November Sponsor Spotlight- Deanna Bryant & Suzanne Britt with Home Warranty Of America
November Sponsor Spotlight- Deanna Bryant & Suzanne Britt with Home Warranty Of America
By Charlotte Top Producers |Nov 1, 2018

November Sponsor Spotlight!

Check out Deanna Honaker and Suzanne Britt with Home Warranty of America, Inc.! This Dynamic duo is full of fun and personality!

“Dynamic duo” and “Batman and Robin” are just a few descriptions that Home Warranty of America’s Regional Sales Manager, Al Perhacs, uses when referring to his Charlotte-area account executives Deanna Honaker and Suzie Britt. Just like Batman and Robin are key to Gotham City, Deanna and Suzie are key players in the home warranty market in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. The team is pivotal to helping homeowners in the Charlotte area prepare for the unexpected. Covering all the necessities from appliances to systems, HWA Home Warranty of America (HWA) provides 13-month home warranties to buyers, sellers, or existing homeowners.

Although they are on the move 24/7 assisting realtors and residential homeowners, I was able to snag some time with Deanna and Suzie to delve into what makes them so amazing at what they do as well as how they developed such a great dynamic.

The teamwork between the ladies starts with a dedication to customer service and their clients. For example, most folks have an alarm clock, but Deanna has a 5:00 a.m. phone alarm chime as well.
The chime is not a current tune or buzzing clock; it’s a text notification of which HWA claims have been resolved. Starting her day off with positive news, Deanna has her plan for follow up with her real estate agents and customers. It is important to her to see things through to completion, or as she says, “I like to see things done.”

This go-getter attitude is shared with her partner, Suzie Britt. They both start their days with a customer focus and drive to “bring it” with their best efforts. The two have a phenomenal working relationship that spans almost a decade. They met while working for a reverse-mortgage company, and Deanna recalls being drawn into the industry from her love of assisting others. “My passion has always been healthcare and helping people. I was going to school for nursing, but as a single parent decided it was not the right path for me. I was in the mortgage industry (reverse mortgages lastly) for
15 years, and with recent changes decided to make another change, and found HWA. It seemed at the time like a perfect fit.”

Combined, Deanna and Suzie have spent almost 20 years in the mortgage and real estate fields – hence they understand the financing side of homeownership well. Looking to make a shift in their careers, they found the opportunity with Home Warranty of
America. Deanna just celebrated her one-year anniversary, and Suzie is coming up on her one year anniversary in December.

Although new to HWA, they are no strangers to the financial responsibility of owning a home. Their mortgage background has made them knowledgeable about the real estate market and the importance of home upkeep. Their experience makes featuring a
home warranty product so rewarding to them both.

Deanna and Suzie love being a resource to clients. Deanna shares:
“Home warranties are to help offset costs for homeowners. There is a lot of misunderstanding of what a warranty covers. A typical warranty covers PEACH (Plumbing, Electrical, Appliances, Cooling, and Heating). I am here to help educate homeowners and agents on what their warranty covers. If there is a question or concern, I want to help assist in getting the homeowner taken care of.”

Taking care of the homeowners is a goal of the company as well. Home Warranty of America has features that separate them from the pack. Deanna is proud of the differentiation in their product offering. “Our motto is ‘We’ve Got You Covered.’ We are the original 13-month warranty, and we have an unfair advantage with our warranty plan, which boasts free seller’s coverage, no cap on refrigerant, the rekey service, and our concierge team, which is a special 1-800 number directly to a claims supervisor just for agents.”

Working with realtors, sharing knowledge of how a home warranty works is critical. Home warranties are for offsetting costs for repairs. There may be still some out-of-pocket costs for the homeowner, but there is value in a home warranty that can help solve problems for both homeowners and realtors.

Both Suzie and Deanna share a goal of working with realtors to infuse quality offerings to their mutual customers. “We love helping people!” says Suzie. “We get to make friends every day. Every morning we see what claims we have paid out. We love seeing the amounts and sharing those with the realtors, and knowing that we’ve helped their clients.” It’s open communication and follow-through that sets the “dynamic duo” apart from their counterparts. Every day, Suzie and Deanna bring their personal best to be a part of the real estate team for their clients.

When asked about the most rewarding part of working with HWA and with each other, Suzie explained: “The best part of working with Deanna is that we have a friendship from working together in the mortgage industry and it helps us to communicate and share our experiences. The best part of working with HWA is the relationship building. I have always been a ‘people person’ and love to help. HWA has the same passion for people as I do with a strong community and support system.”

In their free time, the ladies enjoy spending time with their families. Suzie has family in Oregon and enjoys traveling to see them. Deanna is a Charlotte native. She has a daughter in Alabama, Lanie, 28. Her son, Bert, 25, lives in Charlotte. At home with her, Allie, 14, is her baby.

Suzie enjoys refurbishing furniture and has an antique shop in Gastonia as well as several pets. Deanna enjoys bowling and is active on a league. She also loves fishing and traveling in the local
North Carolina area.

Together, these fabulous ladies are making an impact with their dedicated customer service efforts and industry knowledge.

For more information, please contact Deanna Honaker by
phone at 704-763-8850 or by email at

You may also contact Suzie Britt by phone at 704-692-6647 or by email at

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