October On The Job- HWA
By Charlotte Top Producers |Oct 25, 2019

There’s no such thing as a regular day for Home Warranty of America, Inc.‘s Deanna Bryant and Suzanne Britt. But there are two special themes that anchor each of their days – synergy and world-class customer service.

Written by: Allison Michaels Parker

No two days are the same for Deanna Bryant and Suzie Britt, Account Executives with Home Warranty of America (HWA).

Deanna and Suzie are key players in the home warranty market in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Over the last year-and-a-half, the ladies have worked tirelessly creating positive brand recognition for their company as well as themselves. Providing coverage on home necessities from appliances to operating systems, HWA provides 13-month home warranty to buyers, and no obligation seller’s coverage.

Sharing the benefits of partnering with HWA is a focal point in each of the ladies’ day. Deanna and Suzie are on the move 24/7 assisting REALTORS® and residential homeowners. Through their combined 20+ years of experience, they know education is key to making their customers and partners happy.

I had a moment to chat with Suzie as her day began. She and I talked about her next appointment with Joy Farley, a licensed REALTOR® who is in the process of starting her own company. Always ready to help, Suzie shares, “I’m meeting with Joy to talk about her goals and how we can work with her to help accomplish them, as well as to support her customers.”

Education plays a major role in the duo’s daily momentum. Suzie is zealous in sharing, “I love meeting with clients and REALTOR® partners to help them understand what a home warranty is, and how it can best be utilized with clients old and new.” They educate through training meetings, lunch and-learns, and even via phone consultations.

So, what are the latest and greatest educational tidbits to learn about HWA? Suzie explains, “HWA offers home warranties on new construction, meaning they will kick in after the home builder’s warranty service expires. This winds up being a ‘two for one’ deal; the client will receive two years of coverage for the price of one!” What a neat feature to hear about, especially with all of the new construction within the Charlotte market.

Another great educational update is HWA’s addition of a Concierge Service within their call center. Deanna and Suzie never want anyone to have to wait to talk to someone or be contacted about a resolution. The Concierge Service provides an additional option for situations if both ladies are with clients or partners, and a dire situation arises. In these events, the Concierge will assist with the issue. Deanna and Suzie will then be able to follow up on the issue and close the loop. It’s another superb feature that the duo can offer partners of HWA.

Home Warranty works as a significant educational resource for clients. Deanna shares, “Home warranties are to help offset costs for homeowners. There is a lot of misunderstanding of what a warranty covers. A typical warranty covers what is known as PEACH (Plumbing, Electrical, Appliances, Cooling, and Heating). I am here to help educate homeowners and agents on what their warranty covers. If there is a question or concern, I want to assist in getting the homeowner taken care of.”

No day is a regular day for Deanna or Suzie at HWA. However, one thing is consistent: their terrific synergy and customer service. It’s a given that every day these ladies will be educating consumers and REALTOR® partners on the fabulous benefits of a home warranty, and using their expertise to help existing customer maximize their benefits.

For more information, contact Deanna Bryant at 704-763-8850 or Deanna.honaker@hwahomewarranty.com. You may also contact Suzie Britt at 704- 692-6647 or Suzanne.britt@hwahome

warranty.com. To learn more, visit:

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