October Top Producer- Heather Mackey
By Charlotte Top Producers |Oct 21, 2019



“The think I enjoy most about my career is that no day is alike. There is always something going on that I jump in to help with. Whether [I’m] meeting with an appraiser, lender, inspector, or client, I’m on the move.”

This month’s top producer, Heather Mackey with Dickens Mitchener , slowed down for us this month to share her energy and grace with us. Turns out she brings both sunshine and sales to our Charlotte market, too.

Written by: Allison Parker
Photography by: Dani Nicole Photography

Our meeting was smack in the middle of a jam packed day for the busy woman and mom of three beautiful girls, right before she headed off to meet a client at Dilworth Construction in the South End. I quickly learned that there is always something bright and exciting going on in Heather’s world of real estate.

“The thing I enjoy most about my career is that no day is alike,” says Heather. “There is always something going on that I jump in to help with; whether meeting with appraiser, lender, inspector, or client, I’m on the move.”

With a background as a pharmaceutical rep, Heather was no stranger to the world of sales. Accustomed to the fast paced days, it was no one wonder that after a successful experience listing her own home in Florida she dived headfirst into real estate.

“I’m a very faith-based person and extremely self-motivated,” Heather explains. “I knew I wanted to make this career transition, and I was able to study for the real estate exam while my two oldest children were in pre-school.”

Starting in 2006, Heather worked with Marilyn Hartley, a boutique real estate firm. With Hartley, she found a mentor and a base to begin her successful ascend into real estate success. “My drive stems from being raised by parents with a strong work ethic and caring hearts,” Heather shares. “I put my heart to work for my clients. Relationships with my
clients mean the world to me. It’s essential to focus on your customers first and to work to make sure their best interests are taken care of always.”

Referrals are key to Heather’s sphere of influence. When she began back in 2006, social media was not yet a big
thing. It all went back to the basics of sales: reaching out personally and communicating with clients.

“I dug deep in my first years and worked, worked, worked! From postcards to open houses, I was always aiming to connect to people and help them in any way I could,” says Heather.

When the recession hit in 2012, Heather was forced to move to a larger firm to continue to grow in her career. Her spot at Dickens Mitchener organically emerged after she worked with a Dickens Mitchener agent on a transaction. The meeting was around the time the contract was changing with new due diligence requirements, and Heather knew after that transaction that Dickens Mitchener would be the perfect firm to call her home.

The move to Dickens Mitchener was a smart one, and Heather thrived in the family-like atmosphere of go-getter agents. She became the #1 agent at the firm in 2018, and her career grew from selling 5 million a year to over 30 million in a year in recent years.

Heather is continually striving to surpass her past goals. She works with Assistant Gin Gin Shaw, who is a blessing to her in these busy times with her business growing and thriving.

To this day, Heather credits her success to her customer-focused mantras. “I don’t stop; I carry my laptop everywhere. I make every attempt to be accessible for clients, even when traveling,” she shares.

Success to Heather is simple. “I’m happy when my clients are happy! My clients mean the world to me, and the relationship continues after the transaction is closed. I’ve even helped clients move furniture – it’s whatever works to help them at any particular time. I enjoy following up to see how they are enjoying their new home.”

Juggling an exciting career and being a mom of three beautiful daughters, Heather makes time to enjoy some downtime too. While she has a chalkboard to keep it all straight and on schedule, flexibility to spend time with her treasures is a high priority for this busy mom. Daughters Cameron, 15, Liza, 14, and Caroline, 10, enjoy going on adventures with their mom. Whether at work or play, Heather laughs, “I’m always in motion! It’s the rare days I’m not busy that throw me for a loop.”

Heather took the family skiing for the first time this winter at Park City, Utah, where the family of four signed up for ski lessons. For Heather, having skied a little bit in high school, the lessons were a refresher and were a base for her three daughters to enjoy the powder-soft snow out west.

“I’m a kid at heart. We are planning Vegas next!” Heather shares with a smile. “I’m also a big fan of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite rides.”

Whether the family has flown, driven, took a cruise, or stayed in an RV on property, Disney has a spot in Heather’s heart. Heather beams when she says, “It’s my happy place!”

On a more local level, the family loves to spend time at the beach. Enjoying a stroll on the marsh walk at Murrell’s Inlet is always relaxing, as well as sun and sand time at Litchfield Beach.

Happy clients, happy family = happy Heather. This inspiring, career-driven, and loving mom has found her calling in helping folks find the home of their dreams with her caring heart and customer-focused approach.

To reach Heather Mackey, please contact her at (704) 661-0635 or hmackey@dickensmitchener.com.

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