July Rising Star – Megan Votruba
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jul 9, 2022

Entrepreneur. Risk Taker. Goal Driven.

Megan Votruba of eXp Realty

Written by Allison Parker

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Giving up is never an option for Megan Votruba. 

Megan Votruba is not afraid to try something new!
Diving into real estate from a safe career in healthcare and radiology, Megan was propelled internally by a drive to challenge herself beyond where she was comfortable. Not one to rest on her laurels or look back, Megan hit the ground running into real estate and made quite the mark.
Megan’s first year of work in 2019 garnered her a volume of just under 4 million. Aiming upwards, she set a goal to double her first-year volume in her second year and succeeded! She closed out her second year with just under 8 million ($7,585,675)!
Originally from Avon Lake, Ohio, Megan attended Florida State University where she studied Exercise Physiology. She followed at Keiser College in Tallahassee focusing on Radiologic Technology. She worked within radiology in cities such as Destin, Atlanta, and San Jose before landing in Charlotte. She even obtained her Registered Cardiac Invasive Specialist (RCIS) certification.
Megan always had an inking towards real estate. She explained, “Real estate is something that has sparked my curiosity since I was a child. I’ve always been so interested in the multiple avenues you can take in real estate. The possibilities are endless. I felt like I learned so much while working in hospitals, and I wanted to see what I was capable of if I tried something new.”
Since obtaining her license in 2019, Megan has always been an independent agent starting out at Keller Williams and then finding her place at eXp Realty in January of 2020. She has always had supporters and cheerleaders urging her onward. She credits her parents, Jim and Nancy Votruba, two of her biggest fans, for encouraging her to follow her dreams. Her mentor turned friend at eXp Realty, Robin Mann, has been quite the influence as well in her ascent into real estate. Megan loved how Robin always was there encouraging her and believing in her capabilities before she even knew them herself!
One of Megan’s biggest struggles was during her second year in 2021. Her two new German Shepherds, which were a birthday gift, developed health issues that rocked her even keel world.
She shared, “King and Stella were taken to the vet in May and my world literally felt like it stopped and fell apart in a day. They both had serious cardiac issues that needed to be addressed immediately. The months that followed were an emotional trainwreck. Countless sleepless nights staying up watching and counting their respirations and then diving right into ensuring my clients had the smoothest transactions and were happy and trying to build my business took a major toll. I cried a lot and I prayed even more. It’s really hard to describe that chapter in my life but I pushed on. I was scared, but I never gave up on them or my business.“
Today, Megan has two healthy puppies and a thriving real estate career. While the latter year was a tough struggle, she knew that giving up was NEVER an option.
Megan loves that real estate allowed her to be home with King and Stella to monitor recovery. A giving soul, she loves having time to devote to animal charities and the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s office as well. Still close to her parents, two brothers, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew, Megan loves visiting and traveling with them as much as possible. Games like LRC are popular with the family as well as checking out new eating spots as Megan is a self-proclaimed “foodie.”
Megan noted, “Having the choice to be your own boss and know that what you do directly affects your business and life and having to overcome obstacles has been a great gift in learning what I am truly capable of. My faith and persistence really paid off.”
Passionate about helping her clients and communicating effectively with them on the real estate journey, Megan is reaping the personal rewards of seeing smiles and happiness on the faces of her clients at the closing table. She prides herself on taking the stress off of her clients as much as she can.  
When asked about success, Megan is always pushing herself. 
“Success is constantly being able to evolve to keep finding the best version of ourselves. It truly entails so many things. Building relationships and keeping them. Learning to grow and face obstacles and fears head-on. Being 100% genuine and confident in your abilities. I think the definition of success is ever-evolving. If you asked me in my 20s or 30s what I thought the definition of success was, it has hugely changed in my 40s.”
Her parting words to new agents are sincere and on point.
“Be consistent, and be 100% genuine. Ricky Carruth always says to value relationships over transactions every time, and those are words that I live by. “

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