October Sponsor Spotlight- Dawn Neary with ORHP
By Charlotte Top Producers |Oct 5, 2018


October Sponsor Spotlight “Warranty Queen” Dawn Marie Neary with Old Republic Home Protection!

Dawn Neary is a busy lady these days – and most days. I was able to catch up with her after a productive morning meeting with her clients, and it was a pleasure to learn about this magnificent leader in the home warranty business who has been providing exemplary service in home warranty protection for close to 17 years.

Dawn is a Senior Account Executive with Old Republic Home Warranty. Upon meeting Dawn, I felt an instant connection and comfort level in the conversation. She is professional, and her love of the outdoors shines through as she suggests to sit in an outdoor courtyard for our meeting.

Dawn doesn’t take anything for granted and appreciates the simpler things in life like a beautiful blue sky and warm sunshine. Her sincerity and interest in others are what make her stand out in the business. With Old Republic Home Warranty, Dawn provides home warranties that cover all of the major systems and appliances in the home, including heating and air conditioning, water heaters and ductwork, electrical systems, and much more.

Dawn is a natural at this business. To uncover what makes her excel in the industry, we delved into her extensive background working with people and how she ended up doing what she does now. “I happened upon this job, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me,” she explains. “I was in the hotel industry for 17 years and had become tired and bored. I took a job doing PR and Marketing for a friend who had just started a company that serviced real estate agents. While attending a trade show for that company, Old Republic was exhibiting in the booth right next to mine. We struck up a conversation and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Dawn grew up in Syracuse, NY with a family of mentors – especially her wonderful grandmother, Rosie Daubenthaler. Dawn’s love for the woman who shaped her life is eminent in her recollections of growing up. “I like to think of myself as a people-person, and I have been in the service industry my whole life. My biggest role model was my Grandmother. She was a restauranteur and real estate investor in a day and age when most women did not work. She taught me the meaning of a work ethic. She was a dynamo, and everybody loved her.” She ponders for a moment. “Well, some people were probably intimidated by her. The same goes for me.”

Strong women run in Dawn’s family as her mother is cut from the same cloth. “My mother was another role model; she always told me there is nothing in this world you can’t have if you are willing to work for it,” says Dawn. “In dealing with people, her mantra was: Be firm, fair, and factual. That’s probably the best advice I have ever received.”

Dawn learned efficiency, and to make the most of every resource. She recalls her grandmother once chided an employee about using all parts of the lettuce and not to arbitrarily throw away the top leaves if they could be used for something else.

Every bit, big or small, counts towards the bottom line.

Dawn remembers the lesson well. She passes her practical advice on to her customers by providing a thorough home warranty that will cover all the “surprises” that can pop up and potentially eat away at a customer’s savings after making a large purchase such as a home. She recalls a quote in Businessweek magazine that surmised that approximately 61% of new home buyers have less than $1000.00 in savings remaining after making the biggest purchase of their lives. For those folks, a home warranty can be a lifesaver!

Dawn seeks to be a resource and educator to her real estate agents and their clients. Agents can utilize an Old Republic Home Warranty as a valued listing tool as it provides peace of mind to their customers. When working as a buyer’s agent, the Old Republic Home Warranty can be a beautiful closing gift. It’s the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ long after flowers have died or ceremonial champagne or wine gift has been consumed. The added reassurance of a home warranty is the icing on the cake and the extra fluff in the pillows that can make an agent stand out in their ability to provide the best service to their clients.

Old Republic provides a service card notice to the realtor when a client uses the service and makes a claim. It is a valuable tool to let the realtor know the service is working and a way to touch base with their clients after the sale has closed. Dawn notes, “Just like Realtors, not all home warranty companies are the same. I have spent 17 years educating the Real Estate community on the benefits that this service brings to them and their clients. If I can help them grow their business, then it is only natural that my business will grow as well. I want customers for Life!”

When not working in the field, Dawn enjoys spending time with her family. Dawn and her hubby, Jon, have two grown children, Ali and Nick, who work in the music and film industry in New York City, and the couple loves to visit them. The two were planning a getaway there the weekend I chatted with her, and she glowed when talking about her kids! Ali works in recording with Atlantic Records while Nick is into film as a ‘GRIP’ who works closely with the lighting director. Her family is Dawn’s heart. “I am very lucky I have a beautiful family, with my husband of 25+ years and my two children who are now grown and making their way in this world. I am so proud of both of them. They are articulate, intelligent, caring people and they have manners – my biggest accomplishment to date!” She even has two “grandchildren:” a Border Collie named Jako, and a Maltipoo named Rocky

When asked about her definition of success, Dawn replies: “It’s not about money, that’s for sure. I have been struggling with Lyme disease so I would have to say that success is being healthy. Without your health, you cannot enjoy all of the beautiful things that life has to offer, most of which are FREE.” This upbeat, outstanding, energetic lady is not one to let any issue keep her down. She is always moving full-speed ahead to keep up with her love of helping people and being a productive resource to those in her industry

Dawn has truly found her calling as a Senior Account Executive with Old Republic Home Warranty. For Dawn, her personality transcends all areas of her life. “I am a people-pleaser, and I always try to be firm, fair, and factual. In the past 17 years, I have had offers to work for other home warranty companies, but I stay with Old Republic because they stand behind there product and we truly deal with our clients on a case-to-case basis. Our company mantra is “People Helping People.” It’s been a win-win situation so far!”

A key closing point of our discussion was Dawn’s commitment to her real estate agents and their clients. She relates, “I really do care, and I am here for them – from the beginning of the real estate transactions and for years to come after the close of sale!”

For more information, please see www.orhp.com, or contact Dawn direct at 704-363-8388 or DawnN@orhp.com.

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