June Agency Profile – Sassy Chicks Real Estate Group
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jun 9, 2022

The Real Estate Fairy

Fairy Boyce of Sassy Chicks Real Estate Group

Written by Heather Pluard.

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Fairytale endings aren’t just the stuff of storybooks, especially in Union County, where The Real Estate Fairy prides herself on helping clients find their “happily ever after” in real estate. Fairy Boyce, owner and broker-in-charge of Sassy Chicks Real Estate Group in Monroe, focuses on client outcomes. Doing so has earned her boutique firm its status as the beloved hometown brokerage.

“Sassy Chicks Real Estate Group is a friendly group of agents who enjoy spreading happiness and helping people with their real estate needs,” says Fairy Boyce. “We love Union County and our community, and we hope it shows. The Real Estate Fairy and The Fairy team are very active locally with contests and promotions. We do it because it’s fun and our way of giving back to our community. We have so many people here in Union County and the surrounding area that support us, and we are so thankful for them all. One such promotion is the “Catch Me if You Can” game on Facebook, where people who spot Fairy’s eye-catching SUV, The Fairy Mobile, can post pictures of it and tag #FairyBoyce for a chance to win a great prize. We love staying engaged with all of our followers!”

In one of her earliest real estate classes, the instructor asked Fairy why she wasn’t using her name to market herself. So, from that day forward, she put her name to work. Now licensed for over three decades, Fairy is widely recognized as a top-dollar negotiator with outstanding industry insight and impeccable communication skills. However, she’s also easygoing and likes to make real estate fun. Fairy loves making the real estate process easy and enjoyable for everyone, and she’s built a brokerage full of like-minded agents.

Ebullient and outgoing, Fairy Boyce lives up to her name, even though it wasn’t always the easiest moniker. “Fairy was a tough name to have growing up,” she says. “Everyone assumes my mom was a flower child, but she wasn’t. Fairy is a family name. My mom has joked with me that because she named me Fairy is why I have been successful, and I have to give it to her because it has worked out pretty well”.

Fairy has lived in North Carolina her entire life and has lived in Union County for over 40 years. She has an extensive background in radio broadcasting and even worked as a radio personality before finding her true calling in real estate. “I owned several rental properties at the time and fell in love with the industry,” she says. “While I enjoyed working in radio, it wasn’t nearly as rewarding as helping people achieve their dreams of owning a home. At Sassy Chicks Real Estate Group, we follow the Golden Rule and treat others the way we’d like to be treated, and I’m surrounded by wonderful agents who work hard and care about each other and our clients. We offer such a high level of service that most of our clients have become great friends. Our goal at Sassy Chicks is happy clients but also happy agents! That’s why we offer things to our agents that other brokerages do not, like Christmas bonuses, low commission splits, and exciting group activities and team building events such as our agent annual shopping spree.”

A lot of people want to live in Union County these days, and Sassy Chicks Real Estate Group is growing with the market. Fairy’s youngest daughter, Kelly Boyce, is the newest member of The Fairy Team, joining her older sister, Katie Gay. “Success isn’t just about money,” Fairy says. “It’s about finding happiness, spending time with the people you love, and being able to give back. That’s why we donate a portion of each commission earned to nonprofits. St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the Shriners Hospital, and Hometown Heroes are just a few that we enjoy supporting.”

Fairy is a true people person who strives to make others happy. “Opening Sassy Chicks Real Estate Group has been a dream come true,” she says. “We have the most amazing agents at Sassy Chicks who are licensed in NC/SC. Our agents work in Union County and the surrounding counties in North and South Carolina. Shout out to all of our agents, Katie Gay, Kelly Boyce, Angie Oberer, Danielle McKnight, Karen Lockman, and Michelle Orr! I love what we are doing in our community. We don’t just believe in fairytale endings. We make them come true!”

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