January Top Producer- Chuck Adkins
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jan 20, 2020

This month we introduce Charles “Chuck” Adkins Real Estate with eXp Realty who not only is a published author of a real estate book, but a teacher at heart. With roots in teaching, he is able to educate his clients throughout the transaction. Read more about this multi-talented Realtor this month!

Written by: Eli J. Pacheco
Photography by: Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Whether your next stage in life relates to downsizing or a retirement move to a tropical locale, Chuck Adkins is the man to call.

The man wrote a book on real estate, after all. Actually, he wrote two of them. Look for, “Selling Your Home in 45 Days or Less” and “Buying Your Next Home at the Best Price and Terms” the next time you are in your favorite book nook.

He has also written a book on Salt Block Cooking as well as a children’s book. One day, he hopes to spend more time writing, but for now, his main emphasis is on simply selling homes. The real estate books he has written are literally the yin and yang of real estate – from a man who has built a legacy in the industry he joined in 1991. Chuck is a former math and science teacher, a small business owner, and he has helped more than 1,400 buyers and – better than 50 on average per year – get to the next stage of their lives.

Chuck is a teacher, first and foremost, whether in front of a real estate class or in front of a client, one on one. “When you know your material, being able to share it with someone else in a meaningful way is a gift and a great joy—especially when the light bulb goes off and they say, I understand now.”

“I just truly enjoy helping people,” Chuck says. “It is not the number of homes, but rather the number of people we have served. Each one is unique and has a different set of needs and desires, and a different story to tell. It has been a privilege for me to get to know them personally, and guide and direct them through the process of buying or selling a home.”

Chuck goes on to say, “Our team is involved as well. My wife, Melinda, my daughter, Meg, my brother, Glenn, our stager, Kincheloe, and closing coordinator, Tiffany, all play a pivotal role and enjoy getting to know our clients; helping them achieve their goals.”

Not only do clients trust Chuck’s knowledge and guidance, but they also trust his integrity. “I try to understand my client’s needs, and then go to work to make sure their needs are met. When I tell my clients I will do something, I go out of my way to make sure it gets done,” Chuck tells us. His other children, Christopher and Kate, are both family attorneys in the area, frequently turning to Chuck for real estate advice for their clients.

“My dad has helped a lot with putting very accurate market prices on properties my clients need to sell,” says Christopher. “And, if it turns out they decide to put their home on the market, my Dad has been able to get them sold quickly and at a good price.”

Chuck’s degrees in Psychology and Education have served him well. He is a student of all things relating to people and helping them. He employs the latest technology and learns to not only use it, but to embrace it if it helps in the marketing of homes in any way.

One tool his team uses is the Matterport 3d imagery, which allows a virtual walkthrough of a home, simultaneously providing a 3-dimensional model of the home. New concepts are changing the industry; Chuck believes that as the industry changes, those that endure will be those that change with it.

For many years, Chuck was a general contractor in the area. He knows and understands construction and how homes are built. He previously partnered with a local contractor and has successfully built and sold a number of homes primarily in the Dilworth area.

He plans to continue listing and selling both resale and new homes that he has had a hand in developing. “Chuck has been an excellent partner with whom to work. We trust his ideas, and we trust that he will get the project sold,” says Keith Wesolowski, President of RAM Construction, Inc.

Chuck has for many years served his church, his family, and his community. He has been a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and Urban Ministry. He has been a part of the Room in the Inn, which provides shelter to the homeless during the winter months. Chuck has a heart for all those in need.

Because of his desire to help his ten grandchildren and because of his love of children, Chuck coaches a YMCA basketball team. “It is so much fun to teach kids the basic fundamentals of the sport,” he says. He also watches the grandchildren as they participate in cheer, dance, wakeboarding competitions, wrestling matches, soccer matches, football games, perform in piano recitals and make history presentations.

Probably the greatest demographic shift in a generation is upon us. Chuck has watched with great interest as his generation, the Baby Boomers, bought homes in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, and are now downsizing in sizeable numbers.

“In the beginning of my career, people called me because they needed more bedrooms, more baths, and more square footage. Now they call me because the kids have grown and left, and they need to sell their grand home and move into something smaller,” Chuck explains. “I like to call it right-sizing. It is expected to continue for the next decade; so hopefully, I will have more opportunities to help these people accomplish their goals.”

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