August Sponsor Spotlight- Paul Cooney with Kesner Insurance
August Sponsor Spotlight- Paul Cooney with Kesner Insurance
By Charlotte Top Producers |Aug 6, 2019

Check out our august Sponsor Spotlight Paul Cooney with Kesner Insurance Agency!!
Written by: Allison Parker
Photos by: Dani Nicole Photography
Publisher: Tom Bramhall

While chatting with Paul Cooney of Kesner Insurance, I learned a lot about the residential and commercial insurance business as well as who Paul is as a person.

A pillar in the community of Davidson, Paul is a dedicated family man, community helper, and trusted business partner at Kesner Insurance, along with co-partner Michelle “Mickey” Kesner.

Our discussion flowed smoothly, from understanding how his business runs to his life behind the scenes. When asked about his definition of success, Paul came up with a neat trilogy of characters and people who have individual qualities of success. “The question struck me in three ways,” explains Paul. “As I thought of business success, the Marvel character Tony Stark of Iron Man came to mind. With business acumen and financial prowess, he stands out. Regarding family success, my mind goes to the TV character Jack Pearson of the television show This is Us. He is the quintessential ‘perfect dad,’ always doing and saying the right things. And spiritually, I look toward Billy Graham, as he led a life of service in spreading the Lord’s word.”

Paul continues, “I think it (success) is personal. For me, it is all about using one’s God-Given gifts, talents, experiences, and opportunities for the purpose and glory of Jesus Christ.”

all the pieces in any situation come together is a knack Paul has, and it shows in his career success. Originally from the Harrisburg/ Hershey area, Paul is from Linglestown, a 250-year-old town in central Pennsylvania. Paul obtained a BA in Economics from Ithaca College in New York. With a solid background in financial services, he excelled in the Fixed Income area of banking.

In 2008, Paul transitioned into the entrepreneurial world of insurance, bringing all of his financial insights from ten years at Bank of America Securities with him. Loving his work in insurance, Paul will be hitting his decade mark with Kesner Insurance Agency in October this year.

What makes a difference in Paul’s career in insurance is that he has a specialized niche in understanding the unique needs of condo and townhome communities. Yes, his agency can provide home, auto, and the like, but Paul is experienced and skilled in providing the best coverage for the sometimes tricky and confusing world of condos and townhomes. He is a resource for both Home Owners Associations and condo/townhome owners as well.

Townhomes and condos are a unique entity as they raise a bevy of different questions for homeowners when they purchase. New buyers may ask their real estate agent things like, what is all this about studs in, studs out? What coverages do I need? Paul explains, “Typically, the homeowners association will insure the property from the studs out, and the property owner will be obtaining coverage from the studs in.” Studs can mean drywall framing, and it all can vary depending on the particular unit. Never fear: Paul can navigate through the murky process to make it crystal clear so real estate agents and their clients can be adequately covered.

“Our understanding of Community Association law, governance, lending requirements, and insurance implications allow us to advise and service our partners and clients in a unique manner,” explains Paul. “This is particularly important in the Attached Townhome and Master Condominium insurance market where insurance needs are specific and unique.”

Paul has insured over 200 NC/ SC Homeowners Associations and Communities. His range includes single-family home communities, townhome communities, and master condominium projects.

When asked about what is most fulfilling about his work, Paul shares, “I love educating clients, real estate agents, lenders, developers, property managers, and community boards on HOA insurance matters.”

Outside of work, Paul thrives with his family and community. Paul and his wife, Julia, enjoy regular Saturday date nights. They love spending time with their children, Madelyn, 12, Rachel, 10, Isaiah, 9 and Titus, 6. Paul notes, “It’s great this year as all the kids are on the same swim team in our community.”

Paul is an active dad coaching his kids’ various sports teams and being involved in the family’s church, Lake Norman Baptist Church. The family also enjoys playing with their one-year-old labradoodle, “Falcon.”

The family’s son, Titus, has become a local celebrity of sorts, as he was supported through the community during his battle with childhood cancer. Recently, Titus completed his treatments and is doing well, which brings a heartwarming feeling and smile to everyone’s faces. The adorable little fellow is a fantastic example to us all as he completed his treatments in early spring of 2019. Charlotte Real Producers teamed up with the family during his journey in the “Light the Night” walk. Titus’ glowing example is a testament to how strong family love and community ties can impact the life of a child.

Whether striving to be the self-described perfect trifecta of Tony Stark of Iron Man, Jack Pearson, and Billy Graham, or just simply being his amazing self, Paul Cooney is a pillar and a superhero in his family, community, and professional world.

For more information, please contact Paul Cooney with Kesner Insurance at (704)906-9791, or visit

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