June Cover Agent- Dixie Dean
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jun 5, 2019



Check out our June Cover agent Dixie Dean l Christina Stone l Allen Tate Realtors! She is the Queen of Lake Norman Real Estate!

Written By: Allison Parker

Photos by: Dani Nicole Photography

Dixie Dean is a self-proclaimed “hippie.” Having lived all over the United States from coast to coast, she has a free spirit and loving heart. It’s no wonder this awesome lady is the pride of Lake Norman’s Peninsula Club neighborhood as well as a leader in the Lake Norman real estate sales market. With 15 years of experience with Allen Tate and a career volume of $204,627,000, it’s been quite a whirlwind for this unique, successful woman.

Dixie Dean is by no means a cookie-cutter real estate agent by any standard. Her thinking out of the traditional box is one of the keys to her success. She’s not a “follow the rules” type of gal. “Typical networking methods were not my cup of tea,” she says. “Working with my mentor, I told him I was not going for the ‘sales to friends’ approach that many agents use when first starting. He told me it might take me longer to ramp up and I was ok with it.” Dixie continued in her unassuming, non-pushing sales style.

Dixie has a unique upbringing and approach to life. She recalls, “I was raised in Southern California in a white-collar world by an engineer and a former Miss America contestant, both college graduates – my mom stayed home with my brothers and me, and we had a privileged life. We traveled, regularly attended musical theatre, I had music lessons, dance lessons, girl scouts, 4H. We were in church every Sunday. My dad worked in the aerospace industry, and my mom was glamorous and a bit eccentric. We lived in San Diego which was a beautiful place to grow up.”

Moving from coast to coast through her adult years, Dixie is happy to call Charlotte home. Dixie is married to husband Mike, and they have a son, Michael, and daughter, Jordan. Both children are married with families of their own. With a master’s degree under her belt and a life dedicated to the Lord, Dixie is a living example of following your heart in sharing love and good deeds.

Dixie loves having family around. “Our house is like a comfortable old shoe and the home base for all extended family. We cherish having everyone under one roof and around our huge square dining table where we sit for hours. We also have a place at Kiawah and corral everyone there whenever we can.”

Cherishing her role as a mom, Dixie devoted her early married years to being at home with her children. She enjoyed being present at her children’s school as they grew up. Volunteering came organically, as it was in her nature to give to others as well as her family. When her children’s schooling ended, and they headed off to college, Dixie had a large chunk of time on her hands. But there is no idle time for Dixie; it was at this point that she decided to venture into real estate.

Real estate was always in the back of Dixie’s mind, and she always had a passion for home remodeling and decorating, so the decision was no surprise. Dixie recalls, “Our son gave my husband the book Wild at Heart by John Aldridge. In it, Aldridge suggests a person find something that makes them ‘come alive’ and find a way to make money doing it. Early in our marriage, my husband and I bought houses that needed cosmetic work. We painted and wallpapered nights and weekends and sold them pretty quickly. This, for me, was so energizing!”

Starting out, Dixie was not the outwardly loud marketer. Only her fellow school moms and volunteers knew about her venture, but soon pieces began falling into place. She met a wonderfully talented photographer who took her headshots. When other agents complimented her beautiful photographs, Dixie naturally referred this artistic lady to them. This action soon led to a serendipitous moment, when the photographer had a family member relocating to the Lake Norman area and was looking for a home. Not just any home, but a whopper of a luxury home north of 2 million at the lake. True to her quiet, humble, and gracious manner, Dixie found the family the home of their dreams — and her business sprouted in all directions.

So busy was Dixie that she took on a business partner, Christina Stone. A neighbor in the Peninsula and an incredible marketing and industry asset, Christina matches up with Dixie to make quite the dynamic duo. They both have a visual approach to sales; their office area is wallpapered with spectacular properties — both listings and potential sales — that inspire dreams of new home possibilities.

Dixie is methodical in her marketing, creating her brand and carefully infusing it in all materials and items as her and Christina’s signature mark.

Dixie is gracious and blessed when she talks about her career and success. When asked about her favorite part of the business ,she laughs and says “The money!” But quickly adds with a smile, “It’s the joy to be able to do what you love and make this kind of income. It’s what drives me to be able to tithe, to be there for my family as far as career flexibility, and to be pursuing something for myself.”

Given her current success, she is open to sharing some of her keys to making it all happen. She explains, “You are the entire C-suite of your own business. What time do you get into the office? What do you wear? When I started in the business, my branch manager was in the office at 6:15 every morning. I quickly learned our CEO was as well. I thought, there has to be something to this — I guess this is
how you run a business! So, Monday through Friday my alarm goes off at 5 am. I’m in the office by 6:30 — high heels and all — and have my day well under control by the time the world wakes up. If you don’t get ahead of your day, it will get ahead of you.”

Wise words to live by, and they serve as encouragement for others.

Dixie sums up her go-getter attitude by saying, “My best was never good enough for my father, and this has defined my theory of serving clients. There is always the next thing; something better that can be done for them, something to take things to the next level. You can always do more.”

The credo to always be improving and learning has kept this ambitious woman running on a successful path for the long haul!

To reach Dixie Dean, please call (704)641-1465 or visitwww.dixiedean.com.

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