July Standout Agent – Roshan Bhula
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jul 5, 2022

Listen Before Taking Action

Roshan Bhula of EXP REALTY

Written by Heather Pluard

A whiz at analyzing systems and solving problems, former mechanical engineer Roshan Bhula is now one of Charlotte’s fastest Rising Star REALTORS®. Since shifting gears in 2020, he’s sold nearly $5 million in real estate despite being a part-time agent his first year. Roshan has also earned a reputation for being a trustworthy and dependable agent who gets great results!

“I love clean and honest dealings where all parties are happy,” Roshan says. “Since I had the opportunity to purchase my home and rental properties before obtaining my license, I knew I could share my insights and give my clients an elevated and memorable experience.”

A UNC-Charlotte graduate, Roshan started his real estate career as a provisional agent at a small local brokerage while working full-time for Snap One in product management. “I reached a point where I had to decide if I see myself working in real estate full time,” he says. “It was a tough decision since I loved what I was doing at Snap One. However, I understood in order to scale my business I needed to focus more time and energy into it.”

With 14 properties closed or under contract in his first year in the industry, Roshan started thinking about making that change. But, first, he asked himself a list of questions. Is working in real estate fun and rewarding? Is client feedback positive? Are the processes scalable? And, most importantly, is the quality of life enjoyable? The answer to all of his questions was a resounding yes.

“I decided to transition to EXP Realty as a full-time REALTOR® after countless discussions with my wife, Bhavina,” Roshan says. “She is a Pediatric Trauma Nurse at Levine Children’s Hospital and my superhero. Bhavina has always provided me with her endless support and candid advice. She was super excited for me to get started in real estate because she knew how much I would enjoy it.”

Today, Roshan is passionate about continuing to deliver beneficial results to each of his clients and ensuring their experience is not compromised. “Listening before taking action is the most important thing to me in my business,” Roshan says. “Time is always of the essence, and agents are problem solvers. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to listen closely and understand what clients are looking for, what sellers are looking for, and what other agents are advising you to do. I have found many mentors locally and via social media connections.”

Roshan’s top advice is to find a purpose in your work and design the lifestyle you want. “For an up-and-coming agent, I would recommend they find out who they want to serve, how they can provide value, and why someone should work with them,” he says. “Also, let people know what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to spend on marketing. And make friends with agents!”

The most significant difference between Roshan’s new and former career paths is his ability to own his time further. “I fit my goals into the following categories: fun, financial, family – not necessarily in that order because each hold equal value in their respective ways. Success is reaching a point where your lifestyle consists of meaningful work, experiences, and people that make you truly happy.”

Close friends, amazing clients, and Roshan’s family make him happy. “My family tries to spend time together as much as we can. We tend to be busybodies and love to travel. My wife and I are outdoors people, so we take advantage of any opportunity to hike or be by the water.”

Roshan is an active real estate investor in Charlotte who loves to analyze deals, crunch numbers, and work with other investors. Outside of real estate, he is a huge car enthusiast who enjoys going to local car shows. He also loves soccer and is part of an awesome co-ed team that has a good time playing together. It’s one of his favorite ways to break up a busy real estate week. In addition to being a former engineer, Roshan also used to be an amateur breakdancer. And he can still break it down here and there in the right setting!

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