February Sponsor Spotlight- D.A.S Surveying
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Check out our February Sponsor Spotlight Billy Allen with D.A.S Don Allen & Associates, PA Land Surveying!
Written by: Allison Parker

With a quiet and unassuming nature, Billy Allen is a master at his craft. His humble and dedicated approach to his career makes it no wonder that he has been in the business for over 47 years! As president of Don Allen and Associates, PA and a lifelong resident of Charlotte and Mooresville, Billy is a trusted and valued resource to the community and real estate world.

As part of a surveying company, Billy has his feet planted in the business-quite literally. Don Allen and Associates (DAS) provides land surveying which includes boundary surveys, mortgage surveys, stake property lines for fences, stake area for pools, and pier surveys. DAS also performs valuable services such as staking houses for clearing, creating footings and pin footing for mason as well as construction staking for commercial sites, and design work for subdivisions. DAS also has a scope of expertise in survey work associated with development, ALTA surveys, and topographical surveys.

Born and raised in the local area, Billy is a dedicated family man who grew up learning the land business from his father, Don Allen. Founded in 1971, Don Allen and Associates is a family-owned business. Billy’s father, Don, started the company after moving to the Lake Norman area from working as a surveyor in Charlotte, NC. Looking back at his roots, Billy reflects: “I grew up surveying. I worked every summer until I graduated from high school, as well as worked during the day while I went to college at night to get my associates with a concentration on classes for surveying.” Billy obtained his surveying license in 1989.

Billy’s life flourished while he worked his way up within the survey business. Making his own family roots, Billy married his high school sweetheart, Christy Schafer Allen, in 1989. Billy and Christy have two beautiful and talented daughters, Logan Allen and Blakeley Allen.

Having become an expert at his trade, Billy decided to leap into management. “I purchased the business from my father in 1993 so that he could focus on fishing at the coast, where he later retired.” What an excellent way to send off his dad to a great retirement. As president, Billy prides himself on maintaining as well as growing the family business in his dad’s honor and tradition.

Longevity is the key to success within DAS. Billy shares: “We have been in business for 47 years. That is rarely heard of in today’s business world. We have stayed in business for so long because we are competitively priced, and run a fair and honest business. We really have never had to advertise as most of our business is by word-of-mouth. The majority of our clients have been with us for many years and are very loyal.”

His time in the business also makes Billy and DAS privy to a resource of older maps that otherwise may not be available to others. At DAS, they often get calls about maps over 40 years old, and it is a joy to be able to produce them for clients!

Billy’s time in the business also pays off with a boatload of great advice he can share with the real estate community, particularly real estate agents. When asked about his top tidbit of advice to share, Billy notes: “Make sure their buyers have an updated survey in the buyer’s name to ensure there are no issues such as house location, setbacks, encroachments onto neighboring properties or vise versa, not located in a flood plain, impervious coverage, zoning violations, restriction violations, sheds, fences, etc…the list goes on. This will most likely be their client’s biggest investment, so be sure they are protected.”

Billy also stresses the overall importance of getting a survey in a timely fashion. Weather can be unpredictable in the Carolinas and can delay survey work. He recommends ordering the survey at the same time that the home inspection is ordered and to give DAS the Due Diligence date. Ordering a survey is as critical as the home inspection. Billy offers this final credo to ponder: “If a customer were just buying a house, I could see just the one (home inspection), but if they are buying land attached to the house, why would you not get a survey? You are not just selling a house, but the land under and around it as well!” Wise advice to be heeded as it is always better to have more knowledge than less in this market.

Passing on great advice and being a local resource, Billy has picked up many friends along the way. His honesty and good nature make everyone, even strangers, fast friends. Coincidently, a lot of Billy’s friends are clients who stayed around and became valued people within him and his family’s life.

“I have many clients that I consider very good personal friends whom I would never have met had I not been their surveyor,” says Billy

Billy’s love of his work is reflected in his passion seeing land become a viable piece of real estate. He notes: “I enjoy taking a raw piece of land and designing a subdivision on it. Then, watching it come to life and working with it while it goes through all the stages to the end of construction. It is very fulfilling to me to see things being created and to have a part in it. I can drive through the subdivision and feel proud.”

When not out surveying, Billy is most content spending time with his beloved wife, Christy, and their two daughters, Logan and Blakeley. All of them are HUGE App State fans with Logan having graduated from App State and Blakeley currently a senior there. A love of the mountains is also prevalent among the Allen family. Hiking with their dogs, floating down a river, or fishing are favorite family past times. The Allens also enjoy heading to the beach at the Outer Banks at Billy’s parents’ home on Harker’s Island.

Billy is happy to share his love of nature and traveling with his kids. “We are big travelers and gave the travel bug to our kids. They love to travel, and we try to take one big trip together each year. We are already searching for the next destination.” A recent family trip to Scotland was a beautiful experience for all of them! For the Allens, family time is precious. “We are fortunate to have all our parents still with us and try to spend as much time as we can with family.”

With so many blessings, Billy is grateful and credits his emphasis on family as the key to success. He shares, “I think success for me would be family first. I have been married for almost 30 wonderful years and raised two amazing daughters that I am very proud of every day. I have kept the family business going (through good times and bad) that now has been in business for 47 years, which I think makes my dad and mom proud. That, to me, is success.”

YOU CAN CONTACT BILLY ALLEN AT DON ALLEN AND ASSOCIATES, PA AT 704-664-7029 or Donallensurvey@gmail.com

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