February Rising Star – Heather and Ryan Bigger
By Charlotte Top Producers |Feb 8, 2022

Heather and Ryan Believed God Had “Bigger” Plans for Them!

Written by Allison Parker

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Resilience. Tenacity. Commitment. Faith.

Life can throw many curveballs. No one knows that better than Ryan and Heather Bigger. Living well these days with a career volume of just over $62 million and looking to close the 2021 year with a volume of approximately $18 million, the power couple is reaping the rewards of hard work and dedication to their real estate careers. The couple has been recognized with Keller Williams Market Center awards for production and within Keller Williams twice as a top-10 team in the Carolinas region. Yet, it wasn’t always such great times. Hard to believe, but a few years ago, the couple struggled to pay daily bills. But, there is a gift in God’s influence in our prayers.
Ryan always had a knack for sales. Initially, he worked for a beer distributor while Heather was employed with a company doing student loan collections. A health scare with their youngest in 2012 prompted both Ryan and Heather to leave their positions of employment. Switching gears, Ryan took a job with US Foods as a truck driver in order to keep the lights on. Family was important to the couple with a priority on raising healthy children. Three years later, when a shoulder injury put Ryan out of work, the couple had tough times.
Money was tight living on short-term disability, and savings only go so far.Ryan recalls, “I was finally able to get back to work and was fired after being back for only a month. This was devastating for our family, and at the time, with the exception of losing a loved one, I couldn’t think of anything worse that could have happened. Years later, getting fired from that job was an absolute blessing. I worked diligently to find a job back in a sales career. No one would look past my three years as a truck driver to my success as a salesman. We quickly burned through our modest retirement accounts, were receiving food stamps, and borrowing money from our parents just to keep the roof over our heads.” 
God works in mysterious ways. Heather was praying to God daily asking for a sign.
She recalls, “I believe that the pivotal moment was when Ryan laid it all at His feet and asked for help. That is when God answered our prayers and led us where we needed to be.”
Placing the future in the hands of providence, Ryan recollects putting his head down on his desk and thinking, “God, what do you have in store for me?” Divine intervention made a showing. Ryan and Heather’s best friends were house hunting, and Ryan and Heather helped them out by sending leads on realtor.com and the like. When Ryan and Heather’s friends visited for dinner one Sunday night, their friends asked them, “Have you and Heather thought about getting into real estate? You are doing a great job of getting these listings in front of us.” Ryan reflects, “This was our light-bulb moment. My parents paid for us to go to real estate school, and here we are today.”
Working together is the best thing that ever happened to Ryan and Heather.
Ryan explains, “We are best friends, and we get to hang out together all day. We always present ourselves as a couple. It is always our goal to go on our initial client appointments together, and we feed off each other very well. We love it that one or both of us get to drop off and pick up our kids from school every day. There is never an event that we miss. In five years, I can’t think of a single ‘con’ of working together as a married couple.”
The couple has a Ying and Yang effect. Heather can be like an emoji for Ryan. He is the direct one while she helps soften messages and soften up conversations. Between the two of them, Ryan and Heather can work with pretty much any type of client dynamic. Heather handles all the transaction coordinating, business operations, and marketing. She also goes on initial listing/buyer appointments, and Ryan will go on almost all showings and handle negotiations. Heather and Ryan believe in a “God, Family, Work” mantra of prioritizing life. They make a point to share family time with their three children, Izzy (15), Finn (11), and Evey (9). When the couple first started out, they took the kids, especially Evey, to the office and on appointments. “It is a blessing to be able to pick up the kids at school and to be able to attend all of their events,” Heather smiles. “Raising three kids is a full-time job and does absorb most of my time!”
Blessings can be bountiful when the heart and effort are present in endeavors.
Ryan notes, “We love to love on the people who love us. Our sphere is the relationships we have cultivated and grown through the years through good and bad times. If you find you have a naysayer in your sphere who doesn’t believe in you – it’s time to move out of the negativity and focus on the positive relationships.”
Ryan and Heather know their real estate journey has been pivotal in shaping their lives. They enjoy sharing their experience with others. Heather remembers it was embarrassing to share their struggles at first, but now she believes it is pivotal to their future success to remember what they have been through.
Ryan concludes, “We would really like to use our story as motivation to others. We have come to realize that many are starting out in circumstances that are similar to where we began.”

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