker

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Keen entrepreneur. Creative businessman. Intelligent investor.
No dust settles under the feet of Roman Voronin. Whether you are looking to develop a property plan, buy and sell as a “flip” or buy and hold, Roman knows the cards to play to get the deal done with a profit for his clients!

With only a few years under his belt in the real estate arena, at age 25, Roman walks the walk of a seasoned professional. His astonishing career volume closing in at 40 million makes one stop and take notice. WHO is this talented young man?!
What’s the secret to Roman’s success? HARD WORK and TENACITY and NOT forgetting to give GLORY back to GOD.

Roman Voronin prides himself on being able to source out the resources needed to make any real estate transaction a lucrative reality. For clients in need of financing options, Voronin’s business acumen affords him many contacts in the mortgage and loan industry. If a standard loan doesn’t work, Roman has contacts for private/hard money lenders. His contacts care about the clients’ goals more than the client’s financial situation.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, when there’s a way.

Once clients have the necessary financing in place, Roman is able to guide them in the direction of making the property profitable. Does it need repairs or is it a remodel project? Is it a new build or a lot that needs clearing? Roman knows the construction contractors in the area who are able to offer the best options for quality work at a fair and equitable price. Roman is the man who can put all the cards in a row to make a great hand.

Roman’s one-stop approach to being the sole contact from start to finish for clients makes working with him reasonable and reassuring for his clients. He is the one who can answer the questions or fix any glitches along the way. At times, his investor clients only need to pop into Charlotte once to touch base on a fabulous project or property buy or sale.

Building his business from the ground up, Roman knows the value of superior customer service to his clients. Coming into the United States as a child, age 4, he and his family arrived in New York in 2001. After getting acclimated, the family of 13 (Roman has seven brothers and four sisters) moved and settled in Charlotte, NC. He has known the struggle of coming to a new country with nothing and making a successful business through hard work and pure adrenaline.

Initially, Roman owned his own business, a trucking agency. Roman sold the successful company at age 20. The Superior School of Real Estate was along his walking path when out with his young son. Inquisitive to what the school was all about, Roman ventured in and learned all about the path to real estate licensing. He left the Superior School of Real Estate with books in hand two months before the class began and was well prepared on day one. Roman was licensed in real estate in 2019, the same year of the birth of his first child, Abel, and his second year of being newly married.

Roman recalls starting out was not easy. Roman’s first deal came six months after he obtained his real estate license. The family had hunkered down with their finances to prepare for the uphill road.
“Joining an industry that I knew NOTHING about was definitely a challenge, starting from the simplest vocabulary words like ‘mortgage.’ I decided the only way I was going to take this seriously is if I burned my (other) ships. So, I quit my other business (trucking) and went full force into real estate. I forced myself into a survival mode, and we ended up doing 400% more business in my second year.”
Roman is also very passionate about remembering his roots in Ukraine. He is very active within his church community and places all the glory for his success within GOD. That being said, Roman is drawn to help those around him- especially those fleeing the crisis in Ukraine. He is currently helping those in need of housing as refugees by placing them in touch with investors who have rental properties that would serve as emergency housing.

When not working with clients or the community, Roman is focused on spending quality time with his wife, Mariam, and their two children, Abel and Estella. While Mariam is licensed as a REALTOR® as well, she is focusing on building the family on the home front but is able to help out Roman’s business as needed. The family loves to be outside playing with the kids on their four-wheelers, playing golf, and doing church activities.

Roman has accomplished A LOT — especially since is only 25 years old!
When asked what advice he would give other self-starters, he shares, “Find someone who knows what they are doing, and partner with them. It’s worth giving up 100 percent of your commission for the first year if it is going to keep you straight for the next 30 years of your life.”
Looking to the future and his driven work ethic, Roman defers to a quote from his oldest brother: “Be firm but fair, and strive for progress over perfection. Don’t get stuck on not taking the next step because you are afraid!”

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