January Sponsor Spotlight- Brian McGinty
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jan 1, 2019




Check out our January Sponsor Spotlight Brian McGinty with Suntrust Mortgage!

Originally from Alexandria, VA, Brian has strong Irish roots nested in a large family environment. “My family loves to get together and enjoy a big family meal, whether it be at home or a restaurant,” says Brian.

Brian had the opportunity to see the world with his family as his father was in the FBI when he was younger. Together, they were able to travel the globe and plant their feet on each continent. Having made a home in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Argentina, Brian understands moves and relocations well. He has a special place in his heart for helping folks looking to secure a loan to make their own home and family roots.

Brian attended college at Virginia Tech and followed his interest in the mortgage industry while a student. “I took a real estate finance class in college and became interested in the mortgage industry as a whole. When I was job searching before graduation, I found this job through our portal with Virginia Tech, and was really interested in how they had a training program for six months, which would give me the opportunity to learn the foundation of my career.”

He further explains: “After I graduated in 2015, I moved to Richmond for the training program for six months. Once I got to Charlotte to start producing, I learned so much that a training program can’t teach. There are some things you can only learn by being out there and getting your feet wet. I credit my team and managers for really helping me get to where I am now.”

Brian enjoys the versatility of working with SunTrust as it provides all kinds of services, from banking needs to mortgage loans. They have a significant presence in the Southeast, but Brian can originate loans across the country. “We have a large bank presence with a small bank feel,” he says, proudly.

Sharing the advantages of working with himself and SunTrust, Brian highlights positive attributes that he can provide. “SunTrust has some of the most competitive loans for doctors, medical professionals, and jumbo loans. As well, we retain the servicing rights to our loans so clients will always make payments to SunTrust. This helps in post-closing so the clients can call me directly for any questions regarding their loan. I am always available during weekends or holidays if a client or referral partner needs something in a crunch or done quick.”

He loves to have open communication with his clients. “The basic principles that drive my business are transparency and setting the right expectation. I would love to tell people that we can do every loan but that does not work in this industry. You have to be transparent with the clients and let them know if there is an issue, and you have to let them know what your plan is to get it corrected and keep the loan moving forward to closing.”

Having become a Charlottean as a transplant, Brian understands the concept of being new to the Queen City. He is happy to be a resource to newcomers as he was once in their shoes coming to Charlotte from Richmond with SunTrust. Also, having moved extensively as a youth, he has had to learn to adapt and work within many different environments successfully. “I know how hard it is to move to a new city, and it’s good to have a resource such as a realtor or loan officer to ask questions about the city and different areas/neighborhoods.”

When asked about what he finds most rewarding about his career, Brian explains, “Just being able to help people. It doesn’t matter what that entails. Whether it’s closing on a purchase or refinance, or just helping a client with questions about their escrows, being a resource for someone to try and ease their stress of homeownership is most rewarding for me.” Being in a city and industry that is growing at such a quick rate, it’s an exciting and competitive time. Brian is happy to work for a company such as SunTrust that will continue to evolve to keep pace with market trends.

Keeping balance in his life, Brian always likes to stay active in and out of work. A swimmer since early childhood, he enjoys the sport as an outlet for any stress and a time to refocus on his goals. Taking time to keep up with his favorite football teams (college: Virginia Tech, NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers) is also a favorite activity. With Blacksburg, VA, just a short drive up Interstate 77, Brian looks forward to catching a Virginia Tech football or basketball game. He loves that his extended family (mainly from Pittsburgh) have relocated to the Charlotte area so they all can enjoy the games together.

Travel is a big part of Brian’s life as well. He and his father have had many exciting adventures together: The duo traveled to Africa for a safari as well as participated in a shark cage dive while in South Africa. There is no telling where his next adventure will take him! No doubt he will meet interesting people and bring back amazing tales to share with new clients. Brian’s ability to tackle new challenges is evident in his zest for exploring the globe like he’s in his own backyard. “Work hard, play hard” is a key attribute to Brian’s success in personal as well as work challenges.

What defines success for Brian? “Success is being able to take a client from start to close with the least amount of stress possible. Success is getting to the closing table, and seeing the clients happy and excited to move into their new home, or save money due to a refinance.”

To reach Brian McGinty, please
contact him at (Mobile): 571-245-3833
or brian.mcginty@suntrust.com.


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