April Top Producer: David Upchurch – A Born Entrepreneur
By Charlotte Top Producers |Apr 12, 2019



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Written by: Allison Michaels Parker

For David Upchurch, it was instinctive to jump in when his favorite concession stand was up for grabs at his hometown ball field. Having worked as a tween at the stand, it was something that David knew and understood well.

Enterprising young David borrowed $500 from his parents to run the business as his own. Simplifying the business by changing from a national soft drink vendor to purchasing two liters locally to make the process more cost-effective was just simple math to David at that time. Even as a tween, David saw the opportunity and the value of making smart business decisions.

Fast forward to 2019, when David Upchurch is using his savvy business skills and coaching dynamics within his own company with EXP Realty helping clients make one of the most significant purchases of their lives: a new home.

It’s no wonder that David Upchurch picked an iconic building in quaint downtown Waxhaw for the site of his EXP Realty of fice. With original hardwood flooring, amazing detailed ornate ceilings, and a charming hearth upon entrance, the office wraps around the radiance that David Upchurch has within his career tenure. The office feels like home with a welcoming office manager to greet you at the door.

Known in the neighborhood as a successful businessman, David is often sought out by youth to sponsor different sports or school activities through his office. He often includes the parents in the solicitation meeting. He is big on meeting with the kids and teaching them the importance of earning the sponsorship with a sincere approach. He jokes, “I may be the hardest interview for a sponsorship, but I tell the kid, ‘You’ll probably never have a sales pitch this tough again.’”

Baptism by fire can build confidence and tenacity that will last well into adulthood.

Positively influencing the lives of children and families is some thing that David knows well. Before a career in helping put families in homes, David served the community by helping rebuild family structures for children by working in the field of social work. After graduation at Ball State University, David worked with children in the transitional group home environment. Acclimating kids in group homes to grow from adverse situations and offering them a positive path was rewarding and utilized David’s innate desire to contribute to the community in which he lived.

With the dynamics in social work changing, David sensed an urge for a career change. Coincidently, David had a buddy in the real estate business. When David used him as his buyer’s agent, his buddy set the wheels in motion to loop David into this lucrative career. In 1998, David obtained his real estate license, and his career began.

Up, up, and away! David was a natural at sales and helping his clients. Heading west, he moved to Las Vegas in 2003. Next, in 2007 with a family and looking to settle back east, David relocated to the Queen City. With four seasons and lots of southern charm, it was easy for him to make his roots here.

For more than 10 years now, David has made quite the impact in the Charlotte market. He not only ran a successful independent agency but he was able to join forces with EXP to grow and build a team underneath him to continue the legacy of success that he cultivated over the years.

With 21 years in the business and a career volume of 350 million, David has a lot of experience and knowledge to share with aspiring agents. There’s no slowing down this train: last year’s volume was 60 million. David’s efforts have earned him a spot in the 2018 Top 100 Agents in the United States as well as the 2018 Icon Agent for EXP Realty.

When asked about his early days, David recalls, “One of my early successes was converting apartment residents into home-buying clients. When a renter can see the dollar for dollar comparison between rent and a mortgage as well as the benefits of a mortgage, it becomes a win-win for all parties. I started out leaving door tags on apartment complexes during the night and then working all the next day answering their calls and cultivating my new clients.”

Who needs sleep when there’s a business to be built? David’s ingenuity and hard work paid off as he helped many an apartment dweller turn into a happy homeowner over the years. He jokes, “I remember these days and tell my agents about the nightly door tagging if there’s ever a doubt about the need to cold call or go off-grid to generate business.”

Joining with EXP gives David the opportunity to grow his business and focus on coaching and developing talent. Although it is a change from being a top producer to managing a team, it all flows naturally to David as his office is thriving under his leadership! When asked about what he is passionate about now, he explains, “I enjoy helping the agents grow their business. It’s rewarding watching my hard work and the risks I take turn into successes for my family and my agents’ families.”

When asked about one of his biggest challenges in real estate, he notes, “It’s working with my team and conveying to the general public that there is a difference between a real estate agent and a Professional Real Estate Agent. Agents are NOT all created equal.”

His best advice to current and aspiring agents is simple and concrete: “Work hard; leads just don’t come to you. Always do what’s best for the client and not what’s best for you.”

David’s incredible work ethic and values are present in his family life as well. He and his wife, Rebecca, have been married for 20 years, and have two fantastic children: Gavin, 18, and Kyndall, 15. Gavin will be attending the University of North Carolina Asheville this fall, and Kyndall is a freshman in high school. The family is a tight-knit group which he refers to as the “CORE 4.” A favorite family tradition is to have dinner together four to five times per week. Every family dinner includes a “highs and lows” discussion that was started with his wife before they were married. (If you plan on dining with the Upchurches, plan on sharing your highs and lows as well.) David’s traditions are contagious and a great way to keep in touch with family as well as friends on a daily basis.

With such an iconic office in the downtown Waxhaw area, David
enjoys interacting with the community. Through events like a Santa’s Workshop and working with Autism Speaks, David finds time to give back regularly to his neighbors. Every year, the office supports Toys for Tots and has overflowing boxes of donated toys to help local children in need to have a blessed Christmas morning.

Looking to his future, David is planning to buy a 1971 Chevelle SS. Timing is everything; it may not be today or next year, but it’s in
the works. If you know David, you know it’s just a matter of timing as David is one to fulfill all of his goals with enthusiasm.

In the meantime, David is happy building his team and spending time with family and community. David is humble amid all of his accolades and successes. “I’d like to be known for being a good person to strangers,” he shares. However, knowing David, no one is a stranger — just a friend he has not met yet.

To reach David Upchurch, please contact him at (704) 400-6336, or via email at David@DavidUpchurch.com.

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