January Rising Star- Keith Sandman
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jan 1, 2019




On the Move with January Rising Star Keith Sandman with The Sandman Group – Costello REI!

Keith Sandman is one driven individual. As a partner and owner with Costello REI, Keith has experienced tremendous growth in his career as a real estate agent within the past three years. From his first closings to the opportunity to be a leader within his own office, Keith is an example of hard work and dedication to his craft.

Originally from Naples, FL, Keith moved to Charlotte in 2006. He attended college at the University of Florida and is a true Gators fan! He also has a twin brother who works in Washington, D.C., at the White House. Keith chose Charlotte as his home city as he was looking for a place that had four seasons and a penchant for quality family life. With its family-oriented focus and Southern charm, Charlotte was the perfect spot for Keith.

With a keen mind for finances, Keith quickly found a home within the banking industry of Charlotte. Working within the large syndicated banking division of Bank of America, Keith managed large amounts of funding for the business sectors. It was his wife, Caroline, who saw his potential for real estate and encouraged him to make the leap into a new career.

Keith’s initial jaunt into real estate was with Paracle (Better Homes and Garden). Within his first six months, he had made $70,000, and his momentum has not changed as he moves onwards and upwards. He credits his initial success to his work habits. “Working for a corporate environment allowed me to have a focused, attentive attitude to my career. Showing up every day and putting in the effort to answer the phone, and sometimes working 20-hour days or whatever was needed to make things happen, was not uncommon for me. Success came from being responsive, having a sense of urgency, and being grateful.”

For Keith, one of his most important attributes is graciousness on his part to his customers for allowing him to assist with the most important purchases of their lives. Being there for clients, especially at the closing process, was a pivotal point to show his appreciation up until and after the deal is closed. “Real estate is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but it is also the most rewarding.” Keith has had the
opportunity to help people struggling to get rid of property that had become a liability as well as help people find real estate to fulfill a need in their current situation. He is passionate about being there as a resource to everyone he meets.

Meeting up with John Costello was through word of mouth. Word travels fast about folks in the field making a name for themselves, and Keith’s success was no secret. A friend who worked with John encouraged Keith to meet with him and learn more about his brokerage.

Meeting John, Keith found him a refreshing, sincere individual. After negotiating for about seven to eight months, Keith was ready to team up with John over at Costello Real Estate & Investments.

“Costello REI has a different perspective on how they relate to their agents. John and Natalie put their agents first. They go above and beyond to be responsible for making a productive environment for everyone on their team. They focus on building relationships and working hard but having fun along the way. They make it feel like family.”

As owner/partner of the new Costello REI Fort Mill office, Keith is excited to continue this tradition of growth and relationship-based business. He looks forward to being involved in the community and is excited to be able to give back to the causes he holds close to his heart. He enjoys working with local charities such as “Pierce’s Project,” which helps supports families with premature babies. Keith enjoys that his love for microbrews can be shared and help others as well. When asked about his thoughts on success, Keith notes, “Success is a reward as it allows me to give back.”

Keith jokes when asked about branding himself. “People generally remember me as ‘that guy who loves to help babies, sell real estate, and drink great beers.’” This ties into his giving nature as three ways he tries to lift others are to work as a team, strive to be successful, and help charities. All of Keith’s actions on a daily basis run full circle to create his recipe for success.

When not out and about in the community, Keith enjoys spending time with his wife, Caroline, and family. Keith and Caroline have three children: Jackson, 15 (stepson), and twin daughters, Avery and Harper, 4 1/2. Jackson is a starting point guard at Fort Mill High School’s basketball team, and the twins enjoy dance classes. With a brother working at the White House, Keith was able to attend a private tour of Air Force One the last time that President Trump was in Charlotte.

When it comes to vacations and kicking back, the Sandmans have a tradition of going to the beach with 10 families every two years for a week. The group is comprised of Caroline’s sorority sisters from Winthrop and their families. This past vacation with the group took them all to Murrell’s Inlet. Keith enjoys the group dynamic, and the week is festive with each family taking on a themed dinner night as well as girls’ day out and guys’ day out. They even hire a babysitter so that the adults can have a date night. Such a great way to enjoy the summer!

Whether winning for clients at the closing table, helping premature babies, or exploring new microbreweries, Keith is always on the move to be his very best. With a new office opening, there is a forward momentum building that will indeed lead onward to even more exciting paths.

To reach Keith Sandman, please
call him at (704) 280-9070 or email

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