June Most Interesting Realtor- Charlie Williams
By Charlotte Top Producers |Jun 2, 2019


Check out our June Most Interesting Realtor of The Month Charlie Williams with DwellNova c/o Premier Sothebys International Realty!
Written by: Eli J. Pacheco

Charlie Williams has always been destined for real estate.

Seventh-grade Charlie Williams first built a model home for a school project. College senior Charlie Williams found the homes of his dreams on the North Carolina coast — where he acquired the business know-how he’d need to buy one someday.

“I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, to own my own company,” says Charlie, who worked in IT staffing and short-track racing before the real-estate switch. “It naturally happened. It wasn’t one thing; it was a series of events that led me to real estate.”

Today, Charlie and his wife, Molly, are in the early stages of a real-estate partnership as unique in its components as it is in its approach. Having created a thriving real-estate business, the Williamses are closer to a future vision with incredible potential:

Charlie, as an agent/contractor; Molly, as the interior designer/stager. They come as a team.

Proof they’re on the right track: Country Home magazine picked their home for the Christmas issue. “They’ve already shot for it,” Charlie says. “We can’t wait to see the final product when it comes out this fall.”

Even if the dream didn’t take shape right away, his senior year at UNC Wilmington was spent among multi-million dollar homes at Wrightsville Beach inspired Charlie to work towards his dream — getting to a place in his career where he could afford to come back.

Before his college days on the coast, Charlie spent his childhood on Lake Wylie, in Belmont. “It was an awesome place to grow up,” he says. “Every day, I was on the lake in the summertime.”

Auto racing became a passion; IT did not. It felt simply as a job to Charlie, so early in his career, he made the switch. He was ready to learn about real estate and began by reading books. With $400 in rent and little else for overhead, the time was right.

“Luckily, I was young and poor, to begin with,” Charlie says. “So it didn’t matter how much I made. Now, in my situation, if I left (a job) to go do real estate, it would be challenging. Doing this takes time.”

Charlie met Giles Barker, a co-worker and DwellNova team member. “We worked in the same office and got to know each other quite well,” Giles says. “Over several bottles of wine at lunch one day, we decided to start a team at Premier Sotheby’s International Realty.”

Molly met Charlie through Premier Sotheby’s when she first started her business. They hit it off immediately, she says.

“He has a light-hearted energy and attitude toward life that got me, hook, line, and sinker,” Molly says. “He’s the most positive person I’ve ever met and always keeps me laughing.”

That’s a big reason Charlie and Molly are in a spot to reach for something incredible.

“It takes a couple of years at least, just to get your client base there,” Charlie says. “Real estate is about who you know. That’s the best advice I’ve got. Figure out how to get in front of the most people possible, and stay on top of their minds.”

— that’s what sets Charlie and Molly apart. There’s no cost to the seller for Molly to stage a vacant house. It’s included in the 6% commission. Molly also stages for other real estate agents in Charlotte. Naturally, their combined talents point toward flipping homes as an add-on to selling in the future.

“She’s very good at what she does,” Charlie says. “It seems the natural progression of where we’ll go next.”

As their ability to balance work and home strengthens, the couple has added an assistant to their team. That’s a big step in clearing time for what they do best.

“We love the opportunity to work together,” Molly says. “We strike a good balance between our talents and strengths. That allows us to do what we do well, and add value for the clients. When the hard work pays off in the end, it’s that much sweeter knowing we did it together.”

It takes shape in the way they sell real estate in the first place. Charlie sees the potential in houses, the way they could look and feel with upgrades. His success comes from the moment the buyer or seller can see that, too.

“The most rewarding part is convincing somebody to trust you, to spend money to fix things,” Charlie says. “And then, them seeing that result and praising you for it. That’s the
most enjoyable part. It takes a level of trust to believe in you to do that.”

So much of what Charlie does revolves around his own home, but he’s also involved in his community. He’s on the board of the Kilah Davenport Foundation, which raises awareness of child abuse. He plays golf at Pine Island Country Club, where he’s also a board member.
And as often as he can, he’s behind the wheel, racing Go-Karts in Mooresville.

“I love auto racing,” Charlie says. “I love being on the water, whether it’s an ocean, lake, pond, or in a canoe. Anything on the water, I’m happy. And working on our house. There’s always something to do, with renovation projects or maintenance.”

They added a dog, Harry, to the mix about a year ago, after purchasing a home built circa 1890. “That’s pretty much my life, on repeat,” Charlie says. It feels like success to him so far.

“I wouldn’t put a dollar figure on it, but it’s being where you’re not worried about where the next paycheck is coming from,” Charlie says. “Knowing everything’s going to be fine, no matter what. That’s when you know. Whatever that is for you, that would be success. Pure happiness.”

Good company helps. Giles says he’d like to see them “stick with it for the duration,” and why not? There are still goals to reach. Like, that beach home. Charlie’s parents live there so he can visit for now. Plus, the Williamses just booked a trip to the Southern Caribbean.

“Our whole lives are home-focused,” Charlie says. “We’re always looking at homes together or working on our house. That’s our core bond. She’s cool and beautiful too, but that’s what we do together. We talk about real estate.”

And evolving dreams. Maybe Charlie will aim in a different direction than the NC coast — especially when he sees Granada for the first time.

“How much does it cost to buy an island down there?” he asks with a smile. “I could buy a house in Cotswold for a million dollars, or I could buy a private island.”

“One’s easier to get to, but I’ll figure it out.”

Reach Charlie Williams at Charlie.Williams@PremierSIR.com, 704-737-7741 or online at www.dwellnova.com.

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