February Partner Spotlight – Shepard Law
By Charlotte Top Producers |Feb 5, 2022

Candice Shepard Serves Her Agent Partners with Perspective!

Written by Heather Pluard

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Around the same time Bon Jovi’s hit single “Livin’ on a Prayer” went triple platinum, lawyer Candice Shepard was in her own talks with Jesus. A former litigator turned corporate attorney, Candice was trying to figure out the best way to use her gifts and talents to serve others – so she prayed about it. And when the answer kept coming back to start her own business, she took a leap of faith and launched Shepard Law.

“I make decisions by praying a lot and then waiting,” Candice smiles. “After spending years in law working for other people, some good and some not so good, I felt called to build a nurturing and service-focused firm where clients could trust us to solve problems and find solutions. In 2015, I opened my door with just one part-time paralegal and a business plan that said I’d lose money for 18-months. Instead, we turned a profit at the end of our first 30 days. Today, Shepard Law has a brilliant team of 15 top-notch professionals, and we are about to add four more this quarter to continue servicing our growing clientele exceptionally well.”

Born in Illinois near the Iowa border, Candice was a precocious child with a knack for winning arguments. But she was also shy. So when it came time to go to college, Candice chose to confront her limitations head-on and major in communications. Then, after graduating from a top-20 law school, she moved to Kansas City to become a litigator. In 2006, Candice and her family moved to North Carolina, where she did corporate work from home and decided to follow her passion for real estate law. 
“I wanted to serve REALTORS® in the best possible way, and I knew that to do that, I needed to understand their perspective,” Candice says. “So I obtained my real estate license in 2008. I was also able to sell five homes to gain professional experience. And even though I was a terrible agent, my brief time in the industry made me appreciate my lane as a lawyer while understanding where my REALTOR® clients are coming from in theirs.” 
One thing both lanes have in common is the need for strong relationships. “I can’t stress the importance of relationships enough,” Candice says. “Shepard Law will move heaven and earth to make things work for an agent we have a relationship with because they are our priority. You can jump-start that relationship by reaching out to me for coffee or dropping by the office to take a tour and meet our team. Or, if you have something that went sideways or looks like it’s about to, reach out and have a proactive conversation with us. Doing so can save you a lot of headaches and failed deals. Trust me when I tell you from experience, a crazy market won’t make you crazy if you handle it right from the beginning and have a strong legal team on your side. REALTORS® also use us to provide value to their clients. Often, people need to get their legal house in order when they move homes, and we understand all the intricate pieces – including probate.”  

Outside of work, Candice loves spending time with her four teenage children, Ellie (19), Maggie (17), Charlie (15), and Roman (14). As a family, they like to hike, go to amusement parks, take trips to the beach, and enjoy simple family activities at home like playing cards and board games. “I don’t have any hobbies,” Candice laughs. “My humans are my hobby. Every ounce of energy goes into loving and caring for them and enjoying the gift of this big, amazing family that God has given me. I’m so grateful for answered prayers!”

For more information, please visit https://www.shepardlawpllc.com.

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