February Rising Star- Jake Meinberg
By Charlotte Top Producers |Feb 20, 2020

Read about how Jake Meinberg Broker/Realtor is Breaking the Mold, and his Ascent Into Real Estate with Costello Real Estate & Investments in this months issue!

Written by: Allison Michaels Parker
Photography by: Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Jake Meinberg is not your average guy with an average path. He is a trailblazer on a mission of success. Following his instincts, Jake has set ablaze his sales career with a 2019 volume of $13 million. Career volume as of 01/01/20 for his three years in the industry is $24 million. Nothing to shake a stick at!

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Jake was a student at Ohio State University when his path started moving in a different direction from most college students. He felt the itch to take the bull by the horns and start his career a bit early. Leaving school after his third year at OSU, Jake left the Buckeye state to head to the Queen City of Charlotte. He had a loosely lined up job with a company he had worked for during a summer internship. Talk about confidence and risk-taking!

“I packed up all my belongings in my Honda Accord and stayed at an Extended Stay for a week until I found a place,” Jake recalls.

The gamble proved fruitful as Jake worked with the company for two as a canvassing manager. His stellar people skills and finesse moved him to a position with Hearst Media in corporate sales. Always moving upwards, Jake felt a hankering for more within his career⁠—a desire to become an investor and flip houses.

Keeping his day job with Hearst, Jake found a way into real estate part-time as a marketing coordinator with Marissa Boyle.

“It was an amazing experience to pick her (Marissa’s) brain and get some experience on the investment side of real estate,” he says. “She was building a ‘fix and flip’ model, and that’s what initially attracted me with getting into the business. Her coaching and mentoring definitely propelled me to jump into real estate back then and shaped me to where I am today.”

Jake first hung his license in 2017 with Keller Williams South Park-The Redbud Group. Working within the team environment as a new agent, he was able to obtain experience as a buyer’s agent and close large amounts of transactions in a short period of time.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Jake was driven to work as a solo agent and crossed over to Costello Real Estate and Investments. He explains, “It was a better opportunity for me as I’m more of a self-starter and work better independently. I’m focused on working with builders and investors, specifically Hallmark Building, a local custom builder in Charlotte. I truly enjoy the building process, seeing a project from start to finish and helping find a new homeowner (for the property).”

Jake has built a solid relationship with John GALARDE, owner of Hallmark Building, who he met through Marissa Boyle initially. Jake’s interest in the building side of the business makes the relationship a natural progression within his growth path.

Jake’s relationship-building skills and networking place him head and shoulders above his competition as his interest in helping others through his work is genuine. “I’m passionate about helping people build a better future and to help people realize their true potential,” he says. “Being an investor myself offers a unique perspective to clients and guides their decision-making when they’re investing their hard-earned money.”

Eventually, Jake would like to start his own company focused on investment properties. His goal is to find income-producing properties and to flip properties on the side. He enjoys that his solo venture with Costello REI is his own small business.

“As REALTORS®, we are essentially small business owners,” Jake explains. “Building this (business) has been rewarding. Setting goals for myself and crushing them is what gets me out of bed in the morning. For example, for 2019 my goal was $10 million and 40 transactions. I will do well over that this year.”

True to his words, at the time of print, Jake was at $13 million for the 2019 year in sales. Talk about crushing it!

When not rocking it in real estate, Jake can be found working out and staying fit, golfing, traveling and hanging out with girlfriend, Mackenzie. He enjoys quiet time watching pro football on Sundays which may be the only ‘average joe’ activity for Jake within his go-go-go lifestyle.

When asked to define success, Jake was laser-focused in his answer-
“Being a top producer has always been a goal of mine. Success is a process. I’m a big believer in constant and never-ending improvement. I don’t think of it as a destination, but a journey. Realizing one’s own maximum potential or highest form of themselves, I think, would be a good definition of success.”

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