July Rising Star- Jonathan Patterson
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jul 2, 2018


Rising Star Jonathan Patterson brings a wealth of knowledge to his career in real estate. As part of Costello Real Estate & Investments, Jonathan, a.k.a. “Jon” or “JP,” brings strong financial acumen and industry experience to work each day. Catching up with Jon was an excellent opportunity to discover his inspiration behind his career in real estate.

Written by: Allison Parker

Jon has a solid background in finance and construction. A Charlotte native and Sun Valley High School graduate, Jon attended college a Appalachian State University. After graduation, Jon gained experience with various firms in the finance industry. He’s worked for Bank of America Investment Services as well as LPL Financial in Fort Mill, SC. Jon spent over six years at LPL as a compliance officer, supervising and advising financial counselors on Series 7 guidelines.

Jon’s financial wisdom drew interest from a childhood friend who was starting a home contracting company. His friend’s attention, as well as Jon’s desire to leave the travel involved in his job at LPL, led to a career change to Haston General Contractors. Jon joined the team as a project manager to learn the business of home building and remodeling. He quickly moved into the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Haston General Contractors.

The career shift to Haston fit well with Jon’s personality and background. His keen eye for managing numbers made him a success. He was named “CFO of the Year” for his diligent work by Charlotte Business Journal in 2017.

With his interest and knowledge of home building and remodeling, Jon’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive led him to the world of real estate, working full time at Haston while obtaining the necessary credentials to become a real estate agent. He worked steady part-time in real estate for two-and-a-half years.

When asked about making the leap of faith from a steady salaried job, Jon shares: “There will always be a period of transition. I’d always encourage following your dreams than sticking with the status quo.” Jon enjoys the flexibility of real estate as well. Commuting from his home at Lake Norman, Jon can manage his schedule around his clients’ needs as well as
his family schedule.

A personal reason for which real estate is a perfect fit for Jon is his family-focused values. While helping others find the home of their dreams and make the most significant purchase of their lives, he can find a healthy work/family balance. JP shares from the heart when he explains the drive that moved him into real estate: “Some people ask me why I got into real estate. At first, my answer was that I love to walk through homes and see how people live. Then my answer progressed into a lifestyle change: I wanted to eliminate my stress of commuting every morning and stop working long hours to hope that one day I’ll be a blip on the corporate radar. But none of these was the real answer.”

After reflecting on a challenging family experience, Jon explains his desire to merge his career aspirations with a healthy family balance. “Five years ago my wife’s brother, at the age of 30, committed suicide. He was handsome, funny, and smart. He got his doctorate from Penn State, and found a great job making great money. He had a loving and supporting family, a great network of friends, basically what seemed like anything and everything you could ask for. And then we got the call that he was gone.

“Five years has passed since this tragic event, and we barely, if ever, discuss it. That was until my wife, Sarah, won North Learning Community Teacher of the Year. Over the course of the last few days, she and eight other community winners have had to interview with reporters and newspapers, appear on television, give speeches, etc., all in hopes of becoming CMS Teacher of the Year. After five years of silence, Sarah has found the courage to talk about her brother, Greg. She has found strength in believing that this platform that has been so wonderfully earned by her, is her place to speak about depression and mental illness. She wants to make the world a better place, one student at a time.”

Jon’s wife is an inspiration to him. “From her courage and strength is where I have found my purpose. I have finally realized WHY I got into real estate. Aside from trying to be the best damn real estate agent out there, I got into real estate to surround myself with people that bring me joy. I want more time with my family, more time meeting new friends, and more time building relationships that really matter. Life is too short and too precious to waste time doing what you don’t love. I want to share my life and expertise with you, one smile at a time.”

Looking to his future in real estate, Jon was crystal clear on his goal. He is set to “take the lake.” With a focus on the Lake Norman area, he works on a ‘sphere of influence’ plan, using all channels including online advertising and personal references. No matter where the lead comes from, Jon is quick to point out that he will work earnestly to find them their new home or help sell their existing home. His long-term goal to capture a space at Lake Norman for a future office will no doubt become a reality.

When not in the field working with clients, Jon enjoys spending time with his family. Jon and his lovely wife, Sarah, have two beautiful daughters. Anna is 4 years old, and Molly is 2 years old. The family enjoys spending time at Lake Norman’s Jetton Park as well as Bailey Park. The family loves being on the water at Lake Norman and can be found boating and soaking up the sun – picnicking is a plus as well!

From finance to homebuilding to helping clients make the biggest purchase of their lives, Jonathan Patterson is sure to make quick strides up the ladder of success. He has an innate ability to hit the ground running and absorb the knowledge along the way as he moves forward being a valued ambassador for all he encounters.

You may contact Jonathan Patterson by phone at
704-577-0594 or by email at jp@costellorei.com.

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