April Rising Star – Rita Goforth
By Charlotte Top Producers |Apr 7, 2022

Flipping for Real Estate

Rita Goforth of Keller Williams Ballantyne

Written by Allison Parker

Photos by Kelly Klemmensen Photography

An ambitious go-getter with an entrepreneurial spirit, Rita Goforth stands out as a Rising Star! At age 23, this talented, spirited woman has no limits to her potential.

From age 18, Rita has been in business for herself. She started a residential cleaning business to fund college. However, during college, she soon realized she was not cut out to sit in class. Midway to three-quarters of the way through the semester, this brave gal decided to jump into real estate and never looked back.

Rita sums up her adventurous move: “I thought real estate was interesting and wanted a job where I would get to challenge myself and meet like-minded people!”

The year was 2018 and Rita took the intense six-week course to obtain her real estate license. Looking back, she remembers it tougher than it seemed to her at the time. She remembers going to sleep with study cards and living, eating, sleeping real estate until she accomplished her goal of becoming a licensed real estate agent.

Goforth has been with Keller Williams Ballantyne since she earned her license as a solo agent.

Three years – Canopy MLS Rookie of the Year 2020. Productivity Sales Coach for Keller Williams in 2021.
Three years – Career volume of around 20 million.
Wow – nothing like hitting the ground running!
Currently, she is targeted to do 15 million this year.

What is it that makes Rita so successful out of the gate?

Rita shares this advice, “Just keep your head down and work, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Be genuine and keep your client’s interest above your own, it will show, and people will want to keep working with you and want to tell their friends about you.”

Mentors are key.
“I have been fortunate to have many people mentor and coach me through my career. A few people that stand out are my BIC Sabra Romeo and the former team leader at Keller Williams Jim Fischetti. I also credit my sister Elizabeth for her help getting my license.”

Success comes with its share of struggles – no doubt.
Rita reflects. “When I got licensed, I was 20 years old and struggled with getting people to take me seriously. I think overcoming that and growing my self-confidence were the most challenging for me.”

Utilize your sphere.
Rita credits her success to her referrals from family, friends, and past clients. Her first closing was a friend she’d known for years. She remembers jokingly she almost begged for the opportunity to help out. From there, it spiraled upward. Her second closing was a dual buy/sell situation with a client.

Rita credits her passion for driving her success.
“I really enjoy being able to remove the stress around the buying and selling process and providing solutions. This market can feel uncertain and leave a lot of people unsure of what to do. I like to make sure people know all their options so they can make the most educated decisions. I also really enjoy giving back to newer agents and helping them grow their new businesses.” She adds. “I also love being able to exceed people’s expectations. I think there’s a lot of people that have had not-so-great experiences working through the buying or selling process and I enjoy being able to change that perspective for them and their future expectations.”

When not working with clients, Rita loves traveling, spending time with her friends, learning new things, and real estate investing. She currently has a home in Southend under remodel which she plans to use as an Air BNB. She is optimistic and looking for more properties to add to her portfolio. Her brother works within construction so the pair are like a dynamic duo. They are a close-knit bunch with Rita as the middle child of seven. Go figure as to why she is such the diplomat and multi-tasker. The siblings enjoy heading home to have “family night” once a week where they cook and spend time catching up, playing games, and enjoying the beautiful Carolina weather.

Looking to the future, Rita has a vision that follows up with her passion and love for real estate.

“I’m a big advocate for real estate and real estate investing, I think everyone should own real estate and I really enjoy teaching people different ways to invest. I currently own the house in Southend as well as the property I live in. I have also invested in multiple real estate flips and other investment opportunities. I look forward to growing my portfolio and helping my clients do the same.”

To reach Rita Goforth, please contact her at (704) 942-1334 or ritagoforth@kw.com.

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