February Commercial Agent – Dwayne Heigh
By Charlotte Top Producers |Feb 7, 2021

You Can Invest Your Trust in Dwayne Heigh!

Written by Allison Paker

Photos by Ryan Frank, Portrait Creations

Community Builder. Neighborhood Pillar. Exemplary Real Estate Professional.
Meeting Dwayne Heigh, the first thing I notice about him is his commitment to making his actions impact the future of his family, friends, and community in a positive, growth-oriented way.
With a background in sales and property management, Dwayne has been very successful in his career pursuits—he has managed over three thousand apartment units, won awards for zero delinquency (capturing 100% of tenant rents by the 10th of the month), and has won various awards for 100% occupancy in the communities he has managed. No small feat considering the ups and downs of the economy!
Currently, Dwayne is a commercial real estate agent with Costello Commercial, and he is in the process of pursuing a CPM certification with (IREM) Institute for Real Estate Management. Dwayne has also utilized his real estate business acumen to go beyond the commercial agent role to expand into capital management with his own company, Heigh Capital.
Heigh explains, “In 2019, I joined Costello Real Estate Investments with the focus of commercial real estate, and in 2020, I become a Broker in Charge. One of the reasons real estate fits into my goals and dreams is because it’s allowed me to create my company, Heigh Capital, an NC Real Estate Firm and Private Fund that allows me to acquire and manage multifamily assets. The benefits of this firm are to allow my family and friends to invest with me and provide an income stream for my nieces, Autumn and Aubrey.”
Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Dwayne was intrigued by the real estate world. He loved seeing his mom purchase her first home, and it became a goal of his to go into the business. Dwayne acclimated to working as a leasing agent in the apartment industry, fueling his zest for sales. Working with local investors in Maryland, Dwayne was able to help them lease rental units which consisted of multifamily assets (two to four units).
Growing in his career, Dwayne was promoted to a Property Manager in Training with the Michelson Organization. He gained valuable experience learning how large institutions evaluated and acquired large multifamily assets as he was responsible for the day-to-day management of multifamily assets ranging from 200-700 units.
 Moving to Charlotte in 2016, Dwayne dived right into real estate.
Heigh notes, “Often individuals ask ‘What’s the “WHY” factor?’ The ‘WHY’ factor is my motivation for helping my clients personalize their goals to help them purchase real estate. This could range from buying their first home to raising a family or purchasing multifamily units to create generational wealth. The key to understanding my ‘WHY’ is to genuinely understand my clients’ underlying purpose and goals. As an investor, I knew it was essential to become a Broker as I have always wanted to advise other investors in ways to actualize their investment goals.”
Heigh understands the “WHY” factor may not always be about the money factor. Heigh truly believes in community building and preservation.
Patterson’s Grocery, located on Booker Avenue in Washington Heights, was built in the early 1920s and was home to one of Charlotte’s first African American owned grocery stores. It was up for sale, and offers were flowing in. Offers of the highest value would be from investors wanting to tear down and rebuild, which would result in losing the important cultural and historical significance of the structure.
Knowing the value and significance the property had within the community, Heigh and his client worked with another bidder, Preserve Mecklenburg. Understanding the importance of preserving treasured memories and neighborhood foundations, they ensured the property transfer to Preserve Mecklenburg, which would not result in a teardown and rebuild on the site. Keeping history alive doesn’t always mean a huge profit margin, and it meant declining higher investor offers. However, for Heigh and his client, the impact of preserving the property and history was of so much more than monetary rewards, it was the goodwill and value to the people of Charlotte and the integrity of keeping alive history for generations to come that triumphed over financial gain.
Heigh shares, “It is very important to keep the old to understand the new.”
As well, Dwayne believes in the value of working with the youth of the community. It’s critical to give them the education and tools to succeed, especially in terms of financial education. Working with The FLY Foundation 501 (c)(3) (Financial Literacy for Our Youth), Heigh is the Board Chair of the organization that strives to change the generational narrative surround financial literacy. The foundation partners with local high schools and colleges to teach financial literacy to children.
Dwayne’s impactful work with family, friends, clients, and the community at large will continue to be a valued asset and positive building block to all he encounters.

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