August Top Producer – Kimberly Warden
By Charlotte Top Producers |Aug 9, 2022

Patience, kindness, and unconditional love

Kimberly Warden of Compass Charlotte

Written by Heather Pluard

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Patience, kindness, and unconditional love are just a few things you learn to master while working with and training animals. Just ask top-producing REALTOR® Kim Warden! She raised and trained award-winning dogs and horses for over 16 years before selling her farm and starting a new business. Since 2014, Kim has channeled all that wisdom and compassion into taking exceptional care of her real estate clients.

“You have to let people and animals be who they are in their moment,” Kim says. “And you learn work on their timeline, having patience until they understand and grasp the concepts you are teaching. Force won’t work. Animals and humans react best to kindness and unconditional love. So if a client is having a hard day, I understand that. We all have those days. Often, it is as simple as offering to catch up and chat. All they really need is a hug and some reassurance.”  

A Wisconsin native and University of Indiana graduate, Kim spent most of her adult life in the financial industry. She worked as a CPA for a Big Eight accounting firm after college and has lived all over the country. When she landed in Charlotte, she completely changed gears and the family bought a 12-acre farm. “I love animals and always have,” Kim smiles. “When I was little, I had a pony named Bacon for a summer. The entire family loves animals, so having our own place was spectacular. I lived in overalls and work boots, and my kids, Brittany and Jake, helped me run the farm. We even competed with our Corgis at Westminster once. Brittany rode our horses and competed in the A Show Hunter-Jumper Circuit, which is the highest level of competition. It was fun and kept us all close.”

When her kids went off to college, Kim decided to make another fresh start. A friend had told her she would make a great agent, so after moving to Dilworth, she obtained her license and started working at a small boutique firm in SouthEnd. “I hit the ground running,” Kim says. “By the time you’re my age, you’re great at problem-solving, and you aren’t afraid to go after what you want. Plus, I’ve never shied away from hard work. I’ve owned a business most of my life, so I knew how to organize and what it takes to be successful. I made a plan, worked it daily, and focused some of my maternal instincts on my clients. Real estate was an all-around win.”

In 2021, after much consideration, Kim decided to join Compass. “I wanted to be a part of a tech-forward company with a very specific culture and feel,” she explains. “Compass offers tremendous support and exactly that culture. I have an incredible client management system now, and I am constantly learning new things. I use that tech to keep in touch with my clients who are family to me. I absolutely love being surrounded by high-level agents I can elevate to and with. Compass is the perfect fit for me.”

Kim sells about $25 million a year now and has a 98% referral rate. Her best advice for new agents is to focus on what’s important. “Don’t worry about your next closing or the money,” she says. “Get in there and do your best for your clients every single day. Focus on that, and the success will come. Compass culture emphasizes the same. Traditional marketing is secondary. You’ll do great if you keep your sphere healthy and cherish your relationships. I love my clients, and I am not shy to share an opinion. I want them to know everything when considering a home so they can make an educated decision. Then, I fully support that decision and go after what they want. When clients call me back two, three, and even four times to help them with another home purchase or sale, or refer me to their friends, that’s my idea of success.”

When Kim isn’t loving on clients, she enjoys daily talks with her children and being with her two Goldendoodles, Josephine (Joey) and Diesel. “They are such unconditional loving creatures,” she smiles. “Diesel is a trained service and therapy dog. Joey is hoping to be the same one day. Caring for animals creates patience and wisdom that can be applied anywhere, especially in real estate during a stressful day. My dogs and horses taught me a lot about being in human relationships!”

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