July Partner Profile – Brightway Insurance
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jul 4, 2021

Dimitri Apostle

Brightway Insurance

Written by Heather Pluard

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

As a former top US Olympic Development soccer player and with experience playing in Europe, Dimitri Apostle is thrilled to be a Community Captian for Charlotte FC, the city’s first professional soccer team. Dimitri knows the game inside and out, and, as the owner of Brightway Insurance, he knows what it takes to build a successful franchise from the ground up.

“When I moved to Charlotte from Michigan eight years ago, I started from scratch,” Dimitri says. “I attended Valparaiso University studying economics, and I had years of insurance experience from working with my father, but I didn’t know anybody here. It didn’t take long to grow my business, though, because I love building relationships. I like learning about people, who they are, and why they do what they do. The question I constantly ask myself is, ‘Am I actually helping people?’ Because if I am, that’s how I will achieve my goals. I want clients to say I’m the best agent they’ve ever had and they love me, or I haven’t done my job.”

Dimitri does his job exceptionally well. Today he’s the #1 Brightway agent in the country for total volume, and he’s served more than 5,600 families in North and South Carolina, most of which live in Charlotte. Known for being quick and efficient, Dimitri has built an incredible nine-person business team to help him provide clients white-glove service. Available 24/7, Dimitri and his team have the pricing, knowledge, experience, and expertise clients expect and deserve.

“I’m the guy who is known for getting a deal across the line no matter what,” Dimitri smiles. “Brightway Insurance works with 40 different companies, so we have access to more carriers than anyone, which gives our clients a lot more choices. I recently had someone ask for help because he was trying to buy a $1.4-million home, but he couldn’t get a reasonable quote due to his prior claims. I used my connections in the industry, worked through the issues, and found him an excellent policy to protect himself and his family. I love fitting pieces together like that, getting things done where others didn’t think there were any solutions. Helping people is what makes me happy to get up and go to work every morning.”

Dimitri also loves giving back to the community. Since moving to Charlotte in 2013, he’s donated Thanksgiving meals to Charlotte Rescue Mission, a faith-based organization. Last year alone, Dimitri was able to feed 2,000 people! “To whom much is given, much is required,” Dimitri says, quoting Luke 12:48. “I can’t exist, doing well for myself, and not doing something for people who need help.”

That’s the team spirit Charlotte FC was looking for when it selected 30 local Community Captains, and Dimitri was happy to join the effort. He’s working in the community now to promote Charlotte FC and get others as excited about it as he is. “I was an All-State soccer player in high school, where I still hold the record for being the leading scorer, played in the National Team Pool in the US, and played professionally in Greece for a short stint,” Dimitri says. “Then I got burned out and didn’t touch a soccer ball until I moved to Charlotte and started playing on a recreational men’s league. I’ve coached soccer at almost every level, and I love watching my sons, Peter (15) and Chase (11), play. COVID delayed the launch of Charlotte FC, but they are all set for 2022, and my wife, Aubrey, and I are already season ticket holders. We were some of the first fans to stand on Pitch Field, and we can’t wait to attend their games!”

If you would like to get in touch with Dimitri and the Brightway Insurance Team, please call 704.218.600, email dimitri.apostle@brightway.com, or visit online brightway.com/agencies/NC/Charlotte/0140?leadSourceId=2.

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