August Rising Star – Rachel Cost
By Charlotte Top Producers |Aug 8, 2022

The ABCs of Real Estate with Rachel Cost

Rachel Cost of David Hoffman Realty

Written by Allison Parker

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

Rachel Cost is not just a REALTOR®. She is an educator in the art of real estate transactions — whether it be winning the bidding war, without having to pay the highest price, selling above market value in the community, or helping an investor with a flip or long-term investment.

As Director of Sales for David Hoffman Realty, Rachel is able to share her passion for growth and education with her clients, firm, and colleagues alike. She is a born leader and teacher. A former public-school educator, Rachel has over 10 years as a middle and high school teacher before her path changed into real estate.

Speaking to her former career life as a teacher, Rachel shared, “Being a former teacher is to recognize that we always need to be learning, growing and capable of changing; particularly in real estate especially as the market changes.”

With annual sales of $20 million, and leading a firm that will sell roughly $250 million in 2022, Rachel not only talks the talk, she walks the walk.

Rachel credits her success to following her passion for teaching and inspiring her colleagues and clients through an unparalleled work ethic. Rachel noted,

“I love teaching fellow agents the art of the client experience and how to provide the highest quality of service to all buyers and sellers. To me, it’s about providing peace of mind, and increasing the value of buying and selling real estate. My mindset is to always be anticipating, never assisting, so that we can navigate any rough waters for our clients.”

Born in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, Rachel had the world as her living room and was able to experience moving throughout her youth as her father was in the military. Relocating often gave her the fundamental appreciation for making a new home a pleasant and fun experience. Especially familiar with being “the new kid,” Rachel has an innate knack of making others feel comfortable in their surrounding by offering practical, useful information to make their move a smooth transition.

Rachel aims to support and encourage her colleagues to be incredible REALTORS® that are Top Producers and well-respected in their field. At David Hoffman, Rachel utilizes the following advice for up-and-coming, as well as established colleagues.

·       Treat real estate like the true profession that it is. Know that it takes hard work and dedication, and a commitment to being the best in the business. You have to show up, and continue to show up.

·       Be the expert, learn your craft. Be fully prepared for each and every meeting that you may walk into. Know your market, be ahead of trends and changes, and be able to educate and communicate.

·       Be the friend, lead with honesty and kindness. Treat your clients and others in the industry as you would want to be treated.

·       Be present, focus on the moment, be intentional with your time, and let people know that they are a priority.

As well as leading through teaching, philanthropy is near and dear to Rachel’s heart. She is currently a member of the leadership board of Mitchell’s Fund, which recently opened Mitchell’s house. They are a Charlotte-based nonprofit that supports children and families diagnosed with a terminal or life-altering diagnosis. They provide therapy and other resources to help ease the load. This organization has supported some of the most incredible families in our very own community, including friends who are close to Rachel’s heart.

Rachel’s family is a top priority and she loves sharing her career adventures with them. She especially loves talking shop with her hubby, Alexander Cost, who owns his own insurance company, Goosehead Insurance. With Alexander focused on insurance, the two can provide a balanced full circle wealth of great customer service, client experience, and knowledge to their customers. The couple has three children, Noah (7), Olivia (6), and Pippa (6 months). They also have an awesome dog, Izzie.

Izzie, a lovable black lab, is one special pup who has won the love of the fabulous Cost family. Izzie joined the family in the summer of 2020. After much fostering during the COVID outbreak, the kids were ready for their forever pup!

Rachel shared, “Izzie is the happiest, friendliest dog, whose favorite place is close to us. She adores my kiddos and has truly become their best friend. Everything at the beach! She adores the ocean and everything to do with the beach.”

Rachel and I did share a laugh when I asked her if Izzie ever went to work with her. Between educating colleagues and clients in the ABCs of real estate, Rachel looks forward to the downtime with family and friends, especially her fur baby, Izzie. One day, possibly, Izzie may join Rachel at work. For now, Izzie is relishing her time with the loving family and being a “stay-at-home pup.”

Whether volunteering, sharing family time, or assisting colleagues and clients within the adventures of the real estate arena, Rachel is always a wealth of knowledge for all who have the opportunity to meet and work with her. Her ability to teach others throughout the process of a real estate transaction garnered her a spot as a REALTOR® for the long haul as well as a lifelong friend and leader to all of those around her.

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